Small Online Group Workshop with Gage & Casey

From the Energy is Everything EIE Academy

What’s Included: (Maximum of 20 participants - We will create a waiting list if we hit the limit for a future workshop)

  • Sound Bowl Vibrational Harmonizing & Guided Meditation to Align You with Your Higher Self

  • Earth Teachings to Assist You in Connecting to Your Higher Self and Understanding Your Energy and Other’s Energies

    • Understanding Personal and Collective Energy Grids - And How To Discern Between the Two

    • How to be More Grounded and Balanced

    • How to Expand Your Consciousness and Stay Grounded Too

  • Money (Optional Topic)

  • Essential Oil Teaching

  • Introduction to Walter Russell Teachings — Upcoming small working group for Walter Russell Classes with Gage and Casey — More info coming soon

  • Question and Answers

When Is This Happening:

February 23rd, 2019 at 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time for 4 hours (Optional: 20 Minute Break in the Middle)

What’s the Exchange of Appreciation:

$50.00 USD Send payment to the Personal Option when sending payment (not services).

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