The Template

The Template links alchemical ceremony with brain chemistry, bio-circuitry, the endocrine system, DNA, the archetypal arena and the morphogenetic field to reveal the holonomic system of creation which births and binds the Human hologram. The Template ceremony codes are an intelligent patterning of information that acts as an alchemical catalyst to activate dormant Human potential, initiating a journey of healing, forgiveness, remembrance, resurrection and, ultimately, transcendence of the dualistic mortal paradigm: a journey of liberation and empowerment, to retrieve the knowledge of our true history, our soul’s lineage, and our celestial seeding.

Me and Casey have experienced all 16 ceremonies in person and have found these ceremonies to be monumental and authentic in our personal journey.   We have found it easier to see the world more authentically.   We have found that repeating the ceremonies online and the DVD have helped to deepen our growth and expansion.   We are grateful to be able to share the online video links for you and to share our videos from ceremonies we've attended.  

Ceremony 1

The Ceremony: Original Innocence (with English, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish subtitles, other languages - coming soon). This is the full version if Original Innocence Ceremony DVD. To turn on subtitles and choose the language click Settings (sprocket icon) in the bottom right corner of YouTube screen.

Ceremony 2

The Template - A Holonomic Model Of Transcendence - CODE 2 - Ceremony Of Synthesis - The reconnection of the 13th Circuit - Preparing the Pranic Causeway. The 13th Circuit connects into the Occiput, where the spinal cord enters the brain, and grounds the this electromagnetic energy into the Coccyx.

Ceremony 3

Breath the unspoken vow between spirit and matter, the catalytic sustenance that gives your eyes the gift of sight, your ears to hear, your heart to feel...each breath is a bridge to life.