Written by: Jiva Carter

BEFORE I begin, I have to explain that we are trapped in a prison of language. Our language is a loop that defines itself by itself, in other words, circular logic. For example, A is true because B is true, and B is true because A is true. Circular logic gets harder to recognise when there is a larger set of components. So it is with language: we start with words that are defined with other words and eventually it works its way back to using the words you started trying to define in the first place - to define the words that define them.

I wanted to try to redefine the word TIME - which is defined by words like duration and period, ... WHAT???
a: a portion of time determined by some recurring phenomenon
b: the interval of time required for a cyclic motion or phenomenon
Above the word time is used to define the word time - our language is not equipped.

These are really only other words for time, not actual definitions. Even if you add to it spatial ideas like distance, which seem different from time, you eventually learn that they are intrinsically bound as in Einstein's Theory of Relativity where the Term Space Time first emerged.
A "period" of time is how LONG it takes, say for a ball to roll down a grooved incline as in Galileo’s experiment. He designated periods of time as marks on the wood corresponding with his pulse.
In ancient India they used an average duration of an in- and- out human breath.
In truth, TIME even as we normally think of it in linear terms cannot be defined, it can only be measured. All definitions of time are bound to measurements of it. Frequency is thought of as a kind of time, it is a measurement of an event "in Time", eg, how many waves per second - a second being an increment or period or duration of time, which is a measurement of it and not time itself. Time is also considered the 4th dimension. To explain from a mathematical perspective, an event happens in 4 Dimensions, two 1d lines delineating area - 30 degrees North 20 degrees West (then 3rd) from the ground to 6 feet above. @ 2pm standard Pacific TIME, but in a more esoteric sense, time is also viewed as 4th dimension because of its elusive indefinable quality, and arguments abound as to whether it even exists or is it simply a construct of our perception: it does after all seem to be very relative to the person witnessing it. # 2 . So if it can't be defined, it cannot be re-defined. But perhaps we can expand our experience of time beyond how long do I have to wait for something to happen. Science fiction has always played with the ideas of controlling time - creating time machines to travel back and forth - to fold space time to cross the galaxy in no time at all.

Scientists have now caught up with them, and Stephen Hawking even suspects that may one day be possible. Many believe we are living in a network of bifurcated timelines controlled by an elite bent on confusing and subjugating us with the very fabric of our experiential reality. There is much evidence to support this perception. But I want to take this into another direction.

I propose that time is not experienced - it is experience, or at least the elemental medium of it. But it is not just ours. Time IS experience AND the portal into Universalism. Time is the collective consciousness experience of the holonomic matrix of informational totality, singularly each part of the holograph each individualised conscious reference point, filtering or focusing according to its local language limitations and chosen (or imposed) vehicular mechanism. 

Consciousness is not exclusively Human, and we share awareness with all other conscious reference points. We also share the physicality of the energetic flow of time and matter, exchanging atoms, photons and all other forms of information .
Sovereignty / and oneness - is the balance of the true identity, the mutable and evolving border between the part and the whole, the past and the future, the infinite in and the infinite out. When we pursue our desires at the expense of the whole we are inadvertently wasting our time, and when we surrender to culture, the safety zone protecting us from the dark ocean of possibility, we get caught in cyclic time.

When we reclaim our authentic identity beyond cultural impositions we don't lose society, we expand it to universal proportions. Local culture buys us off with their bribes of acceptability and position, recycling us through roles that are specific and limited to the survival and maintenance of the culture itself, at the expense of our individual and collective evolution. So culture becomes the greatest waste of time. Locking us into the loop of circular time, a wheel so large it appears in the moment ever new while somewhere lurking in our subconscious we feel we have been through all this a billion times. That is the false time that we inherently resent. I saw a Balinese lady the other day wearing a T-shirt that read ‘Time Versus Everything!’

But REAL time is neither the limits of what we can experience, nor is it the cyclic regurgitation of illusion’s maintenance, but rather it is the vortex that bridges all dimensions.

How small of an increment of "time" is the now - if we try to separate the "now" from the past and the future where do we draw the borders. I remember when it was one day at a time then live in the moment then be here now and the power of now - but the now can best be defined in 2 ways one is the border between the past and the future and secondly as a vortex through which all time and space are passing. The now is a toroidal event integrating all experience. All of the past and the future are present in the now and can't be separated from it.

As an example everything you perceive in this moment is dependant [practically] on past experience. You know what a tree is because of all the trees you have experienced. Without the past you would have no use of your current experience. All your emotional experiences are present in every decision you make in every instance. you take each step because you remember how to walk. Although it is an incredibly small increment of time there is a lag between what you see hear feel etc. as perceived by your senses and the actual event - if you touch something hot the nerves in your finger relays the message to your brain and back to your finger tip, putting the actual experience in the “past” Even your imagination of the future takes time to construct in your mind and then be remembered as a plan, so even the future is experienced as the past.

In the “Now” - all the past is changing. Thats right in our traditional idea of time the past is locked into place and can never be changed but the past is only our experience of it. So as we evolve we re-member our past differently - how we judged an event in our childhood changes when viewed from an adult perspective and the more enlightened we become the more it changes so the past is in constant flux in our present. That change of perception is not just philosophical it is actual because the only REALITY is experience. And the changing perspective keeps our experience evolutionary.

This is also true of our projected future - what we plan what we want is constantly changing according to who we are becoming. Often those who see time as toroidal think that the same things and the same “time” is repeating its self indefinitely - that we live fated to repeat every thing eternally.

Simultaneous time is also happening in simultaneous space - I do intend to discuss hyper dimensional space in relation to this time perspective but will hold the long explanation for now. But for the moment will only allude to it here - my left hand is experiencing the now differently from my right and you different from me but collectively all experience is registered / and integrated by the whole and therefor available to all its parts. �
Look at the metaphor of the tree - its roots in the ground and its leaves and branches in the sky.
You could see it as its 'top' rooted in the sky nourished by light and air branching out into the earth, but seen as a whole all its parts are experiencing both realities, the sky and the earth, two separate and yet entwined dimensions bridged by the tree like a cymatic revelation of the vibration of elemental time, occupied by a consciousness that shares cognizance of earth and sky, a fountain that sprays out in all directions, a vortex in the middle of a toroidal event continuum. That energy is Time or Space- time. Science accepted the “space time” label because they recognised that each was dependent on the other, each used to define the other, through measurement. 
# 3 . But here is the problem: how can you measure something if your yardstick keeps expanding and shrinking? Although by our perception very slowly, everything is in constant flux of its shape and size, this renders all devices or formulas of measurement in error. Even an atomic clock needs periodic adjustment against what we see as natural time. Time as we define it is a local phenomenon. it is always 12 o'clock somewhere or at least as defined as noon when the Sun is directly overhead, a vantage point that is in constant movement across the face of the Earth. If time is thus measured by the angle at which the Sun is in relation to us, then we must look at our measuring formula again to ascertain its accuracy. Besides using a large tape measure or a wheel rolling across the surface, distance is also corroborated by triangulation. Those familiar with Euclidean geometry will know that all triangles are composed of three angles that always add up to 180 degrees; an equilateral triangle has three 60 degree angles = 180 degrees, however, curvature changes all that. If you triangulate on the surface of a sphere - as on the Earth, something else happens. If you take the equator as your base line and draw a line through London, it leaves the equator at 90 degrees as it continues to the North Pole. If you take another line from the equator through Bangladesh, it also leaves at 90 degrees and move it also through to the North Pole where it converges with the other at 90 degrees. There you have a triangle composed of three 90 degree angles which - adds up to 270 degrees, so that curvature changes the dynamics of measurement. Time has also been seen to warp as witnessed by radio waves crossing close to the Sun's magnetic pull, and if the fabric of time is curved as is now thought to be, some say like a saddle, in popular scientific theory, how does that effect time as we might experience it from an expanded perspective.? However we will discuss in more detail later that the true "SHAPE" of time is toroidal. 

So all measurement is approximation and only relevant within a small spectrum of experiential reality. In Science their "PROOF" is not absolute but within an agreed acceptable variance of error/accuracy. Sure, if we can say it’s within a billionth of a micron it’s close enough for jazz - but that’s like an ant deciding how far it is to a star. They have recently announced the creation of a clock that is 100 times more accurate than the atomic clock now defining GMT "accurate to a second in 15 billion years" so now we could all synchronise our TIME to a very precise machine. Just imagine your pay cheque could be docked for all those milliseconds you are late, precisely over your lifetime to figure out how much you owe at death.

So let’s move away from measuring it. Let’s call it spacetime experience continuum.

Our experience on Green Mountain seemed somehow out of time. In fact, when we tried to explain it afterwards we could not organise it into sequential events. We assumed we were experiencing parallel realities simultaneously. C8 revealed a vortex of time layers - dimensional choices in ever spiralling possibilities. But then we experienced C11 on Wollumbin we became time itself; not losing our identities as individuals but expanding our experience to include a galactic collective space- time experience. I don't want to degrade that experience with descriptions in a circular looped corporate culturally biased language: I want to refocus on the vortex of experience. We ARE experience in real time - in the Now we are the gateway between the infinite in and out and the past and the future.

In linear reality the past can be measured in terms of time, but the future not having actually happened - remaining uncertain cannot be truly measured, it could be seen as the opposite - time spelled backwards is emit.
ALL of what we perceive as past and all of what we project as the future is PRESENT in the vortex of NOW - our CURRENT EXPERIENCE
Current = (stream of electro -magnetic flow)
EXPERIENCE = ex = past and also a co-ordinance, per to see into or place to dock (be) iense sc-ience opposite of nescience or ignorance... lic ence = permission
'Science', with its modern spelling was used in Old French as knowledge acquired by study.
Before that, you have scientia (knowledge) in Latin "sciens", a participle of scire (to know) - Latin
"scindere" (to cut, divide) suffix *skei - indo European
"skhizein" (to split, rend, cleave) - Greek
"skaidan" or "sceadan" ( to divide, separate) - Old English
Science was originally about dividing knowledge and things into smaller pieces to get to the truth...�

So as discussed on a practical/psychological level - by that I mean this time line/ current perception, we change the past through our understanding of it through our evolution of understanding, and our future is in constant flux, changing according to our shifting goals and desires and the emotions and beliefs that drive them. But if we expand the space time experience beyond the individual focal point, we become aware of the influence that mass belief, etc, has on the reality you are experiencing.

Going further into the ever deepening ecology until you are at the apex, you understand through experience that you are the universe, that "time" is not separate from the universe - like 2d cannot be taken from 3d and defined as a separate part.
When Time is measured by the in and out taking of breath it defines your lifespan. When you merge the in and out breath of time, you are infinite and immortal - you do not merge into nothingness, you become cognizant of everything - you experience everything, you are the space time continuum.

This update pertains to Jiva's original post regarding TIME>Seen below :

'Someone sent me a PM to ask how to get off of a time line that is not ours, I thought I would answer it here for anyone else that may be wondering. As in the article, I cited some examples of how our time frame may be an imposed one. However to be clear - we are not victims - in some sense we have chosen to be conscious in this reality and this time. When we talk about timelines it can get very confusing because there are different ideas of what that even is - and as we inherently fall back into the standard idea of what time is [ linear ]. Our further exploration of “timelines will be subject to that first miscalculation. Because I have defined TIME as experience then it stands that our experience of time or time lines as linear is also, if not the complete picture of time it is a small portion of it [ you may need to reread the original TIME article referenced below.

For instance. if a 3d sphere passes through a 2d plane all you will see on the plane is a circle the size of the latitude at the area of the spheres passing. That is not an illusion it IS a part of the sphere - just not the whole of it - so our experience of linear time is not unreal just incomplete and basically 1 or at best 2d - In 3d, “Time” would completely fill all space simultaneously (we already know that) and all time would be present in it. And that would mean all timelines - and they all meet in the present - Every now, every instant we are navigating our experience of time and space as it flows through the vortex that is US - we are time machines capable of moving in any/ all directions - so what we chose in each instance is where we are meant to be - the problem is remembering why we chose it - what are we here to do - every action, decision, hesitation, desire, feeling is both a result of the data of the universe flowing through us and our response to it. So we need to take responsibility for the co-creation of it and the perception we have of it.

Rather than jumping to another parallel timeline [ we do this anyway ] we should be exploring how to EXPAND our experience of time - to include more/all of it. Yes the limitations we put on it is also useful when relating to others also focused on THAT timeline and that's why critical mass is so important.

Our Imagination is a function in which we are creating and playing with various ideas and fantasies of timelines we would like to create but it can get lonely there - so we try to get others in on it. In the BIG picture we want to co create a reality where our consciousness is connected to a grid of like frequency generating reference points to share a holistic experience in light and love. So first the reconnection, activation integration and actualisation of circuitry,, and then sharing it in the Earth resonance grid of co-conscious experience.'