electromagnetic field of the heart

Shared by Trevor McGrath

It has been scientifically proven by HeartMath institute at Stanford University that the heart produces an electromagnetic field that is said to be approximately 5,000 times larger and more powerful than the field the brain produces.


If you think about it, a larger field would more efficiently disperse charge in the body given it's circulating it in a broader area around the body instead of it being so small that the charge builds up inside of the body (inflammation).

The ark of the covenant produces a charge that would be assimilated by some, and would strike others dead. Pile of dust. It was coated in gold which is a super conductor and causes ions to flow freely within it due to the layering of gold and the organic material (acacia/Akash wood, aka shittim wood). It's a capacitor. This poses the question, what's the difference between those who could handle the ark and those who couldn't?


If you were to have your consciousness centered in your center (heart) you would assimilate the charge and not be struck dead. This doesn't just mean having an active heart chakra. You can have an activated heart chakra and still choose to act like an asshole. This is referring more to embodying and living from the heart as a default setting. Those who were stuck in the head were struck dead by the ark and that was the natural filtration system as to who could get their hands on it. Anyone, no matter how loving they intend to be, will go batshit crazy and try to lord over others if they are granted access to the ark while in their head. It's that of prematurely stimulating kundalini til the point of spontaneous combustion πŸ πŸ”₯ The heart is the right of passage. Ma'at's scale. If your heart isn't lighter than the feather then it is "thrown to Sobek" πŸŠ
Gators have inflamed medulla, symbolize the state of being consumed by fear. Fear weighs heavy on the heart and can turn a saint into a demon. We all have the capacity to be corrupted by our own shadow, and the more we deny that fact, the more the shadow grows and tries to get our attention before we completely fall from grace. The ark of the covenant was built to house YHWH, the lord of judgement/discernment and fiery wrath πŸ”₯Meaning you were "judged" or "weighed on the scale" while approaching the ark.

Do you use your knowledge as a form of identity? If so, do you feel it inflating yet? You'll literally feel it in the body. It doesn't feel good because we are so much more than our intellect or storage of knowledge. Love and humbleness will disperse the charge, or humility. πŸ™‚


"The wicked" seek the ark to gain total control over the world. Those who face their shadow have the ark. It's nothing tangible at the end of the day though there are external copies of internal workings. Arc is an electrical bridge. You are the arc. Sp-ark of creation. We're only granted access to consciously experiencing the ark when we center in the mindset of unity, freedom, equality and prosperity for all beings. Simple yet not simple when we get wrapped up in the head and ego inflammation. The head builds charge but it doesn't disperse it as efficiently as it builds it, which coins the term "big headed" in reference to someone with an inflamed ego. Ego can be a useful tool, but if praised enough one can turn tyrannical, neurotic, catatonic even. Hitler wasn't born in his uniform. These historical figures who are practically seen as devils were once just like you and me. This is what I mean by all of us having the capacity. We never become void of the capacity to perform evil acts because that would violate free will, we are always granted the option. It's more so the fact that we grow into accepting polarity for the sake of merging it instead of denying a whole half of being. From there, we no longer act or feed upon the negative capacity we all share. The term "lightworker" is popular these days, but what about "dark work"? Going into the shadowy depths of what we're unconscious of or ignore in order to become more aware of all aspects of the you-niverse. If you get bit by a snake and there's venom in your arm, pretending it isn't there will be what kills you. There's a new spin on things these days promoting the idea of ONLY focusing on the positive things. Sounds like a breeding ground for the shadow. Ignor-ance of self will never end well. Perhaps we've all ignored some aspects of ourselves. I know I have. Perhaps we think we aren't ignoring things yet truly are given they're hidden away so deeply in the crevices of the subconscious.

Those wicked and the self-righteous equally get struck by the discernment of consciousness at one point or another. Owning and merging both polarities is the basis of Hermeticism. The road to balance. The path to integration and transmutation. From there the ark is found within instead of searched for externally. It's as simple as "be love."

The arc is 51 degrees. The peak which electrons scatter is approx 50 degrees, perhaps truly 51.85? (great pyramid arc/slope angle. I figure the wings of the Cherubim on top of the "mercy seat" (mercy as in being granted access to the ark) had their wings at that same 51.85 degree angle, though depictions don't reflect that angle specifically. Between the wings would be an actual electric arc. (YHWH/divine masculine/electric principal). From the cherubim on the ark, to the two sides of electrical arc, to the synapses in your brain (Adam and the lord painting) it takes two sides to tango.