Consuming Sentient Life Forms for Energy Exchange and the Energetic Impacts

Soften to the message. You have done nothing “wrong” There is no need to be defensive. You are most loved and most loving. We are being shown how our energy is impacted and how we impact energies of others and ourselves. This is a complex matrix to weave through and understand. You are most appreciated.

To consume a sentient life form without explicit permission is not of universal collective harmony.

Taking of sentient life and consuming its energy without permission is “taking.” Versus, when an apple falls from the tree, it is given.

One may, say that apply falls to spread seeds to grow more apples, I would agree and say yes. Though, when we ask the apply tree and/or apply for permission to consume the energy, the answer will most always be YES, thank you for asking.

One cannot advance to higher and happy and blissful place of existence, when one is still eating meat and consuming animal product.

As one advances in understanding, or remembering, the “I AM” then one will consume less, as much consumption is distraction. Which this is understood for those aware of themselves.

When I healed, I stopped going to the doctors. I realized the ones I was meeting in the doctors offices, I could see and connect to circuitry of the body and doctors do not understand that. I realized doctors are taught to believe what they read in their books and what pharmaceutical companies want them to sell.

Blood work results…. who determines what are the “normal” ranges for a healthy human?

Humans are sicker and dying more and more…. Could this mean the human experience is changing? Could this mean we are becoming more peaceful? Could this mean we are aligning more to live in a harmonious way? I believe we are moving in a direction of sovereignty, harmony, peace and blissfulness. I believe we are going through an unveiling to get to this place.

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Love Thyself — Compassion for Thyself — Love Others — Compassion for Others — Forgiveness of Self and Others.