Pedophilia in Government, Hollywood, Royalty all Linked to Satanic Occult Rituals

The dark alliances and self proclaimed rulers of this planet work with dark energies and dark magic to keep their power and influences over humanity.   In exchange for keeping the vibrations of humanity low and allowing dark entities to feed on humanity like Dementors from Harry Potter, the dark energies give wealth, power, and fame to any of those who will do the dark bidding's to spread lower vibrations and suffering.  The higher the vibrational being brought to darkness the better.   I know this is heavy and so I tell you, we have amazing power, you have amazing power, they know this and they do everything they can to keep you from know this.  The dark forces much prefer to manipulate and get you to create in their image and likeness as opposed to you knowing how powerful you and benevolent, you yourself is, and then creating in your own image and likeness.   The truth will set you free and this is why we share this information.  We must accept the truth, process our lower vibration feelings about the truth, know that most all we've been led to believe is a lie, and that we can change all of this by going inside ourselves and finding our authentic love.   When we can look at all lower vibrational situations on this planet with love, compassion and forgiveness (eventually a place of no need for forgiveness as this is all part of the process); this is when we will heal and thus the planet will heal and there will be no more darkness.  The lie that there is yin/yang came from the darkness.  The lie that we need the darkness to see the light, is also a lie.  We did agree to this darkness coming here for us to heal the darkness and for us to learn more about it and that balanced served us (past-tense).  In 2012 the world ended and the new world began, and in the new world there is no, yes zero, place for darkness. Thus it is time to see the darkness, acknowledge the darkness, love the darkness, have compassion for the darkness and allow the darkness to transform to light or be expelled from this planet, galaxy and universe.   

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Cabal Satanic Agenda

”I am sure that the sudden support for the fact that we live in a simulation comes in many cases from a desire to delete any perception of a greater self. ‘You are just a computer program so Do What Thou Wilt.’ What they leave out is that we are Infinite Awareness caught in a simulation and we are not the simulation. Anything that can divert humanity from self-identifying with Infinite Awareness is to be desired and promoted by these people. This is almost the entire basis of mainstream science for the same reason. The point is that there is an ultimate truth - we are all expressions of Infinite Awareness manifesting our reality through perception. For centuries human sacrifice was done openly and when that became unacceptable to the masses it continued, to this day, in secret. We have all heard the ancient global theme of human sacrifice in which ‘young virgins’ were sacrificed to the gods. These ‘gods’ are Archons, Reptilians, Greys and demonic entities in their many forms. ‘Young virgins’ is simply code for children. Rituals allow the energetic terror emitted from the sacrifice to be absorbed by Archontic manifestations in their band of frequency. This is what the term ‘sacrifice to the gods’ really means. The Old Testament ‘god’ demanded sacrifice and Zulu historian and shaman Credo Mutwa told me that legends describe how human sacrifice and cannibalism - canni-baal-ism - only began with the reptilian Chitauri who demanded that this be done. Bloodline and Archon-possessed Satanists drink the blood of the sacrifice which gives them energetic sustenance and also a chemical high from adrenalin that enters the bloodstream in perfuse quantities during the sacrifice. Rituals are performed in the seen and unseen that energetically synchronize and I have been told many times by those who have taken part how in the most powerful ones an energetic vortex or ‘gateway’ cen be created that allows entities in the unseen to slip through into our reality albeit briefly. Satanists are mostly terrified of them. Blood lust and its energetic effect can also trigger the reptilian-human hybrid ‘software’ to shapeshift between holographic forms and this has been described to me by participants many times.

You can see why the El-ite and their hidden controllers have worked so hard to suppress the true nature of reality. Without that knowledge the target population has no chance of understanding what is happening all around them and why things are as they are. The major point to remember from this chapter is that despite all the different names, labels and aspects of human society all pyramid hierarchies lead to one uniting and controlling force. With that realization the illusion of separateness and randomness can be unraveled.”
— David Icke

Written By: Gage Gorman

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