The Unveiling of Earth for All of Humanity to See

What is going on?

Humanity is being a shown a world that has been led by misguided dark beings. We are not wanting to judge them or have violence against them. We are being shown why there was suffering and darkness in our world and how our leaders have been the ones creating this suffering world.

We are being shown that we must stop trusting those with all our power, that are outside of us. As long as we continue to want to be led, we will have others who will show up to enslave and lead us. We are being shown that religion, government and large corporations do not work and never have worked. And when I say work, I mean work for every sentient life form on this planet. The current system works great for very few. Though we are here to have an amazing time of expansion and growth, not a time of suffering, lies, deceit, control and domination, which is what we are being shown.

We are being shown, that even the most wise and beautiful words can come out of a leaders mouth, yet are those words authentic or lies? We are being shown that politics is wasteful distraction to make humanity believe there was representation by those who were in control. We're being shown that those in control do the bare minimum for humanity in order to maintain their control.

We've got this

This does not mean it's doom and gloom. It means quite the opposite. This means we can grab our mops and brooms and clean up the mess and stop whining about the mess.

We can stop voting for tax increases. We can stop voting for the political party. We can start voting to decrease government everywhere we can. We can start shopping local. We can start talking to our neighbors. We can be more kind and loving.

We can stop looking outside for our salvation and our place in the world and instead start looking inside of us for our salvation and place in the world.

Inner Journey

The outer world is going to continue to shatter more and more and the outside world is going to appear more chaotic and out of control; our balance will be found through our inner journey.

Connect to your inner authentic self. Love yourself. Have compassion for yourself. Love others. Compassion for others. And forgive yourself and others until you find there is nothing to forgive anymore, then forgiveness is not necessary.

Inner Peace

Be You. Be Love. Be Light. Be Happy. Be Blissful. The journey is not easy at first. The journey does get easier. The world is beautiful. Humanity is amazing and powerful. We have been fed a lie, a lie of government, religion, history and the universe. Allow yourself to see and feel and know the authenticity of the remembrance of who you are. When you allow it, it will happen.

With Love