It's Just Business - Don't Take It Personal - Actually -- Business is Personal

Ever heard the expression? It’s just business, don’t take it personal.

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I’d heard this for many years in business deals, personal business deals and corporate business deals. I believed this statement for many years and found that compartmentalizing work and business from personal loving interaction lives with others was a normal acceptable societal conditioning for myself and for many others I met in the business world.

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I felt something was off with many things in our world, and in the work place, this “something is off feeling” was no different. I would think, why do we treat one another so poorly? Why do people get excited about being the winner, while another is the loser and may suffer? What is the driving force that has humanity cutting off their emotions to engage in business?

When asking myself these questions, I also started to question what is “professionalism”??? What does it mean to be professional?

My gathering from observing of others, being mentored by others and working directly in the business world for numerous years, is that being professional or it’s just business don’t take it personal, is taught to us in order to conduct business and work with exchange for most all goods and services with no emotions. There is a taught believe that emotions cloud judgement and thus we need to remove emotions from law and from business. Here’s the amazing thing I have experienced and found to be true, in my life; emotions are amazing and when in balance and learned how to use, in a vibration of love, are more powerful than logic/judgement/discernment and, when the emotions are in balance, one can feel the authenticity of the person(s) they are conducting business. I’ve learned that when our emotions are balanced our mind and body will also align to be more in balanced.

I also notice that most all we need in life, like…. water, power, food, shelter, healthcare is all conducted through means of business. These things mentioned though are quite personal in nature and for many are needed in order to live. How can these be “just” business and not personal?

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When conducting business and commerce with others, we can choose the road we’ve been taught and continue the conditions of the belief that is how we do business OR… we can choose a different way. We could choose a different way that is better, more loving, more humane. Instead of thinking of business as competition, we can think of business as dealing with human beings who are getting the things they need in life and that our actions impact other human beings too.

This also leads me to ponder about Marketing? When I was in school, I was taught at Stetson University that marketing was about showing off your product and/or service and telling others what they can expect to experience and to be “honest.” I am glad I was taught this, but I have seen through my years in the business world and from being a consumer of products too, that marketing more appears to be full of lies and deceit to buy a lot of junk. High quality fabric, that falls apart after one wear or high quality ingredients that are not high quality at all. Then, when reading further into law, that marketing can be whatever propaganda necessary and it is for the consumer to be ware and for the consumer to do their own researching. Also in marketing, if the claim is outrageous enough for it to be generally acceptable that it is not true, they can say it as true.

What if we changed it’s just business, don’t take it personal to I am a person and let’s do some exchange or business? What if we recognize we are interacting with another sentient life human, another person with hopes and dreams and aspirations? What if we listened to the person or people we are interacting with in business? What if we are present with the person(s) we are engaging with in business?

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Could we have a more pleasurable experience, that feels authentic, encouraging and can both side in a deal or in business “win?” I believe this answer is yes.

How can we bring humanity back to our business and commerce and exchange? Here are some ways….. Can you comment below and share more ways?

  • Slow down, many are rushed into making decisions because the sale or deal will be gone or someone else will get the item or service. There has been an idea of scarcity taught to humanity, let the scarcity scare go, and feel the bigger picture. Slow down.

  • Take a breath, consciously, and feel who you are. You are a spirit or consciousness in a body, having an experience here on this planet with other spirits/consciousnesses also in a body.

  • Is this business dealing benefiting both or all parties? Can something change to help benefit all parties involved?

  • Am I being honest? Am I holding back any important information? Share the info.

  • Talk to your Higher Self (or pray) and ask for guidance.

  • Notice if you hear the voice in your mind (free your mind, and the rest will follow) says “it’s just business” “You want to win, right?” “Think of the big bonus you’ll get” “Think of the trips you can take” “Oh this person will be fine, it’s not your concern” “There isn’t enough for everyone, better them without then you” — When you hear these voices, say NO! Not my story.

  • Be present and focused

  • Be loving

  • Stop doing business with those who are not honest

  • Do business with small businesses

Our outer world changes, when our inner world changes first. Be kind. Be loving. Be authentic. Be honest. Be compassionate. Be forgiving. Be discerning. Learn to feel and think for yourself instead of just thinking and doing what you have been told by parents, schools, media, TV, newspapers, religion. Be YOU.

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With Love,