hanging on or letting go.jpg

By: Sage York

Shadow beings in dark abyss
silently scream, silently hiss 
From dimension’s fringe attack my bliss,
attack my joy, attack my space,
they have no body, have no face
Clothed in death, anger, gloom,
demonic dread, despair and doom
They swirl my thoughts like toxic smoke, 
like psychopathic frightened ghosts,
clawing at thoughts in conditioned mind,
feeding me fears, making me blind
They search for holes in spirit’s shield, 
harvesting loosh from my field

Let them shine, let them shine...behind my eyes
disclosing their masks...disclosing their lies
Tortured mirrors of traumas past,
stare back at me...honest at last 
Reflections once buried in memories vault,
now open to see...it’s not my fault
Lies once hidden are now in view,
truth revealed of why and who
Genes were tweaked, they gave me their rage,
predator ‘gods’ from ancient age
Release the guilt, release the shame,
forgiveness soothes, I’m not to blame

Let them rise, let them rise to bright of day,
sanitized...by beneficent rays
Purged in fires of solar light,
smudged clean...by the winds...in starry night
Cleared by waters of crystalline love,
cascading prana from high above 
Take back your peace, take back your power,
stand your ground, don’t run or cower
Forces of fear are weak in Source
bless them all, without remorse

But let them die, let them die...the time is nigh,
authentic vibes rising high,
above decay of all that’s fake
My soul, my soul, finally awake,
finally aware...of what’s at stake
Do I stay a slave, repeat mistakes
Or refuse to play duality’s game,
and forge my dreams...in sanity’s flame
Hanging on or letting go,
programmed nightmares...of the crazy show

The choice is mine, and mine alone
Transcendence is here...it’s in my bones,
deep in the marrow...core of the soul, 
ready to shine like heart a gold
Hanging on or letting go,
a stagnant place of status quo
Which to choose...my Spirit knows,
hanging on or letting go,
the second choice...sets heart aglow

So let them go, let them go...unclench your grasp,
with one deep breath, one deep gasp
Clinging to fear is an archon’s meal,
time to bail from illusion’s wheel,
as I hang on tight with all my might
Give up the struggle, give up the fight
Let go, let go...complete in trust,
leaving the anguish...in the dust
Freely falling in faith’s embrace,
safely landing in a sea of grace,
my authentic home, foundation’s base,
of my original template’s...resting place