What is Prana?

The life energy that keeps the body strong and alive is called prana or ki. The word prana is derived from Sanskrit and it is recognized by almost all cultures. It is called ki in Japanese, chi in Chinese, Nephesch in Ebreo, Esma in Catalan, pneuma in Greek, mana in Polynesian, and ruah in Hebrew, which means “the breath of life”.

he vital force that empowers our existence is known as “prana”. The etymological source of the word, prana,has roots in the ancient language of Sanskrit. Though the word is Sanskrit in origin, the concept of prana features in various cultures of the globe. Almost all traditions have a specific word for this powerful life-force or pranic energy that drives us. In China, the word prana is referred to as chi, in Japan as ki or Qi, in Ebreo as Nephesch(which literally translates into “the breath of life”) and in Catalan as Esma.  

As humans, we imbibe prana both internally and externally. Our digestive and respiratory systems help us to ingest prana internally from the food we eat and the air we breathe in. Our chakras and our inner aura, on the other hand, aid in the reception of prana externally. 

The Vitality Globules of Existence 

There have been various spiritual studies and esoteric researches into the vitality globules that are ever-present. These vitality globules are infused with prana and they provide this energy through our subtle energy body.  

An interesting concept to think about is the theory that it is the pranic energy that coordinated and controls the molecules, cells or functional units of our bodies.This in turn, helps maintain a specified and defined body follows a certain pattern despite the many changes it undergoes over time.  

Prana is all Around Us

Prana is thus everywhere. It is all around us, regardless of our awareness or our ability to utilize it. Master Choa Kok Sui, through the basic practices of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga has enumerated ways of being more in tune with this life energy or prana. Reminding ourselves about certain healthy practices would not only make us more open to the potent energy of prana momentarily, but also improve the quality of our life considerably.  

We need to remember that in all that we do, actively or passively, we are in the midst of prana. The right diet, right breathing, the appropriate physical exercises, good relationships, etc all increase our ability to avail of the prana that surrounds us.  
It is thus crucial to keep our physical body and our etheric body clean and balanced. Awareness is the key to a more empowered existence. Breathing consciously every day for at least 5-10 minutes is a great way of enhancing your concentration and becoming internally aware. As you breathe consciously, you become more aware of prana being absorbed into every cell of your body.  

Enhancing your bath water with sea salts serves as a great cleansing system that purifies your etheric body. Through effective aura cleansing, you make yourself more sensitive and open to prana. Pranic healing or energy healing utilizes colour pranas for healing various ailments. Such healing systems work according to the principle that healing energy or purifying prana battles with the dirty energy in the affected organs to restore health and happiness.  

The Etheric Body

Words such as “ether” or “ethereal” immediately conjure up images of a world beyond the clouds, of starlit spaces filled with heavenly light and of Divinity as well as a deep sense of peace. What if ether was not just up there, but within ourselves too?   In reality, we ourselves have an etheric body. In Sanskrit, this subtle entity is referred to as “linga sarira”. The etheric body is clairvoyantly seen as a double or a twin of the physical body.  

Did You Know You have a Twin?

Our etheric body is a bioplasmic and luminous in nature and surrounds the physical body while interpenetrating it. Clairvoyants are gifted with sight beyond what our physical eyes can see and are able to view this etheric double which actually appears to have two hands, two legs, two eyes, so on and so forth just like our physical bodies.  

What does the word bioplasmic mean? The word “bioplasm” is an amalgamation of two words: bio, meaning life and plasma, referring to the fourth state of matter. When matter in the gaseous state has been ionized and possesses negative and positive charged particles, it may be termed as plasma. This, however, is very different from blood plasma.  

The etheric body is thus a living aura or energy body that is constituted of subtle matter that is invisible to the naked eye. Kirlian photography is regarded as scientific proof of the existence of our etheric body. Kirlian photographs allow for viewing, observing and analyzing the energy field or the etheric body that surrounds our physical forms.  

It is through the etheric body that prana or life energy can bee absorbed into and distributed through the physical body. The etheric body thus serves as a channel for life energy to flow into the visible physical body we possess and are so attached to.  

Your Etheric Body and Prana

The flow of prana throughout the etheric body is facilitated by fine bioplasmic meridians the workings of which are much like the workings of the blood vessels in the physical body. Yogic terminology refers to these channels or meridians as 'nadis'. These nadis are further classified into major and minor nadis. Just like we possess blood vessels and capillaries of varied importance and function in our tangible body, there is order in our etheric body as well. Prana (chi) thus provides nourishment to and invigorates the physical body in its totality through the effective functioning of the channels in the etheric body.  

The etheric body and the physical body share an intimate bond of interdependence and what affects one, affects the other. Master Choa Kok Sui, after several years of detailed study, research and analysis, provided his students with much information about the nature and functioning of spiritual energy and the etheric body. This process of inter-related functioning works in accordance with the Law of Correspondence. Just as sickness in the etheric body is a precursor to sickness in the physical body, healing the etheric body heals the ailments in the physical body. The etheric body is thus a tetra-dimensional energy entity that serves as an integral counterpart of the physical body.  


The aura is the light around the body. Every person has an aura. The auras of saints can be seen because their auras are very strong. For ordinary people, it is difficult to see their auras because they are not as strong. Inside the aura are grayish clouds of negative thoughts and emotions that you have generated for many years. You think and feel everyday, 365 days a year, so you can imagine how many thoughts and emotions have accumulated inside your aura. These thoughts and emotions are clairvoyantly seen as grayish clouds floating in the auras of ordinary people.

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