Research about the 144,000

"144,000 thousand shall ascend."

I take this to be a metaphor for a few things, but I don't see it being 144,000 individuals necessarily.

At body temp sound travels 34,570.63 cms per second. Gravity accelerates 981 cm's per second. 34,570.63 cm's (sound) divided by 981 cm's (gravity)=approx 36 hz. Octave of 144 meaning 144 hz has the same effect. So sound divided by gravity=144 hz octaves, sounds like the pausing or the reversal of the effect gravity has on the body (aging). 144 akenenic cells in the thymus comes to mind given these are eternal cells (cells that don't age or get "weighed down" by gravity). 144 circles (144 x 360) x 3,600= amount of arc seconds x speed of light divided by speed of sound=approx octaves of 144 hz. I figure canceling the wavelength of gravitational acceleration (981 cm's per second) would be play a role in levitation. "144,000 shall ascend"

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