Cataract Falls Experience December 2017    By:  Gage and Casey

Enjoyed a lovely hike .5 miles into the 2.7 mile hike or the 7.7 mile loop hike.  The hike was cascading with waterfalls and a lot of incline and stairs.  The area was majestic.  We felt as though we had entered into the fairy and gnome realms.  We sat and enjoyed an hour or so near a particular fall, video and pictures included here, as we sat I journeyed through having all I wanted right now with me.  Casey and Zachy, knowing how to not need food and just living on little water.  We could possibly live in another realm.  How much do we authentically want an apartment on the beach, rent, bills, job at the tech company, social events, travel, etc.   Why do I travel?  To get in nature and be where I was right now with the two most pleasurable sentient beings that I love to be around.  I appreciate so much where I was.  I enjoyed the light coming through the trees and hitting the moss covered rocks and the trees and the light hitting the water.  Listening to the water cascade down the rocks into the small ponds then cascading down further to the bigger pond which we were sitting in front of.  Listening further to the water rushing through small rocks clusters and the lovely sound of it made my body tingle and hum with pleasure.  I continued to be in gratitude for this amazing experience of all the scenery, sensory and vibrations.  We were not feeling physically like hiking the whole 2.7 miles this day and decided we would love to come back another time, when we have all day to enjoy this gift from Gaia.  

Cataract Falls Picture Pano