Forgiveness and Healing


Forgiveness has a lot of healing power.  Forgiveness is what is going to change the world for you, it will bring peace on earth for you.   Everything that happens to oneself, comes to oneself because of karma, because we have attracted it.  There is not anything that can come to oneself unless there is permission given for it to occur.   We are beings of free will, and as that is a gift, it has consequences.  See, whatever energy and vibration one puts out in the world, the soul will receive that same vibration in return.  Free will allows for one to do and choose whatever one wants, though you reap what you sow.   If one’s free will creates darkness, then darkness, in the same form, is what one will receive back.   If one’s free will creates light and love, then light and love, in that same form, is what one will receive back.   We’ll refer to the balance sheet of free will decisions as Karma.  A soul will carry its Karma from life time to life time, yes reincarnation exists and one carries their karma from one life to another.  This may help one understand, a reason, why babies are born into, what can be judged, as dark situations and with diseases.  

Each time we incarnate on this planet we do so eagerly and full knowing our karma balance and the probability of all that could happen to us, during the incarnation and we still come eagerly.  Each time we do so, with the intention of remembering who we are and healing our balance sheet of Karma.  


All the balance sheet Karma goes into a collective grid on the planet, each soul here on the planet can feel this collective grid.  This collective grid creates a foundation which all souls feel and resonate with.   Due to the numerous amounts of life times we’ve all had and the darkness we’ve all been a part of and played in, this collective grid is heavy and has a lot of darkness, and that’s okay, because we are beings of love and Light and we can heal this grid, through forgiveness of self.  One of the first steps to healing is to be open to these concepts of reincarnation, Karma, darkness and light.  Then be open that you, yes you, did dark things and did light things.  

Now let’s talk about soul contracts.   Soul contracts are agreements we make as souls to assist ourselves or other souls during an incarnation (lifetime) on planet earth.   One soul may agree to help another soul complete a soul contract, release some dark karma, during a life time.  A soul may agree to help heal oneself or another soul heal.   We usually do both and have many soul contracts.   


Now to the fun and liberating part, forgiveness and healing.  Accept that you are the creator of your life, you are not a victim, unless you give up your power to another entity (which you ‘choose’ to do, if you do it —that’s another blog).   All things and events that occur on your life are occurring because of your balance sheet.  If your life is authentically blissful, great!  Why are you reading this?  :-).  If you’re Life is anything other than blissful, and you want bliss, it’s your choice, then welcome to taking back your life and soul.  We are beings of love and Light by our nature.  To start, stop blaming others for anything and notice when you do blame others.  When you notice you have blamed someone else for anything, forgive yourself.  Forgive them if they hurt you in any way.   Then say thank you Higher Self for helping me be aware of my blaming.  More of that please.   Now you’ve given permission for more awareness of when you are blaming others.  Judging, same thing as blaming.  Notice it, forgive yourself and ask for more acknowledgement of it in the future.  When events, thoughts and feelings are occurring which you do not like or feel comfortable with, ask your Higher Self.  Why?  Why this thing?  What is my lesson?  When any of these processes feel overwhelming say to yourself.  I am the light.  I hold the light.  The light is always with me.   


Our planet, time, space, and reality are going through an ascension and now is a great time of change in the universe, occurring here on earth.   You are feeling the veil between your Higher Self and your incarnated self thinning.  This planet in this time and space and reality is healing darkness and transforming dark to light.  Welcome to the clearing of your old dark decisions.  Own your decisions, forgive yourself, forgive others (no exceptions), heal, love and breath deeply.   Then when you’ve done all of this forgiving, then you’ll come to a place where forgiveness is not necessary because this was all free choice and you created all of the life situations you’ve ever had through your own decision making and all of those who played a part in the “judged” good and bad were all helping you fulfill soul contracts that you asked them to fulfill, good and bad, and thus no forgiveness is necessary anymore because you’ve forgiven yourself and love yourself fully and whole heartedly.