reparations, grants, loans


Shared by Trevor McGrath

Reparations, grants, loans, they're all privileges granted by a group who thinks it can lord over you. If we accept their plate scrapings, then we are agreeing to being their good little pet. They look so humanitarian-like when they're granting or mention granting privileges, loans, reparations etc. A privilege is not a right. If you settle and strive for privileges, you begin to exist in a corporate realm where you have no rights. In a corporate realm, you only have privileges at the arbitrary whim of some legislators you've never met and will likely never see or talk to. Who grants the privileges? Rome via the British Crown via Regis-tration (British Accredited Registry). Rome has been enslaving people through granting privileges (legally binding contracts) for over a thousand years. Unam Sanctam was never abolished. Government grants, loans, reparations etc = oppressor's dangling carrot 🥕
Joinder baiting.

They copyrighted the corporate (all caps) name, so when baiting for joinder, they are aiding and abetting fraud.

(If you accept grants, loans etc please take no offense, I mean no personal judgement).