Caribbean Cruise


We enjoyed a Caribbean cruise in March of 2017.  We ventured to the islands of St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Barbados and St. Maarten.  We attended this cruise with the Abraham Hicks organization as attendees for a destination workshop with Abraham Hicks.  Energy is Everything EIE, Gage Gorman and Casey Gervig no we longer study Abraham material nor do we recommend Abraham Publications or any of its work.  As we have learned much on our journey of authenticity, awareness and expansion we learned of the inauthenticity of the entity Abraham on this particular trip.  We had felt, what we call, a wobble during workshops prior to this cruise with Abraham and during this cruise confirmed our wobble through sight and channel.  

We enjoyed the company of soul friends during this trip.  We made new friends during this trip.  We enjoyed the lovely islands, great weather, relaxing time on the ship, great views from the state room and casual atmosphere.  

We also determined that we the enjoyment of the cruise ship and the ability to travel to many destinations on a trip was not for us in the future.  We enjoy being able to spend many days in a location and to explore casually and leisurely.  While on this trip we took many photos from our journeys on the islands.  

St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands

We enjoyed a day with a small group on a group drive to a lovely beach where we enjoyed one another company, great conversation and the relaxing ocean, warmth of the sun and the great water.   Enjoy our photos.


St. Kitts Caribbean

We hired a local soul to drive us around the island for the day and show us beautiful beaches, views, land and share his home with us.  He was lovely and shared the day with us.   Enjoy our photos from the day.


Barbados was an island we made the best of for the day.  

St. Maarten

Our favorite island of the trip.  This was the last island our cruise and we loved it!  The food was amazing, the people were amazing, the water was amazing, the beaches were amazing.  We hired a local soul to drive us around the island in the morning and then we joined some soul friends at the beach for the afternoon.  We walked to the beach with the airplanes which land just over your head.  We enjoyed this experience of feeling the massive amount of wind from the plane landing.   We enjoyed a lovely dinner in town.  Enjoy our photos from this beautiful island. 

On Board the Cruise Ship

On board the ship we enjoyed our state room a lot of the time, we enjoyed channeling, meditating, watching the water, dolphins, birds from our state room balcony.  We enjoyed the gym and the lovely view from the gym.  We attended the Abraham workshops on board the ship most of the times they were held.  Enjoy the lovely photos from our time on board the ship.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida