Mass Shootings & The Real Agendas

There are many articles and YouTube videos to explain the real agenda around mass shootings.  I will summarize it here and what we can do to counter the agenda.   In summary, the agenda around mass shootings fits into manipulation techniques for the dark alliances.   It instills fear in the people and thus into the collective grid.  Instilling fear lower the individuals vibration and the grids collective vibration.  Also, these are done to divide humanity on difference sides of gun control, as divided the ruling (soon to be past tense) dark alliances are strong, whereas united we stand, the stronger we humans are, and they don't like that.  It would be amazing for the dark alliances if they could convince a majority of humans in any country, to allow them to take their guns away, this will then make it easier to police and enslave humanity further.   

These are three big agenda items I see for the dark alliances with mass shootings.  These mass shootings are set up and carried out by rogue agencies within the FBI and CIA, not all of the FBI or CIA is necessarily rogue, as these agencies are being cleaned up.  Some of the advanced technology used is MK ULTRA.  

What can you do to help?  You can keep your vibration in a high vibration of love, compassion and forgiveness.  Many articles on this website to assist with this.  The best thing you can do is to go inside of yourself, why does this bother you?  How does it impact you?  How can you heal internally from what you are experiencing from these experiences?  See, how you react to these situations says a lot about you and what you have to see within yourself, heal within yourself, recognize within yourself, transform within yourself and raise your lower vibration to higher vibration and thus you change yourself and change the world and collective grid.  

I am dedicated to sharing the truth about our society, as it is now, and soon to be the past, because I believe that when we can shine our light on the darkness then we can change it, by increasing the lower vibration of darkness to a higher vibration of light.  If we stick our heads in the sand and ignore the darkness, then the darkness is able to spread, which is what has happened.    If you are reading this article, if you are taking a side for guns or not guns, if you're in any way (yes ANY WAY) impacted by what is occurring politically and socially, then you are affected by what is occurring and the goal is to get to a place where we see it, we recognize it, and instead of getting in a lower vibration like anger, sadness, depression, etc.  We go to love, compassion and forgiveness.   

My personal journey learning to forgive: After Forgiveness A Personal Journey

Written By: Gage Gorman

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