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Prudence Kalloo

Holistic Life Coach

I was born in the Island of Trinidad and came to America when I was 12 years old. I am the oldest of 8 children. Born on the 27th day under the stars of Sagittarius and year of the Rabbit.  I now live in central Florida and enjoy life coaching others and raising my 3 children.

Growing up my mom gave me the best gift ever, allowing me and my siblings to choose the God we felt led to, we were encouraged to seek for ourselves and see where we found God. I found what I was looking for, at that time in the church.  I started a journey which brought me to experience love, understanding and forgiveness. As I continued my searching (almost every denomination) I began to know more on a personal level the beauty of God, I started realizing that there is so much more about “God” than I had been learning at church.  I found God to be more forgiving and loving than what they were saying. God was so much more than the box I had God in!!

As my connection grew so many things, as I look back, were leading me to be Who I Am today.  In 2008 an email came across my path from Neal Donald Walsh and I looked forward to them everyday for they started out saying “On this day Prudence I believe God wants you to know….” and every message was so on point and directed to me.  I saw he had a movie called Conversations with God and while I was having conversations with God myself, I wanted to see this movie. Then, I read the book and my life changed! I began to see how the thoughts I had been taught to think were creating my life and that the God I was praying to was within me!

In July 2012, my youngest child who was two at the time was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer stage 4 that experience caused my life to open up a whole new understanding and was directing me to put into action all of what I was learning and my life had a major shift,  I had been on the path to becoming Who I Really Am.

God revealed God-Self to me and Boy was She bigger than I had allowed myself to see. New info was coming to me and it was coming fast, and beautiful, all in perfect order. I look back and I remember thinking how crazy to feel that my daughter’s cancer brought so many blessings!! I had guidance showing me how to help heal my daughter and later information to confirm what I had been lead to was in fact true to her healing!

After two years of hospital life and learning I was at home and now becoming very aware that I and God are the same. Which was scary and funny all at the same time. I have many stories. Within my life story I realize that  “What we are seeking is truly seeking us!!!” Each teacher shows up exactly when they are needed with exactly with what we need. We live on an abundant planet that orbits the sun in perfect proximity to all the other planets I don’t just think….I know that there is so much going on Here than we can explain.

What I believe my purpose here at this time on this planet as Prudence, is to remind others of the God within them and that every other soul we see Is God!! I love when I see another Soul living their full potential, that makes me happy! I see myself giving back to Universe in all and any way that reminds Us of Love.

This is the continuation of a New Beginning.

I Am.

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