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Truth About Society


These articles are to help with understanding what was (I use past tense as we are changing this and by the time some may read this, this could be history) occurred in the 3D and 4D world.  I want to be clear that this information is for learning and growing and expanded awareness.  When we know the truth we are freed from the enslavement that the not knowing has over us.  We can shine our light of love onto those people, events and entities of any form for which try to harm us, as they know not what they do, or they would not do it.   We welcome you to ask questions for understanding and learning, but we want to be clear we are not here to argue or defend in any way these articles and we're not here to be right or wrong.  We are sharing what we have found to be authentic and truths as of the time the articles are shared.  We also understand things are changing rapidly in this time, space and reality and this will soon be history articles of understanding what happened in the past.

A Journey of Authentic History

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