Hedge Creek Falls Excursion

Come and enjoy this amazing journey into nature starting with a zig-zag slight down grade trail full of thick and lush trees with a moss filled ground, that’ll awaken your senses immediately to connection. With a beautiful water fall you can walk through and behind, this journey will continue if you'd like, up a narrow trail along the falls line of trees and greenery, where we will have a view of Mount Shasta, the train tracks on the side of the mountain all looking the Sacramento river below, you’ll enjoy the sounds of the two rushing rivers merging and becoming one. If you feel adventurous, we can take a medium to hard trail down to the rivers meeting point and hop over rocks in the river to the Sacramento and get a spot right in the middle and feel the rush of the river from the middle of it.


  • Transportation for maximum of 2 people

    • Tight squeeze for 3 people

  • Guided Hikes

  • Kangen Water

  • Guided Meditation

  • Expanding Conversation

  • Photos

Click on photos and use arrow keys to explore all photos. Sometimes you need to go to the end first and arrow backwards for the large photos with arrowing to work.

Hedge Creek Falls From Spring to Fall. Enjoy

Exchange of Appreciation:

Excursion only, not part of Immersion: 1 Person ($175) 2 Persons ($275)

Excursion while part of an Immersion: 1 Person ($100) 2 Persons ($180)