Redondo Beach 01-29-2018

Enjoy the lovely video of dolphins playing and the crystal clear water and enjoy the photos from this beautiful day.

Enjoy the lovely dolphins play in the crystal clear ocean water in Redondo Beach, CA

Redondo Beach 01-23-2018 Through 01-26-2018

Enjoy the photos and two videos from this week.  One video is from our friend Dave, who saw a lovely whale out in the water and videoed this lovely sentient being while it played in the water with dolphins and a swimmer.  Enjoy.

Enjoy the Whale in Redondo Beach CA

Redondo Beach 01-07-2018

Beautiful day in Redondo Beach, California from January 4th through 9th 2018.  Enjoy!

Redondo Beach 01-20-2018

Cold and sunny in Redondo Beach, California today.  Enjoy the videos and pictures for this lovely day.