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Welcome to the Energy is Everything Retreat. On this page, you’ll find information for upcoming online & onsite retreats hosted by us and onsite retreats hosted by others.

If you are interested in hosting a small retreat group (2-8 people (more possible)) contact us directly to discuss details of what you are desiring and we’ll see if we are the best fit for you.

Location: Mount Shasta, California (United States of America)

Upcoming Retreats Hosted By: Gage & Casey

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Life Force Initiation Retreat & Workshop (Breatharian Initiation)

@ the Energy is Everything Retreat and Academy June 29th - July 7th - Extended Stays Available for Reduced Rates

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4 Hour Online Retreat Workshop - May 11th, 2019

10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

$50.00 Exchange of Appreciation

Mount Shasta July 2019 Retreat

No More Space Available - Honoring Yourself Retreat & Workshop in Mount Shasta, CA

@ the Energy is Everything Retreat and Academy May 24th - May 28th - Extended Stays Available for Reduced Rates

Additional Events Coming Soon

Friend/Family Group Trip - Small Company Off-Sites

Have a small group of friends and want a place to have a trip together that is uplifting, adventurous, enlightening and expanding? You’ve found the right place, we offer space for you to come with your friends/family and have this experience. We will help facilitate your adventure with your group and provide meditations, yoga, breathing, and other teachings as you want. We will also direct or take you on excursions as part of your stay. We also host small company off-sites. Contact Gage directly to discuss options.

Upcoming Retreats Hosted By Others:

All upcoming retreats hosted by others are completely booked.

Photos of the Retreat Center Property: (Click on Image to see large view)