A Deeper Look at Sexual Energy

Vampiring Energies

Those on planet earth who are of the lower vibration and want to live here, on this planet, and extend their life, while looking younger, need to have life force. They obtain this life force from other humans, like a vampire. Essentially, I am telling you that vampires are real, but they can walk during the day and look like any human you’d ever see. These human-like beings, and humans that serve them, engage in obtaining young children (as young as possible) to engage in sexual intercourse. What they are doing is consuming the life force of those young humans. If the human dies during the process, they will drink the blood (adrenochrome) of the human; sometimes they will consume the body too.

(Knowing now that this network of dark beings are mostly dismantled and humanity is not going to be dealing with this much longer, as of today Feb 2nd, 2019).

These beings and those who serve them on this planet know how sexual energy intercourse works and they know (knew) the magic to extract human life force. I share this to give us all an idea of how powerful sexual energy is and how sacred we can all treat this energy. Knowing that such dark and evil things are done to humanity, in order to obtain humanities sexual energy life force. Know, that it is a severe scar for a soul that tortures and takes sexual energy from another with dark magic.

Pornography Entities

Pornography is something many may be drawn to, I have watch much pornography in my days, the lack of love in the sexual intercourse pulls in the entities to those engaging in the sexual intercourse. Then, these entities, they are space less, meaning they can travel anywhere they want in an instant, as long as the vibration is low enough to support these lower entities. These lower entities will come through the internet and out of your technology or through your digital TV (remember the “government move off analog to digital) and into the space where you are located. And then the details about masturbation come into play and the same scenario plays out, where the entities will consume that life force you orgasm out in masturbation. Porn is a favorite, because it encourage loveless sexual intercourse and a medium for the lower entities to work with. This also gets your permission for them to engage with you, sneaky buggers.

With Much Love,