Excursion McCloud Falls

McCloud Falls Middle Falls
McCloud Falls Middle Falls 2

Enjoy this amazing half day or full day adventure to McCloud falls. We get to choose from or experience all the many falls this amazing land has to offer us. We can choose to hike among many trails and go to amazing spots to see great falls, from up high to directly in front of the falls. Many sacred spots which we have come to know, to sit and meditate and connect. We can do a ceremony and guided meditation while on this excursion.

Upper McCloud Falls is a 5-minute walk along the McCloud River, we will get to the viewing area. The water that makes up Upper Falls travels down a small rock canyon and condenses, thus making the falls seem a lot stronger than the others. The water simply pours out with power and drops about 25 feet. It is a beautiful waterfall to see, especially with the large rock face on the other side of the river.

Middle McCloud Falls is located a very short walk from the parking lot. You are about 150 yards above the falls, but they are pretty impressive and a lot wider than Upper Falls. We can hike down from the view area to the base of the falls. We can also walk along the McCloud river to amazing forrest and water spots for meditations and rejuvenations.

Lower McCloud Falls tends to have lots of other people and this is the the most frequented by visitors . The walk among the river is quite lovely and has a few amazing meditation and connection spots to plug in. Depending on how vibrational you are feeling with engaging and being around others, will determine for us, if you want to journey and stay at lower falls.


  • Guided Meditation

  • Guided Breathing Techniques

  • Expanding Conversation

  • Photos

  • Transportation for maximum of 2 people

    • Tight squeeze for 3 people

  • Guided Hikes

  • Kangen Water

  • Guided Meditation

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Exchange of Appreciation:

Excursion only, not part of Immersion: 1 Person ($175) 2 Persons ($275)

Excursion while part of an Immersion: 1 Person ($100) 2 Persons ($180)