Excursions with Energy is Everything

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Excursion experiences can be booked during an immersion, for a group retreat, during a vacation rental, and for those using Airbnb with us. You are also welcome to book an excursion with us, without staying at our Retreat Center/Academy. We are working to add many more excursions on our website, this list is not a complete list of excursions, contact us directly for additional excursion options.


Obsidian Experience

Excursion with an off road adventure through serene, lush, and beautiful forest to a gem of discovery of Obsidian and lava rock.

McCloud Falls

McCloud Falls

Excursion adventure to amazing locations of gushing water falls, amazing hiking, beautiful nature and enjoyable sites.

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Ney Springs & Faery Falls

Excursion into amazing journey of deep forest along a rushing river bed to amazing ruins, springs and a breathtaking water. Amazing meditation spots, vortexes and gateways to Fae realms.

Hedge Creek Falls

Hedge Creeks Falls

Excursion into a short 1.5 mile magical journey through a waterfall to a narrow bridge of land between uphill and downhill which opens up to an amazing view of Mount Shasta and the Sacramento River. It drops the jaw

Many more excursions available. Just ask us. We are doing our best to load on this website more details about excursion. More to come.