Life Force Initiation - Breatharian - Dry Fast - Healing Group Retreat & Workshop

Mount Shasta with Ship 2018

We welcome you to come and enjoy this life force transforming experience with us at the Energy is Everything Wellness Realm. We will host up to 4 lovely souls, on property to transform your mind, body and soul for the life force initiation. You may choose the full breatharian path, use this as a detox and cleanse, or use it as a gauge to determine your next steps.

Enjoy 8 nights and 9 days of engagement, learning, expanding, channeled sharing, and so much more…….

Some Highlights of What We’ll Experience Together:

Agenda is subject to change and is not guaranteed, as we will work with each persons energies here and present.

  • Personal Development

  • Discovering What is Next for You

  • Developing a Better Relationship with Your Physical, Mental & Spiritual Bodies

  • Sacred Geometry Ceremony

    • Discovering your original DNA blue print

  • Guided Meditations

  • Asana Yoga

  • Falun Dafa

  • Self Body Energy Cleaning

  • Pranayama Breathing

This is an example of our schedule. The schedule will be customized to your experience.

This is an example of our schedule. The schedule will be customized to your experience.

  • 3 weeks prior to the start date, there will be a diet emailed out to all participants.

  • We will meet on Zoom, prior to our start date, to discuss the pre diet process.

  • We will also meet on Zoom, one week after the initiation.

  • You will be asked to sign an agreement that you are a sovereign being and entering into this process with full knowing that Gage and Casey are not FDA associated or in any way Doctors and accept no legal responsibility for your well-being. You are the ultimate responsible party for your own well being and we are here to facility and act as guides, though under no circumstance should you do anything that we recommend if it does not fully resonate and connect with you. Under no circumstances should you do something we suggest if it does not feel right to you. You hold harmless Gage, Casey, Zachy and/or Energy is Everything LLC.

Accommodation Details:

Accommodations will be discussed and included in your package for this experience.

Images of the property where you will have this transformational experience: Click on the pictures to see in larger size.

Dates & Logistics:

  • We will work with you to determine your dates. This experience can be in person here or done remotely via Zoom. We prefer in person.

  • Exact location address is provided after booking. We are in Mount Shasta, CA and 12 minutes from the center of the City of Mount Shasta.

  • Nearby airports are Medford, OR and Redding, CA. - You need to book this yourself, contact us if you need help deciding.

  • You will need transportation to/from the airports to the retreat center - You need to book this yourself.

    • We will share the details, with permission of each of you, of your emails if you all want to coordinate carpools and rental cars

    • We are approximately 60-75 minutes from each airport

  • Arriving by train is an option too, Dunsmir, CA would be the closest train stop to Mount Shasta, CA. Dunsmir train station is approximately 15 minutes to our location.

Appreciation of Donation:

In addition to the 9 days in person in Mount Shasta, we will meet on Zoom 3 weeks prior and 1 week after, which is included with your donation of appreciation

9 Day Life Force Initiation Workshop ~ $5,000.00 USD per person - for one person

9 Day Life Force Initiation Workshop ~ $4,200.00 USD per person - for two persons

9 Day Life force Initiation Workshop ~ $3,600.00 USD per person - for three to four persons

Application Process

Fill out this application to be considered for this initiation. We will review your application, contact you to discuss together your interest in this process and then allow you to determine if this is a good fit. We look forward to this experience together.

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