Greed Awareness and How to Bring Balance and Trust Back to Interactions with Money

Written By: Gage Gorman

Greed awareness, first let's start with the definition of greed "intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food."   The in which I write this article is 2018 and things are changing rapidly and for the better, though it may not seem like that at times.   I say things are changing for the better because we are becoming more aware of who we are, as human beings.  We are seeing the way we do things, the way we think, the way we share, the way we interact with the world and we are seeing that this is not working for us anymore.   We are also seeing that it hasn't been working for us for a long time, though we've not been aware of how it was not working for us.  As I write this there are some who still do not see how the world we live in is not working for us, or our best us and that is okay, we are all where we are.  

There is a mentality that we need to make as much money as possible.   Many work to make money versus working because they authentically enjoy working.   When we love what we do, we don't really work a day in our lives.  Me included much of my life, many of us are still working for money versus working because we authentically love what we do.   We live in a world that requires money to get the basic things we need and we may believe we are powerless to make a change to this system, but that is not true, we hold all the power to make changes to this system, we just need to be aware of what the system is, so see it; why the system was created, recognize it for what it is; forgive those who created the system and love it for what it has taught us, forgive and love; and change the way you do business by being more aware and consciously raising vibration of love when doing business and forgive those who cheat you, as they know not what they do.  

Employees are referred as overhead in a company, this works to remove the humanity from the employee as a person and focus on the person as more of a business unit, which is a cost to the business and in business we are taught to reduce as much cost as possible and employee overhead is one of, if not, highest costs of doing business.   We are taught to measure every move in the business in order to track money and profitability.

Corporations are expected by shareholders to perform with amazing returns each quarter and each year in order for their stock price in to increase so the shareholders can have more money.   Most all corporations find they have to focus all their efforts on meeting their numbers that they lose their way of what their business is really all about.   How about actually enjoying the business we're in?  What if we don't increase revenue every year?   What if we stay the same each year and are okay with flat profits and income each year and find that we don't need to constantly grow and expand as a business?  How about we treat the employees that work at a corporation was humans as opposed to head count or overhead?  How about we offer humans more work life balance?   What if we took a shift from constant growth, increased profits, and excessive working hours to a flat model or steady growth, steady profits which are reinvested into the product, employees and consumer interaction experience and the business itself and the best balance possible of working hours and life balance hours?

Much of humanity has been taught to get the best deal possible, spend the least amount of money for something by getting the better end of the deal, negotiate down the price so you win, and if you need to lie a little or a lot, that's okay for the sack of the deal, it's business not personal, right?  Are you starting to see how business as usual or this is business not personal is harming human beings and our interactions with one another?

What we can do is become aware of the programming for humanity to be greedy and how greed is not serving us.   We are constantly being told enough is never enough, we are taunted with homelessness and programmed to fear it, we are taught everything about business is making a profit, about the bottom line, and about constant growth of revenue and profits.  Once we're aware of greed and aware of ourselves and how we are conducting business and managing money, we can make a change.  We can choose to support businesses that are more conscious.  

I've personally been doing all I can to be aware of this programming in myself and work to change the programming to be a loving human being in my encounters with others. 

Personal Stories 

Transferring the lease.  We had a lease on a 2016 BMW M Sport and we wanted to get out of the lease.  During the process of transferring this lease, I wanted it to be fair and rewarding for both parties, for myself and for the other person.  I could have lied about the wheels on the car and said they would be fine in the lease turn in for the other party taking the lease from me, though I had a strong feeling that BMW was going to charge for each wheel.  I found out the cost for each wheel and offered the cost of the wheels, the transfer fee, first months payment and one year registrations for the person who took the lease transfer.   I didn't have to do this, I could have just transferred the lease to the other person and not offered the $3,000.00 dollars in the transfer.  Though this would have not been the best deal, as when this person turned in the car, they would have had to pay for the wheels at minimum and in reality I was in the car for at least $12,000.00 more and I really wanted out.  

Through the process with this person, he was constantly weary and on guard.  He could not understand that I was being honest and honorable through this deal, he kept searching for the catch.   He mentioned multiple times he had not experienced a business interaction where the other party really wanted him to have a good end of the deal too and offered these things, which made him keep thinking something was wrong with the car or there was a catch.  

Buying our 2001 Toyota 4Runner we were lied to by the person selling it.  We were told all of this work was done to the car, and it wasn't. Luckily Casey is a mechanic and has been working on our car once we got it and was able to tell all the work the person said was done, was a lie.  While we were conducting the buying of the car listed for sale, we offered the asking price, we flew up to obtain the car and drove it back to where live and when speaking with the guy selling it I thanked him for being authentic and honest with the details of the vehicle and I could feel his guilt when I said it.  We still wanted the car even with all the things that could possibly be wrong and I told the seller this and asked that he share with us everything he knew was needed to be done to the car, he shared a few things, but no where in the hemisphere of what was wrong with the car.  We still would have purchased it even if we knew all we know now, we would have just been better prepared and would have spent less in discovery.   We forgive this person for lying to us, as there were things he said was done that were not done, which means he lied and knew he was lying.  Part of me wanted to get mad, wanted to call him on the phone and call him out and ask that he return some of the money for the car we paid as items that were disclosed as done were not.  As these things were listed in the Ad we could even take this to court.   Though, this is the old energy way of thinking and I understand that the greed inside of him needs to heal, I forgive and send energy into this of learning and growing for all and for healing of the greed vibration within this deal.  

Brief History of Earth & Humans

Written By: Gage Gorman

This is a condensed summary of information and by no means depicts it all or encompasses it all.   I ask that you read this whole article.   Remember to take deep breaths while reading this article, and just take more deep breaths in general.  :-)  I understand this history is esoteric and "out there" for some, and this is why it is encouraged for you to meditate and connect with yourself to validate and move on your journey in your own Soul's direction.   

Earth was created by us as a place to experience and experiment with the 1st density, 2nd density, 3rd density and 4th density and continue to evolve and ascend through the densities from the start.  To play with density and solid matter and play with creation.   We also gave our fractals of Souls free will.  In the higher densities we all connected and we have will, though we have a shared will.   Earth was originally a place of magnificent exploration, expansion, creativity, consciousness expanding, universe creating, experiences of connecting with many densities and elements.   

Research the stories of Lemurians and Atlantis

Thousands of years ago an alliance called the Annunaki came to earth from Nibiru.   They have ruled earth for a long time and that rule is currently coming to an end (currently in 2018).   Some of the rulers of the families loved humanity and some of them did not love humanity and thought of humanity as nothing more than slaves to work hard and played with like toys.    The Annunaki alliance (dark alliance) is also aware of how powerful humans are and that we are beings of love and light and we can create whatever we want and desire, when we are tapped into our power.   Because of this they have manipulated our DNA and genetically modified all they can about us keep us docile and subservient.   

These beings can only survive in lower vibration.  Thus, they want to bring the vibration of humanity and the earth down to their level so they can thrive.  They also consume lower vibrational energy in order to prolong their existence in the 3rd and 4th density existence, the prefer 3rd density.    To put it directly, they feed on your life force and they need your life force in lower "fear" vibrational energies in order to do so, they need your energy low, because you are very powerful.

Know that we have the power, in love vibration to counter them and they know this, this is why we are filled with fear, anger, anxiety, unworthiness, and depression on a daily basis by main stream media, education, moneyfoodvaccinesmusic vibration, television "programming", and society as a whole.   We are taught we are never good enough until we reach a goal that is set up to be unattainable or in the attaining of the goals, which we are told bring happiness, we give in to darkness and lower vibrations to obtain and have thus given in.   

Diseases were genetically put into our DNA by them and then their vaccines are used to enhance their modifications to keep us in lower vibrations.  See the planet and other light alliances are assisting and upgrading our DNA and our consciousness and thus the dark alliances work to counter those measures of "upgrades" by intensifying the downgrades through chem trails, vaccinesmusic vibrationGMO foods, fluoride water, animal productsFDA approved drugs, etc.   These beings also do all they can to keep humanity distracted and divided.  Whereas we are most powerful in unity.  Again, important to remember that we are very powerful beings and can raise our vibration over these lower vibrational manipulations and through our loving thoughts, compassion for ourselves and others and forgiveness to ourselves, other humans and dark alliances for they all know not what they do outside of love or they would not do it, through these actions we are able to raise our vibrations and then when we bring our awareness to these lower vibration warfare on humanity and shine our awareness of light, we can weaken the warfare and raise not only our vibration but also the vibration of all of humanity away from these warfare attempts to lower humanities vibration.    

Through all of the dark alliances ways of lowering our vibration it comes in the form of nanites in chem trails and vaccines and meat and is activated by MK ULTRA.   These are how thoughts of humanity are programmed to think that conspiracy theorist are crazy, that the government is good, that the queen is good, that the pope is good, that doing what you're told is good, and to defend the system at all costs.  They also program in pride and ego to keep humanity at conflict with one another, they program in pride for country, so humans fight for their countries, they program in sports and competitions into humans, so we are competing with one another and wanting to dominate and be on top of the pyramid of domination and control and power.   They program in that you have succeeded in life and purpose when you have obtained a hierarchal role in society of domination and control, all the while not realizing that one is giving into the lower vibrational energies all along the way and going agains ones own nature.  

Since the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words, I am going to share some pictures for your review.   This topic and researching in depth on the internet and Youtube videos.  I have references to sources I have experienced to be authentic in their teachings.  Those source are available on the page Our Favorites.   

You can type in Annunaki on Google and look at images.  You will find many images throughout history of these "Gods"  Most mythology is of these "Gods"   Most all fiction is not fiction but actually real depictions of what has occurred or occurs now and we are blocked by illusion technology from seeing it, yes that exists too and is controlled by the satellite, which we call the Moon.    

Research Archons, Reptilians and Draconians  (David Icke is a good reference and researcher)

Many articles on the "Truth About Society Page" on this site if you scroll down and see the links for the "Links to Articles Not on This Website:"

This is the old energy.  This is the old way.  We have this power to stop believing their lies.  We have the power to meditate.  To work with light workers, to work with healers, to ask our Higher Self to guide us.  Seek the guidance and it will come.   You can stop living in their illusion of deception and manipulation and distraction and allow your inner guidance system to guide you.  You can heal your life.  You can take back your sovereignty.  You are not meant to have to do things you don't want to do, but you have to do the work yourself to break free from the illusion which you are a prisoner of.  You also created this prison and continue to create it.  

A good way to describe how you're involved is you created an AI program.  You then created a memory wipe so you would not remember how powerful and wise you are.    You wanted to experience your creation and expand on your creation with a new vision a new lens.  You put on a virtual machine mask to do this, but incarnating in a physical body in this AI world.  Then dark energy showed up from another AI program.  The dark AI program said it wanted to be of the light and leave darkness.  You agreed to allow the darkness to merge with your AI program.   The dark AI program misled you and really wanted to use and manipulate you for your light power.  Light is stronger and can create quicker than dark.  You were enslaved by this dark AI program to replicate in your AI program what they feed you through society, Television "programming", media, food, water, drugs, education, chem trails, history, war, fear, anger, legal system, monetary systemwealth, greed, career, etc...  The dark AI program took it all over and over the "thousands" of years it has been here, it has created a mutant matrix of control. 

Light is always more powerful than darkness.  This is why the nanotech inside of you, controlled by MK ULTRA, is telling you to reject this outrageous story, toss this away as silly and go do something fun and don't get caught up in this negative spiral.  Though, all I ask is sit and meditate.  Breath into your body, take deep breathes.  Be kind to yourself.  Love yourself and then ask yourself if this is true, if this is authentic.  Is the rest of the information on this website authentic?

When we see the darkness and we shine our attention of light, love, forgiveness, and compassion on it.  It must transform or leave.   We are too powerful for it.  This is also why the darkness hides and keeps secrets.   This is why the darkness does not want your attention on it.  If you see it, you can change it and the darkness likes control.  The darkness enjoys power over us light beings.  The darkness is Ego.  You're going to have to Face your Ego Self during this process of acceptance and transformation and I will not lie, that is a challenging journey, but the end result is amazingly liberating.   

Additional links for articles and more in support of you and humanity

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The Truth About Money & How We Can Change It

Written By: Gage Gorman

Money is something we've used for a while on this planet as a form of exchange.  We've been led to believe it makes exchange easier.   In this article, I am going to cover the truth behind money from a higher agenda perspective, how money has enslaved humanity, examples, which may or may not resonate with you, but I'll supply enough examples, where a few should resonate with you, and what we can do to raise our vibration away from the enslavement to money.   

I recognize that the word enslavement is a strong word for many, which many don't like, and that's for good reason.  We are meant to be sovereign beings and thus our programmed reaction to enslavement is to resist.  We are also programmed to think we are already sovereign beings and to think of anyone saying otherwise as a conspiracy theorist, which is also a programmed response, to make people think this information is nonsense.  Though, I ask you to question why you react that way?   You are allowed to question everything and I would recommend that you do so.   Including in your questioning, why do I share this information and what do I have to gain by sharing this information?  I will answer this for you.   I ask you for nothing, even though I offer services,  you'll noticed they are donation based and can be zero money ,if someone does not have the means to pay.  I share this information because I believe we are all part of the small fractal Source energy, I believe with all my heart that we are all connected, and I believe that all parts of me (you) deserve to be sovereign beings and live a blissful life of healing, exploration, authenticity, peace, and harmony.

This article in the linked button, also gives a reason for why I share this information.  We are all connected:

Are you living a blissful life now?  If you're life is "authentically" blissful, then fantastic, you've connected and you are authentic, you'll also know that most of this information is true and that you've already raised your vibration about money and are no longer a victim to it and it's enslavement.   On the other hand, if you're not living a blissful life, then this article and many others on this website may assist you to see through the illusions, discover your authentic self, transform the darkness to light (Face Your Shadow Self), and come out seeing clearly and how beautiful this experience is to heal, love, forgive, and expand who you are.   This article is shared to connect the dots with money, programming, enslavement, darkness, control, and manipulation. Then, taking all of those dot connecting and sharing how we can change these lower vibrational intentions into higher vibrational intentions and changing the low vibration of money into a higher vibration of love and light.   

As a tool to enslavement humanity, the concept of exchange was created and with that creation and mindset of exchange, came money.   The idea of I need something in exchange for what I do for someone else was not originally inherit it us.  This was a programmed behavior.  Have you ever loved doing something so much so, that you'd do it for free, or have you ever loved someone so much, that you'd do things for them without any thought of exchange? 

Get humanity to believe in exchange and money and then create a scarcity with money and ensure there is always an imbalance. Then you can get loving souls of love and light to compromise themselves for the will of those of lower vibrational energy.   The lower vibration beings that control money cannot create themselves as they are of lower vibration, so they need humanity to create for them.    These lower vibrational beings, that got humanity to believe in and create money, need to strike a balance in humanity of allowing humanity to hold a vibration of love and light and also to create for the lower vibrational beings what they want in the world, money is one of the tools used to do this.   




Read the link for the button about The Federal Reserve Bank, it goes with this article, at this point perfectly.

Work at a job one hates, Why? for money.

What is a reason for crimes? money

Pollute the air for money, yet humans need air to breath.    Trees are cut down to be used for things that make money, but trees also supply oxygen for humans to breath, trees also do much more for this planet and humanity, yet they are cut down for money, when Hemp can do most all things trees can do.   Why trees instead of Hemp? money.  Pollute the water for money, yet humans need water to survive.

Money gets people to compromise their love and light, their integrity and the matrix system is built in a way that rewards those who compromise their integrity. Examples:   

A manager is encouraged to cut costs in a department and lay off employees (fire them) and in doing so will receive a bonus (money).  This person feels sick about doing this, but pushes through and does it anyway.  This person is compromising their loving self for money.    This person may justify what they are doing, by thinking of their family, but unfortunately, this justification is not just on the collective Soul level (no judgement - just syncing the toxicity of money).

A sales persons sells a car, which they know doesn't work or is dangerous because they need to feed their family and pay their rent.   An employee at a water treatment planet puts toxic levels of fluoride into drinking water for a pay check.   People spray toxic chemicals on fields of food, knowing this is dangerous, because they wear gear to protect themselves, they do this for money.   People abuse and mistreat animals in food production, for money.  

Money is believed to bring happiness.  Many of those who have lots of money are never satisfied.  They are wanting more money in the hopes of obtaining the unreachable happiness, which the happiness never comes, "authentically."   When I have this amount of money or this house, I will be happy.   When I have this new car, I will be happy.  

Money pays soldiers to kill other humans.  Some soldiers do this also for pride in country and some do it because they believe they are helping the world, also misleading and for another article, but there are many who do it for money.  Many soldiers know of no other way to provide for their family and a soldiers life is viewed as easy pay, so they think.  

For the love of money is the root of all evil
— Bible 1 Timothy 6:10

The bible quote and the information above is to bring awareness to the darkness, I understand that we currently have money in our society today.  Though, if we bring our attention to the original purpose of money, it's dark intentions, and we make a conscious decision to change the way we view money, how we exchange money, and how we handle our business dealings with others, we then will create a change that will bring about happiness not only for ourselves but also for our fellow humans too, because we are all part of one another and we are all connected.


Ever enjoy doing something so much so, that you would do it for free?   Also, notice that different people enjoy doing different things?  Ever, think that if we were to be our authentic selves, each and every one of us, that then we would each have everything we would ever need and want, because we would be in the love consciousness flow.   Someone loves to cook, there is your cook, someone loves to garden, there is your gardener, someone loves to teach, there is your teacher, someone loves to build, there is your builder, someone loves to work on cars, there is your mechanic, I think you see the point here.    



A new way of thinking.  For now (Feb 2018)as we are still using money as a form of exchange.  When we exchange money with someone, envision them doing wonderful, healthy, and great things with the money for themselves that will nourish their entire being, their Soul being and those around them.   Want the best for them, authentically want the best for them.

I recently had an exchange of our leased car, in the process of downsizing our material things in this time, space, and reality.  During the exchange I very much wanted the other party to have a great experience, an honest and trusting experience.   I noticed the programming pop up to want to get the better end of the deal, to try and give the least amount of money possible in the exchange.    I purposely found out all I could about the cost of turn in for the lease, I would be paying that anyway, and I wanted to give that to the person taking the car, I noticed when I offered this the persons energy changed to how much could they "get out of me" and the person even asked, "what more incentives will you give me?"  I noticed my programmed response was to a little anger, then competition and then to defend what was given and even try and negotiate down, now that he was in love with the car.    I then took a breath, centered myself and asked him, are you not happy with this exchange?  I want this to be a great exchange for both of us, I have done all of this research and felt that the offer was generous, but if he felt otherwise, I welcomed his feedback and there could have been something I missed.    I was holding a loving vibration of authentically wanting what was best for this interaction.   I didn't want to win or be better than this other Soul, I wanted to get out of this lease and he wanted to get in it and I wanted it to be a great experience for him and for me too, with no trickery and dishonesty, I wanted full honesty and trust.   

I share this story, as an example of how we can start to change how we conduct business.   We can question our programmed responses, when they arise, like: to be the winner, to be the best, and to out smart the other person and instead go to love, love for our fellow human and love for all of creation.  Love for everyone in their experience and love for the best outcome for all.  This is how we are going to change the world.  Each of our personal interactions.   We do not have to accept things the way they are, we can change for the better.   We can conduct our exchanges with others knowing in our heart we have given the best of what we can in a deal of exchange and do so lovingly.   

Spend your money with your heart.  When you pay for anything, hold a conscious vibration of love in your heart and give it to them.   You can visualize white light surrounding all the money you touch, all the money you see electronically, every time there is a reference to money, anytime someone mentions money; you can envision this white light surrounding it.   

Start to think of all the things you want in this life and think of all of that abundance without any need for money.   If you want a home, with land and next to the water, think of that, do not think of how you will pay for it, that is you holding onto the programming of money.  Instead think of just having the home and what it looks like and believe you are worthy of having this home.     See money has an embedded vibration of unworthiness in it, this is something we want to be conscious of and work to raise the vibration of so that we don't allow limiting beliefs to be programmed into us of unworthiness.  We are worthy of what we desire.   Discovering the truths and remembering who we are, authentically, is what is going to bring about the abundance of changes in your life and bring about bliss in your life.   


If you find you're questioning more on the why money was created to help lower humanities vibration, that why can be found on this button.  

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Federal Reserve

Written By: Gage Gorman

The “Federal Reserve Bank” (Fed) is not part of the United States Government. The Fed is a private, for-profit corporation ultimately owned by eight elite banking families:

1. Rothschild’s of London and Berlin
2. Lazard Brothers of Paris
3. Israel Moses Seaf of Italy
4. Kuhn, Loeb & Co. of Germany and New York
5. Warburg & Company of Hamburg, Germany
6. Lehman Brothers of New York
7. Goldman, Sachs of New York
8. Rockefeller Brothers of New York

In the year of 2000 there were eight countries without a Rothschild owned or controlled Central Bank:
Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria.   One fact that strongly suggests that the Rothchilds wield power over governments is the fact that countries which do not have a central bank owned by the Rothschilds are antagonized by the United States.   Cuba, North Korea, and Iran as of 2017 are the countries left without Rothschild owned or controlled Central Banks


The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 established the Federal Reserve System as the central bank of the United States to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system. The law sets out the purposes, structure, and functions of the System as well as outlines aspects of its operations and accountability. Congress has the power to amend the Federal Reserve Act, which it has done several times over the years. The complete act, as amended, is provided here by section.

Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of The United States of America and President when the Federal Reserve was created.

..we have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated, governments in the civilized world—no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and the duress of small groups of dominant men.
— The New Freedom by Woodrow Wilson (Twelve paragraphs under the chapter titled: IX BENEVOLENCE, OR JUSTICE?)

Free Copy of The Book here: 

I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.
— Woodrow Wilson, after signing the Federal Reserve into existence

All of the above is from Woodrow Wilson's The New Freedom: A Call for the Emancipation of the Generous Energies of a People (New York and Garden City: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1913).[1] In this same work, Wilson also wrote the below:

Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.
— Woodrow Wilson

Videos to Watch:

Who Controls The Source Of Money?

Where Is The 9 Trillion Tax Payer Dollars For the U.S. Government?

The Federal Reserve Explained in 3 Minutes


If you find you're questioning more on the why money was created to help lower humanities vibration, that why can be found on this button. 

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Music Frequency 432Hz to 440Hz Change and How it Impacts Us

Written by: Gage Gorman

This article and supported material is being provided as an educational tool for humanity to know the frequencies around us, how they impact us, and the changes made music frequencies to negatively impact us.   I am not interested in debating or arguing with anyone related to this information.  Should you wish to ask questions, discuss and collaborate more about this topic or add to this topic, this is all welcomed.   

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
— Nikola Tesla
What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.
— Albert Einstein

Frequencies in and around our body (vessel) which align with our Chakras. More on Chakras in this linked Article: Chakras

Our body (vessel) is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Thus sound frequencies have an impact on us. Frequencies affect other frequencies.  The way frequencies affect the physical world has been demonstrated through various experiments, such as the science of Cymatics and water memory.

In this picture to the right showing our Energy Center, the location, the element, what the sound is concerned with, what fundamental right we have related to this location and sound, the color and the note as we know it in our frequencies (sound).   I've highlighted the Third Eye Chakra (read more about Chakras here) and the A note on the scale of music and frequency.   The A note is the note changes from 432Hz to 440Hz.  We'll dive more into this after we share a little about Dr. Emoto in the upcoming paragraph.   

Cymatics illustrate that when sound frequencies move through a particular medium, such as water, air, or sand, they directly alter the vibration of matter. 

Water Example:

Dr. Masaru Emoto has performed many studies using water and frequency, he is also featured in the documentary "What the Bleep Do We Know," a personal favorite of mine.  In Dr. Emoto's studies, he demonstrates the power of our intentions and how our intentions alter the material world.  We all hold a certain vibrational frequency, and our bodies are estimated to be about 70% water. Given the above experiments, it stands to reason that musical frequencies could also alter our own vibrational state. Every expression through sound, emotion, or thought holds a specific frequency that influences everything around it — much like a single drop of water can create a larger ripple effect in a large body of water.  More about Dr. Emoto's studies here:  Water Crystals

Approximately 35 minute documentary about Dr. Emoto.

The Healing Benefits

According to Richard Huisken, music tuned to 432 Hz is softer and brighter, giving greater clarity and is easier on the ears. Many people experience more meditative and relaxing states of body and mind when listening to such music. The natural musical pitch of the universe gives a more harmonic and pleasant sound than 440 Hz.

432 Hz seems to work at the heart chakra, “the feeling”, and therefore could have a good influence on the spiritual development of the listener. Some people who are not able to distinguish the 8hz difference claim they can feel the music warmer due to the longer wavelength.

Listen to 432Hz and enjoy living in balance

Because 432 Hz gives a greater clarity than 440 Hz, there’s less need to play it as loud as 440 Hz. This means less hearing damage, as long as you put the volume not too high. Furthermore there’s also less noise pressure. Researchers and musicians, such as Coreen Morsink (pianist and music teacher), report that they feel calmer, happier and more relaxed when playing music at 432Hz.

Music based on this natural tone is more transparent, more marked, gives an obvious musical picture and the overtones and undertones moves more freely. Music based on 440 Hz represents stuffed emotions and blocked energy. By lowering the pitch by just 8 Hz, you became more flexible and spontaneous. The 432 Hz tuning releases your energy and takes you into a beautiful state, where relaxation is natural.

The 432Hz is found every where in nature and the cosmos as well as in the work of Vernon Jenkins, Pythagoras, Joseph Puleo and Marko Rodin.   Enjoy this 2 part documentary.  Excellent watch.  

Our awareness to many things in our world is going to assist us during these times of change, we write many articles on this website about the shift we are going through now (2017-2018) on this planet.   Using of the frequency tone of 432Hz is harmonious with who we are and will assist with our connection with our Higher Self.  The 440Hz leaves out an important component of frequency which we use to connect with our Higher Self.   We provide in this article a button below to convert your music from 440Hz to 432Hz.   You can also find tones on YouTube and other sites which you can purchase to listen to the 432Hz.  

Tuning an instrument to 432 Hz results in a more relaxing sound while 440 Hz slightly tenses up the body. This is because 440 Hz is out of tune with both macrocosm and microcosm. However 432 Hz is in tune and resonates in a natural way.

Macrocosm = This is nature, our planet, how it blends into the universe.   On a all encompassing way.

Microcosm = This is the individual Me or You.  This is our body, the energetic body as well as the physical body.

You still be asking yourself WHY?, the button below will take you to a summary of why, though this information is disclosure information and is straight and to the point.  

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