electromagnetic field of the heart

It has been scientifically proven by HeartMath institute at Stanford University that the heart produces an electromagnetic field that is said to be approximately 5,000 times larger and more powerful than the field the brain produces.

If you think about it, a larger field would more efficiently disperse charge in the body given it's circulating it in a broader area around the body instead of it being so small that the charge builds up inside of the body (inflammation).

The ark of the covenant produces a charge that would be assimilated by some, and would strike others dead. Pile of dust. It was coated in gold which is a super conductor and causes ions to flow freely within it due to the layering of gold and the organic material (acacia/Akash wood, aka shittim wood). It's a capacitor. This poses the question, what's the difference between those who could handle the ark and those who couldn't?

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