Introduction to Offerings

Our intention when in session is to provide this time and space for you to express yourself, go inward, reflect, process and grow. Everything we do and exchange has an energy, this includes money.  If you are able to pay for this session, and do so with loving exchange, that is greatly appreciated.  ** If you are not able to pay for this session or pay the suggested price, we may accept what you're able to pay.  An exchange of services is also considered if you are unable to pay for the session.   E-mail us to discuss.

We offer many articles, recordings and healings at no request for exchange.  We also offer private one on one sessions, based on our desire to do them and the soul requesting's authentic desire to remember, be authentic, heal and be a sovereign sentient being.  Love yourself and be authentic to yourself, that is best results we can see from what we offer.   We offer the private sessions for those who want-need assistance with their awakening and authenticity of themselves or for expansion of remembering (aka learning), this journey can be done using your own inner guidance system and there are no requirements that someone else is needed or that a private one on one session is needed.   Sessions can be helpful and speed up the time of the journey of remembering and authenticity and if you feel a private one on one session or group session would benefit you and is wanted-needed, reach out and we can discuss.

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Suggested Exchange of Appreciation for Private Session:  Per Hour $145.00 **   

Monthly Mentoring: Includes 4 hours of sessions & e-mail support:  $777.00 USD

Exchange of Appreciation for Circuitry Work:  $333.00 USD

Via email:

Suggested Exchange of Appreciation for Private Coaching Session:  Per Hour $145.00 USD 

Exchange of Appreciation for Private Body Work Session: One Hour $150.00 USD***    

***Private Body Work Session inclusive of Essential Oil Treatment:   $180.00 USD

Skype Essential Oil Consultation  $75.00 USD      -- Free if DoTerra sign up with monthly enrollment within the EIE downline                                              

Via email:

This is a customized experience of full immersion for yourself with Gage, Casey and Zachy where you’ll travel to Mount Shasta CA and stay at the retreat center and academy on the magical and transformational grounds available for the souls ready to journey deeper into who and what you (we) are and why you (we) are here. This is personalized for you.  Click on the link to learn more.

This is a customized experience of an immersion in your own space with daily interaction with Gage and/or Casey. More to come about this experience, though in short, we customize this experience to you and for you. We meet daily and provide email support and ah-hoc meetings as necessary. We meditate daily together and Gage and Casey both hold space for you while you go through your process. This process can include a circuitry session , inclusive in your one month package. Email Gage for more details.

Exchange of Appreciation $4,500.00 USD

One Month at Home Immersion of Self