Online Retreat with Gage & Casey

From the Energy is Everything EIE Academy


Join this small online group experience of souls, where we journey through our personal gateway of transformation.

There is much changing inside of us and all around us. These changes can be much easier when we understand deeper what is occurring and how to better manage this process of change. This time will include guided meditation, history teaching, current energies and transformations, how to’s for everyone and open question and answer.

Unlike on the Lives, we will have no censorship. Also, you are welcome to ask personal questions and we will go into personal channeling during this time.

Transformational Personal Gateway

What’s Included:

(Maximum of 20 participants - We will create a waiting list if we hit the limit for a future workshop)

  • Sound Bowl Vibrational Harmonizing

  • Guided Meditation to Align You with Your Higher Self

  • Exploring through our gateway to our transformational Self

  • Essential Oil Teaching

  • Question and Answers

    • No censorship concerns, as we have with the lives

    • We can go personal, unlike in the lives

  • This will be recorded and you are able to record

    • Those who sign up prior to the 3/23 and cannot attend will get the recording for $50.00 USD.

    • The recording will be available after 3/23 for $55.00 USD.

When Is This Happening:

March 23rd, 2019 at 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time for 4 hours (Optional: 20 Minute Break in the Middle)

We usually go over 4 hours, in case we do go over, plan accordingly. You are welcome to leave at any time though, please do not feel you must stay.

What’s the Exchange of Appreciation:

$50.00 USD Send payment to the Personal Option when sending payment (not services).

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