How The Truth Will Set You Free & Why It Starts With Your Personal Journey

Written By: Gage Gorman

The reason one must go inward in order for the world we live in to be more loving is because we must know the truth in order to heal.  We cannot know the truth until we can handle the truth. What has been done to humanity will make many so angry and that will create more darkness.   So we wait until more of humanity is in a place to be able to love unconditionally and have compassion and forgive.  Then, more truth can be handled and cleared and then the world can be more joyous and blissful.  

This is why focusing on ones own demons, darkness, shadow self, negativity, or whatever you want to call it, is what is asked of you by You.

You knew when you came to earth during this incarnation and others that you would take on darkness when you incarnated (were born) and you may have brought some with you from past incarnations here, for which you committed to in soul contracts.  (Commits you made through spoken words).   

Go inward.  Be brave and face up to all you’ve done which you’re ashamed of.  Face up to all your judgement of others, all judgement of others is really a mirror upon which you don’t want to face of your own inner darkness so you project it on another or attract it from another.   When you face yourself, remember to be gentle and continue to ask your Higher Self for guidance.  Love yourself.  Have compassion for yourself and forgive yourself.    This is the hard for many to do.  Be strong, because you are strong.  Be brave, because you are brave.  You are love and you are light.  It’s who you are. 

When you’re done, you’ll receive more truth about your world.  You’ll apply the love, compassion and forgiveness to these revelations of old energy truths.  You’ll have set backs, have compassion with yourself and forgive yourself and love yourself during and after these set backs.   Then, more revelations will occur and you’ll be able to see and feel these revelations and heal them.   This is how the world is going to be a more loving, a more blissful and a more abundant experience for all souls.  You’re almost there.  

Love and Light ~ Gage

Additional Read:

This is a process. In short it is to see it, recognize it, love it, have compassion for it, forgive it, heal it, heal from it, and expanding from it. It is the cabal in this example.

When we take our study of existence to higher dimensions, we are all one. We are all fractals of the same source energy. What is time? We are each experiencing many different incarnations, in many different times, most of us have been here on this planet, thousands of life times. Are you aware of the awful dark things you have done in past incarnations or even in this incarnation? I'll repeat that, are you aware, of the dark things you have done, are you aware of the darkness and evil which you created (I did too). How do you think darkness got here? We are all connected, we are all part of the same source. How do we know darkness without it's experience? How do we know compassion unless we created something to have compassion for? As long as we hold onto wanting "justice" and "revenge" and anger, hatred, etc... then we will continue to have these things in the world.

This doesn't mean we need to ignore what is going on, actually just the opposite, we need to see it, so we can heal it and transform it.

We are amazingly strong beings of love and light. We easily forget this as we are manipulated and distracted to forget it.

As long as you hold the need for justice or revenge, then you will be adding to the darkness on this planet, as you're in lower vibration when you hold this energy, there is no exception, as dark and evil and as just as you think you are, all your thinking and justice, comes from where? Or the programming and brainwashing from the Cabal and their masters and they have us in such a loop of negativity. Higher vibrations heal and create the planet we want and lower vibrations create the feeding ground and planet they want. I rarely say something is black and white, that's pretty close to black and white.

Love Wins

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