Overcoming the programming of lack

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The programming of lack. We have been bombarded with the a belief that there is not enough for everyone. We see images on our media and other programs, which show us lack and suffering with this lack, which perpetuates more lack. We may see lack in our world with our own eyes, though does the lack exist first or are we creating it? We may see homeless humans who are begging for food and/or money. Some adhere to a belief that they are lucky or better than those who have less than themselves. Some may believe, “better them than me”, or “survival of the fittest”, or “they don’t work hard enough, so they deserve this lack”.

Could it be possible that the programming of lack is by misguided design? As one ponders this questions…… World governments and corporations destroy food, due to economical necessity, in order to stabilize pricing of commodities (food is a commodity in economics) and monetary exchange for food, this is taught in standard college and universities in basic micro and macro economics. We have been led to believe that we need to cut down trees for our over use, when we have hemp and many other materials on our planet, which are more sustainable and renewable, than trees, yet our governments have made these options illegal, why?.

Organized by misguided design???  Question everything ?????

Organized by misguided design??? Question everything ?????

Our weather is controlled by technology, it’s called HAARP and the defense departments of Canada, Russia, China and the United States have all publicly admitted to this geo-engineering technology, thus there is no reasonable need for droughts or other weather catastrophes, yet they exist, why?, other than to create a vibration of lack. Our monetary system is owned by private families and by design, many do with little, while a few have much more than they need or could ever consume and/or use, why? We see commercials and “reality” tell-lie-vision-programs which show us humans having fun, partying, enjoying expensive meals, expensive alcohols, going on exotic and fabulous trips all around the world, hanging out with other humans and/or clones which we are encouraged to admire and want to be like… And many, work hard, day in and day out and work harder and harder and deep inside feel a lack, because they/we/you believe that we are not good enough, if we are not living the live society has deemed us to live. The system, by misguided design, will allow for a “small number, of those who sacrifice their energy to the “system” to have all the things that appear to be abundant in the “commercialized” or “societal” desires, in order to keep the belief alive in humanity, that abundance is possible…. The abundance, that is the opposite of the lack, for which those misguided souls who influence the system of society want and need most all of humanity in a vibration and unconscious awareness of lack.


What if you/we can see the misguided programming of lack that is perpetually being bombarded into our awareness and senses? Can you/we make a change with our conscious awareness to abundance?! How do you define abundance? Do you know yourself, deep enough to know, why are you here on this planet? Where do you come from?

We can change this programming of lack to a belief of abundance. When we see lack, we can make a conscious action to manifest our abundance instead of accepting the manifestation of lack and any disharmonious believes of abundance which is not in vibrational alignment for you/us. The change in our world, that serves our highest abundant purpose comes from within us first and then…….. it is manifested in the outer world. Thus the reason why lack exists now, is because we have manifested it from our beliefs. Some of the big questions to seek from within are….

Deep inner reflection

Deep inner reflection

  • Where do my beliefs come from?

  • Am I open to changing my beliefs?

  • Am I open to connecting to my best and harmonious self?

  • Am I open to letting my story of lack go?

You may say…. Yes!, I want these things, I want to know how.


The details are unique to each of us, though the foundation is the same. We connection first through breath. Conscious breath in our body. Then we connect to our heart. We feel love. We let go of the limiting beliefs we have been fed from our parents, grand parents, school teachers, guardians, siblings, relatives, friends, mentors, authorities, government, religion, corporations, charities, etc….. Let it go and start from a place of….. anything is possible….. energy is everything…… And I am most powerful being and I can manifest whatever I want, why limit myself? This power comes when we are in an authentic love vibration with self (Self).

With Love,