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Wake Up

You are love.  You are a fractal of Source energy.  You are here, on earth, during this time and space and reality, to heal.  You’ve been manipulated to believe life is about money, about success, about rules, about respect, about tradition, that you are unworthy of love. That You are unworthy of blissfulness.  

You have a choice.  You always have had a choice and you always will have a choice, because you have free will.  You have a choice to wake up.  Wake up from the sleep you were born into and enslaved in. 

We hear this wake up term tossed around a lot.  What does it really mean?   

To wake up, is a long process.  For little words do not define it.   To wake up starts with trusting yourself.   Trust that the Source you know is inside you and always has been. Ask your Higher Source (Self) to guide you and assist you in waking up.   

Your Ego is going to fight you, your Ego is not going to want to admit that you were wrong and you were manipulated.   You’ve spent so long fighting for what you thought was right.   Fighting for What you thought was love.   Fighting for your religion.   Fighting for your politics.  Fighting for traditions.  Fighting for your country.   Fighting for freedom.  Stop 🛑.  Just stop 🛑.  Stop fighting.  Tell the Ego it’s okay.  Tell the Ego that ‘I love you’. It’s okay.  We’ve got this.    

Most all you’ve ever learned has been lies.  When you know this and you see it, then, your journey to waking up starts.   Next is loving yourself and all others, even those who have done manipulating and awful things to you and humanity, compassion for yourself and all others.   Then is forgiveness of yourself because you knew not what you were doing when you did awful things, and you did. And forgiving others.   Then, after all that forgiving, you’ll reach a step in your awakening where you’ll know that forgiveness isn’t needed anymore as everything and everyone is perfect and we are all healing and during our healing we fullfill soul contracts to heal, which could be judged as needing forgiveness when we are on our journey of healing and waking up.    

May this winter solstice be amazing for you and may you chose to take this time to go inward and commune with yourself.  Your Higher Self.  Your fractal Source.  

Love and Light to you.