Understanding attachment and non attachment

understanding attachment and non attachment

Shared by: Gage Gorman

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In the balance to connecting to our wisdom is our balance of not being attached; while holding a strong vibration of love and compassion. While we process through these lower vibrational energies from our past lessons, we could easily get caught up in the cycle of non attachment and lose our ability to hold love and compassion — this is a path to embracing evil — thus our awareness through this process is important, as we don’t have to keep going through the cycles of evil and darkness, if we do not want to. I believe it is important for each soul to get to a place of non attachment, in love and compassion and then make a choice in consciousness of the path and the lessons the soul desires.

Earth’s movement through the fifth density vibrations is bringing up in humanity, the exploration of our attachments. Our attachments are the things and people we believe that we cannot live without. We may have attachments to our home and/or shelter, our friends and family, to our comforts and to our routines. Our attachments exist in a vibration of fear. Fear is not a vibration that is supported for us to hold onto in our bodies, we used to be able to hold onto fear in the lower density vibrations we have been in.

Fear based vibrations are meant to be seen, felt for a moment, recognized and then transcended through us into love based vibration. We have forgotten how to do this and we are not remembering this and doing it.

For those who are not familiar with the densities, earth, prior to 2012 was in third density vibration and short after moved into a fourth density vibration. Fourth density vibration was a huge love vibration that was vibrating to support humanity through our changes. The fourth density vibration was a vibration that was helping us connect to our authentic selves, work through our fears and traumas and energies that were not in harmony with our best selves, and assist us in revealing the mask and showing our true loving selves. The firth density vibration is our vibration of manifesting and life expansion.

Much of humanity is still in fourth density vibration, as of the date of this sharing, and some are in fifth and some are in third. Those who choose to stay in third density vibration with holding onto fear based vibrations and attachments, they will soon transition off this planet and get to complete and fulfill their ascension in different loving energies. For those within humanity who choose to work through the fears they are holding onto, they/we will then be able to align more with our authentic versions of ourselves.

Back to attachments……


When you feel fear or any vibration that is not comfortable and serving you in the highest and best, ask yourself why? what is this related to? what is this feeling or experience trying to show me and teach me as a lesson? We are going to find that we have attachments to things and loved ones and that we we’ll want to learn to not be attached to anything other then our own love of self. While we are connected to our love for self and compassion for self we are able to be in the flow of the now.

Our attachments hold us still, our attachments keep us in routine, in a repetitive pattern. The same things keep happening in our life and playing out with different characters and things, but same pattern. When we see our attachments, as stagnant we can then see our way out of that stagnation of non flowing energy and allow the well of flowing energy to open up again inside of us and all around us.

When we are able to connect our fear based vibrations with the attachments that are triggering our fear based vibrations, we are then able to sovereign our selves into a love vibration of expansion and authenticity of who and what we are.

While we are working through our learning and understanding of identifying our attachments and then relinquishing the hold our attachments have on our soul, we want to be sure to hold onto our love and compassion vibration.

If one becomes unattached from loved ones and things and does not embrace love and compassion, this is a way that evil is born. This ascension of energies we are in, the enlightenment of energies we are in, are moving us in the direction of our authenticity, though on this path, we are faced with a thin line between love and evil.

While going through non attachment and you find you are getting cold in your views of others and things, then back up and allow the attachment to come back in for yourself. Then focus more on being loving and feeling compassion. Then once you have a better standing and grounding in love and compassion, you can then move back into working through your attachments.

You’re most welcome to share your experience in the comments below.

Much love,