Excursion - Obsidian Experience

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Obsidian Grand Gathering.jpg

Enjoy this amazing day adventure which includes a fun drive off roading to an adventure of a life time. You can see and experience, freely, obsidian in it’s natural state. This adventure is 1.45 hours from the retreat center in Mount Shasta. We will spend our desired time there, based on your scheduled day. We will hike through the lava rock jungle to beautiful and high energy vortexes of expansion, healing and learning. The walk to the grand gathering of obsidian is less than 10 minutes. You can also see obsidian from the vehicle on the side of the road, if you are not interested in walking through the lava rock beds.


  • Location Specific Guided Meditation

  • Location Specific Energy Work

  • Expanding conversation during the whole day

  • Ability to visit sacred places

  • Immersion Experience not required to book excursion

  • Transportation for maximum of 2 people

    • Tight Squeeze for 3 people

  • Guided Hike(s)

  • Kangen Water

  • Souvenir

Click on photos and use arrow keys to explore all photos. Sometimes you need to go to the end first and arrow backwards for the large photos with arrowing to work.

Exchange of Appreciation:

Excursion only, not part of Immersion: 1 Person ($375) 2 Persons ($500)

Excursion while part of an Immersion: 1 Person ($300) 2 Persons ($425)