The Journey to Understanding The Moon

As we cover and share many articles about the Moon, you may be asking Why is it important to know this? So that we stop giving our worship to the moon, so we stop taking pictures of the moon, so we stop looking at the moon. So we can consciously raise our vibration in LOVE of Self, when we know the Moon is full, when we look at it. So we remove any and all rituals of worship to the moon. This is how we change, this is how we heal, this is how we end our suffering. We stop giving our energy consciously and unconsciously to this satellite that is lowering our frequency. We raise our frequency in love and forgiveness and we allow our Ego to heal.

Also note, these articles below contain many truths, but also leave out timelines and other versions - which real too, especially has it relates to the first humans. There are many experiments on Earth and these include Lemuria and Atlantis times, which are not mentioned in these articles. The reptilians and the greys and achrons were welcome to earth to transcend too… This is more explained in the Brief History of Earth….

Earth’s satellite didn’t initially form in the solar system but was transported here millions of years years ago. It was used as a transport ship that carried reptilians, human-reptilian hybrids and some of the first DNA altered humans to set foot on Earth. The moon is the fear based matrix control center and the moon is the amplifier for which we go through when we incarnate on planet earth. There is the crystalline grid from the Pleiadians and there is the dark grid from the Annunaki, the moon is controlling the dark grid, along with other astrological alternating of DNA factors.

Articles to enjoy:

Article Prepared by Gage Gorman

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