Enjoy this faery tale journey through a beautiful forrest of amazing trees, rushing water, and powerful vortex energies. This hike is relatively easy to journey on, though this does have some narrow paths with drops off the side.   This is a 1.5 mile out and back hike. The drive here does include some easy off roading and is accessible year round. We have found some amazing meditation and earth connection spots on this journey. Your excursion with us will included plugged in meditation spots. This excursion will include some guidance for meditation and focus. For those interested in interacting with the Fae realms, there is a guided meditation or that and a particular spot on this journey to connect to those realms and elements.


  • Guidance to specific spots for Fae realm energies

  • Guidance to specific spots of active vortexes

  • Guided Breathing Techniques

  • Expanding Conversation

  • Photos

  • Transportation for maximum of 2 people

    • Tight squeeze for 3 people

  • Guided Hikes

  • Kangen Water

  • Guided Meditation

Click on photos and use arrow keys to explore all photos. Sometimes you need to go to the end first and arrow backwards for the large photos with arrowing to work.

Exchange of Appreciation:

Excursion only, not part of Immersion: 1 Person ($150) 2 Persons ($250)

Excursion while part of an Immersion: 1 Person ($100) 2 Persons ($180)

This excursion can be easily coupled with Castle Lake, we will provide reduced pricing when combining this excursion and Castle Lake together on the same outing.