Alchemical Transmutation

Alchemical Transmutation

By Trevor McGrath

Through steps of alchemical transmutation, anything can become gold. Alchemy bridges the gap that divides the essence of all things into elements. Trash can be turned into gold, literally. Everything has monoatomic elements in it, monoatomic gold included. You can sort out the other elements through different temps until you are left with monoatomic gold which can be converted into metallic gold/bullion. I've heard of a few theories on how, one involving microwaving the monoatomic gold but you would have to do it at such a rate that you'd be burning out at least a few microwaves (and your body) in order to convert a decent amount into gold bullion. War is essentially is caused by the a heartless desire for power/wealth. Wealth is literally all around us, it's life in general. Alchemy is allegorical first and foremost, as is everything. This is the filter. Only those who choose to operate from their heart truly get the allegory, how it's spiritual and internal and how the result of alchemy is the effect, not the cause. Not worth getting starry-eyed over when we know it's within. And when we know it's within, we don't go to war for it. So they rage on with war and miss the allegory. The bloodline of Christ (in one sense at least) is in reference to an alchemical working. Red liquid gold known as the Red Lion. Some would say it's dragon's blood which could be true too. It supposedly tastes like blood and has the same texture or consistency. Now we have world elitists supposedly getting high on adremochrome. The bible mentions the son of the king of Babylon getting drunk off the cups/goblets of God. That's when Daniel read him the writing on the wall. (Allegory, ring a bell?). The writing said:

"You have been weighed and found wanting."

They missed the allegory. Starry eyed, high off the sorrows of the very force that turned the gears of their Babylonian system. That's what externalizing your life force can do in it's most extreme state. Gold is so much more than what we've been taught. It's more than just metallic, it's a whole process of alchemical transmutation (AKA evolution). It's the zipfile of all matter in it's monoatomic form and interfaces between spirit and matter. The Israelites started worshipping the golden calf (bull-ion). The golden bull. Ba-Bull-On, Babylon being a state of being where you externalize your life force and sense of worth. Babel means "confusion." A confused state. A state where you'd go to war because your so fearful that you think you need to be the richest and rule the world. You know who I've heard just recently who is actually turning scraps and waste into gold? Russia. The boogieman. A country who's part of the gold standard movement known as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). It's easier to get geo-politics when you keep in mind that they all have the same need, funding and an economy. And gold is the least arbitrary, most effective, universal and useful form of currency. So gold is at the top of causation for the most part. Gold rules money. That's why it has been stripped time and time again. From the Bolshevik revolution where the Rothschilds called for Tzar Romanov's bloodline to be wiped out then stole all the gold, to HJR-192 where Roosevelt confiscated all gold bullion and gold certificates from U.S. Citizens, to 9/11 where the world trade center (lots of gold in there) went down and the same day or day after Rumsfeld announces trillions of dollars missing from the pentagon. It's all about the gold, and to go further they want gold to satisfy their harshly-literalist interpretations of biblical texts and alchemy.

Here's the thing, how could a gold standard work if people knew how to make gold? It wouldn't. And that's the point. That's the filter and the taper. The more we get the heart-centered allegory alchemy truly offers, the more we can all transcend the need for a currency system all together. It can't possibly get into the hands of the wicked because it comes from the very place they ignore. The very reason why they act wicked in the first place. They ignore the heart, where true alchemical knowledge is stored.

So this brings another wonder. How is it that this knowledge on how to turn things into gold bullion hasn't made it to where those with heart-based intentions rule the world? I of course can't say for sure... lol But I figure it has to do with Masonry. The light and dark brotherhood working together behind the scenes, steering the masses in and out of consciousness in cycles (hence the Saturn connection), passing the baton off in a timely manner. Not too early, not too late. This causes the very contrast that creation needs in order to do it's general mission, explore and create all possibilities. The white dragon society in China is a group of elders who are said to hold the most gold in the world. In the west it's called Masonry, East it's Red, white and black dragon society. Same general idea. A completely polarized group that steers society in and out of chaos and order (order out of chaos). The alchemical "wing" of Masonry is generally Rosicrucianism. Rose Cross, referencing the bloodline of Christ, living from the heart. Bread is that of manna/monoatomic elements and wine/blood of Christ is that of the red lion, the red liquid monoatomic gold. So alchemy and Masonry definitely intermingle. And not Masonry as most know it, but Masonry as in structuring in general. From geometry and geomancy of churches and whole cities to structuring law, borders, and all other societal systems. For better and for worse. ☯️ There will come a day where the tables turn. Where the trusts are turned over to the world and no longer coveted. We are seeing it gradually unravel when we look at the geopolitical arena with gold being the prime motive in mind. The original money changers were goldsmiths. They held people's gold for safe keeping and in return gave them a receipt which was seen as a negotiable instrument and that birthed paper money. Few would ever reclaim their gold because it was far easier to carry paper than bullion. The bible mentions Jesus flipping the banks on the money changers. Bank stems from the same root as the word "bench" via French and Italian. "Banca." Judge rules from the bench/bank. 💰 Jesus flips the banks on the money changers. Gold standard returns.

Back to the writing on the wall. It was read to the Belshazzar, son of king Nebuchadnezzar (Neb is the Egyptian word for gold). Daniel read to him "You have been weighed and found wanting." As many agree, we are seeing the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy play out. People get hung up on if the bible is the true word of God or if it's written by a group of freemasons. I say both, God works through all of us. Even the Masons who some think wrote it. Even through King James and the self proclaimed hierarchy who edited it through translation.