Quantum entanglement and our intentions and attachments and expectations

Quantum entanglement has been coming up often in channels and in my studies. I am finding the holonomic blueprint of humanity is weaved through an energy that is complex in nature and yet simple to follow, when we can see the entanglements in the quantum field of who and what we are. When we relax and surrender out of our program for the need to be in control and we allow our inner knowing to rise up and gain our attention, we allow for our remembrance of who and what we are…. Enjoy this sharing….

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Consuming Sentient Life Forms for Energy Exchange and the Energetic Impacts

Soften to the message. You have done nothing “wrong” There is no need to be defensive. You are most loved and most loving. We are being shown how our energy is impacted and how we impact energies of others and ourselves. This is a complex matrix to weave through and understand. You are most appreciated.

As one advances in understanding, or remembering, the “I AM” then one will consume less, as much consumption is distraction. Which this is understood for those aware of themselves….. Enjoy more in the blog and add your comment and thoughts. Much Love

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It's Just Business - Don't Take It Personal - Actually -- Business is Personal

I felt something was off with many things in our world, and in the work place, this “something is off feeling” was no different. I would think, why do we treat one another so poorly? Why do people get excited about being the winner, while another is the loser and may suffer? What is the driving force that has humanity cutting off their emotions to engage in business? Read more in the full article with some recommended things we can do to help make change and add your comments on the blog and share your ideas too. Let’s bring humanity back into business and commerce. Let’s do business so everyone can benefit.

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