Millennial Generation

I saw a post this a.m. blaming the Millennial Generation for our problems. Let's stop blaming and look at why..

Yes, they are refusing to support an enslavement system, that has told humanity that you must work hard and be the best. Work hard = slave labor.

Instead do what you love. Do what inspires you.

This millennial generation has not been inspired, has not been taught to go within. The millennial generation has been drugged into a world of emotional out of balance and a zombie vibration of complacency while fighting for what they believe is sovereignty, yet they realize what they are fighting for is their further suffering and enslavement.

When the millennial's, and we, can learn to go inside, connect to our authentic selves and find our authentic inspiration, then we will find a balance of service, work, giving and receiving.

Each of us humans here are each inspired by different things. When we each connect to our authentic inspirations, we will find everything we need is eagerly taken care of, by loving, inspired and enthused people.