Physical vs. Emotional Detox??


I used to label myself as a foodie eating only the best veggies and fruits, even went a 60 day period eating only Kale!  My skin turned orange from too much beta carotine BUT, I felt amazing!!  Drinking Kangen water straight from the machine and reaching higher and higher for cleaner and more whole foods to tune my body up with.  I was going for maximum efficiency with my diet, eating mostly raw no crackers, no breads, no sugars, no beef!  Very clean….

Physical detox is quite simple, and the methods widespread.  Basically you clean up your diet, in order to clean up your body.  There is great value in cleaning up the physical body, having a well functioning body is a key element to living life to its fullest.  I have now, undergone a different type of detox, and I am not so sure that the physical detoxes are the best place to start.

How about the emotional body?  I had no clue what this was when I enrolled for Ray Maor's 10 day process , but in communications with my higher self, I knew it was necessary.  I had sort of hit a peak as far as what I could achieve without going deeper.  The 10 day process advertised it was a spiritual, physical and emotional detox.  That to me sounded like the 'next level" I was looking for!

What is an emotional detox?  An emotional detox (according to Casey) occurs when a person allows their stored negative emotions to be acknowledged, brought to the surface, and processed, through breathing exercises, and/or other methods of easement, (essential oil protocol to unearth deep stored emotions) transformed in to a higher vibrational emotion that serves them.

One way to think of this is, (thank you Ray Maor for this analogy!!) if you get a package every day, something you order from Amazon, and you just toss the box in the garage without opening It, eventually you will end up with a messy garage full of boxes.  Ideally, you would open the package remove your goods and put them away in the proper place, then throw away the box…  The act of acknowledging your emotions and bringing them to the surface, then transforming them is very much the same as opening the packages, putting your goods away in their respective places, and then throwing the box away.  You might, at the beginning of the process of the detox, have many "packages in the garage" that will need to be opened, I know I did!  After clearing a good amount of the "boxes" you will feel much lighter and be ready to deal with the things that come along in life without the feeling of emotional overload.  THIS makes changes to your diet go much more smoothly!

After the 10 day process, I learned that I eat to avoid acknowledging my emotions!  I would get anxiety about something and my stomach would pull itself in and tense up, and my subconscious knew "OH now is when we munch on stuff!". I am still getting used to this new awareness.  One thing that I believe has made the awareness of this become much clearer is "The Template" ceremonies 1-3.  The re connection of these circuits during the ceremonies has pulled me out of the fire, so to speak, and has given me time to breathe, acknowledge and make a conscious decision whether I need the food, or if there is something that I have going on that the food will ease.  These ceremonies are available online, and we plan to host ceremonies in the future.  I highly recommend them for any person who has a desire to achieve radical personal change.

I felt inspired to write this because, in retrospect…this emotional detox is not as hard as the physical dieting detox!!  I would have picked diet all day long in the past, rather than confronting emotional stresses that I held stored deep within my body. You can either; diet and restrict, cut yourself off from certain things that you might really enjoy, only to end up on a roller coaster of success and failure, OR you can work on your emotional body which will help you make better decisions and be more present in other areas of your life.  Looking back I believe that the physical detoxes might not even have been necessary, they definitely would have been much more joyous had I been introduced to the emotional detox first.  The real healing comes when you can allow your emotions to come to the surface, and not get too carried away holding on to them because once you realize they are there, know that they will soon be transformed in to love!

I have heard from many, including my darling Gage Gorman, that beings of light (yes I mean YOU!) come in to this physical experience riddled with darkness in the form of unworthiness, anger, depression, anxiety, fear, sadness, (the list can go on and on but you get the point…) in order to transform those dark emotions in to emotions of light.  In doing this you not only will free yourself from the shackles of negative emotion, you will also free up your emotional body making it easier to communicate directly with your physical body.  You can then make decisions on what to eat, drink, smoke, etc. based upon what is going to benefit the physical body.  These personal transformations are exactly what will create a higher vibrational, more peaceful planet.

This is a lifelong process which is ever evolving, and at each plateau you will feel more powerful, just before the next stage of growth.

If you are reading this and you feel like you could use a little help along this path feel free to reach out to us.