Circuitry Scan and Alignment Session w/Gage

Circuitry Scan and Alignment Session w/Gage


This session can be private or a small group (in person).  Session time is one hour.   During this session I (Gage) will channel into your body and see and connect with your circuitry, also known as meridians, I will then work with both of our Higher Selfs and realign the circuitry you are ready to process.   

When we realign circuitry this will change the way you process and see things in your life.   This will stir up old programming which no longer serves you and this will allow your human vessel to upgrade and enhance.  Depending on where your circuitry is currently will depend on how much we can realign in each session and how often.  

It is recommend to work with Gage in private sessions after circuitry realignment to assist in the process after the circuitry changes.  This is not a requirement, only a recommendation.   A private session prior to a circuitry session could be helpful, as then Gage can give you an idea of what to expect based on where you are.    

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