Energy is Everything Experience - Mount Shasta, CA

Energy is Everything Experience has on property accommodations for you to come and heal, rejuvenate, meditate, expand and grow.

Enjoy the enchanting grounds of the Energy is Everything Experience in gorgeous Mount Shasta, CA. In the winter, you can hear the creek rush through the property and enjoy the snow covered ground. In the Spring, enjoy watching the life of the trees and plants come back out of the earth and share their beauty with us. In the Summer, enjoy the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the rushing creek and the lushness of all the plants and trees and animals on the grounds. In the fall, experience the breathtaking changes of the leaves and the multitude of colors as the trees and plants shed their outer appearance and prepare to go within for the winter. Any time of year is a most magnificent time to visit. Each hold a unique beautiful experience.

On this page you will find information about each accommodation available.

Energy Is Everything EIE Front Cottage

Standalone Enchanting Front Cottage

Enjoy your stay in Mount Shasta, CA on this 2.8 acre nature filled sanctuary with a lush creek flowing year round and many spots to meditate. This 500+ square foot private cottage will be your private retreat. This land is a retreat center for the mind, body and soul. This private cottage is available year round for vacation stays, retreat attendance and for a private get away to heal, rejuvenate and connect with nature. Click on the photo to learn more.

In-House Private Apt Room

Studio Apartment - Upstairs

Open your window and enjoy the sounds of the flowing creek in the back of the property. This magnificent space allows you to be integrated with the retreat space, while having your own separated area within the retreat center. Access to all retreat center grounds is available with your stay. Come and rejuvenate, expand and integrate with nature.


In-House Room

Come and enjoy this lovely in-house private room with a private entrance to outside. This home brings you into the the forest of the side and back of the property. Enjoy the sound of the birds and chipmunks and open your window to enjoy the sound of the creek. Windows are double pane if you want it quiet with no noise. Only available for returning guests.

  • Creek Cottage - 240 Square Feet. This is currently set up for Cottage Camping. There is a wood burning stove and light with electricity. This cottage has no plumbing and no bathroom. The bathroom is a bucket with mulch. There is an outdoor pump house with an outdoor shower with hot water, this is located a short distance by trail from the creek cottage. This cottage is in the back of the property on wagon creek. This is a short distance from the main house. This requires your own sleeping bag and blankets and sleeping arrangements.