quantum pause breathing

Quantum pause breathing is one of the easiest ways to begin mass DMT production in the lungs.

Not only is this technique incredibly grounding, as it detriggers fight-or-flight programs directly into rest-and-relaxation, but it is super simple.

The trick is to make sure you unclench your belly as you take big breaths in, ballooning the tummy open with each inhale. Give this a series of 10-15 big breaths with the intention of stretching open your lungs and get a feel for the breathing.

Once comfortable with it, start following this pattern.

Gently inhale up to the point where any more inhalation would be straining and hold the breath. Gently exhale, emptying the lungs by flattening the tummy against the spine, hold on the empty breath.

Start synching up the time of the pauses with the inhale and exhale until you are using the same amount of time for each of the 4 parts of this breath.

This is the pattern I prefer.

Inhale: 6 seconds
Pause: 6 seconds
Exhale:6 seconds
Pause: 6 seconds.

Try it out, find the speed that is comfortable for you.

10 minutes of this type of breathing and you won't even recognize you are in a body anymore...

Please make sure you are safe while trying this technique. You could lose consciousness, so do not do this while driving, in the bath, etc...

Lay down or sit down in a way if you go completely limp, you will fall gently onto your bed/couch, etc..

Provided by Jonah & Carlos anonymous