Where Wisdom Comes From - A Word to the Wise

where wisdom comes from - a word to the wise

Shared by: Gage Gorman

Try this perspective for viewing the past, which we may judge or determine to be mistakes, our wisdom that we carry with us today, comes from the collective of our past experiences. We may judge our past experiences to be mistakes, dark, evil, bad, not serving us; though our past is our past and the only thing we can do about how we hold onto our past is how we are in the now. How we decide to feel and think in the now, is how we are going to encounter the world we live in now.

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For example, if experiences, thoughts and/or feelings in the now are not in alignment with your highest and best self, then you undoubtedly have some past baggage, which you are holding onto energetically, that is not serving you any longer. This baggage, energy for which is not in alignment with your highest and best self, may be in your conscious forefront of your mind or it may be tucked away in the sub-conscious mind.

When we connect to our breath, we can guide ourselves through our experiences. What does connecting to your breath mean? This means breathing in a way, that your conscious mind follows the movement of the breath through our body and any thought that arises, we let if flow, without holding onto it. When we are ready and we feel the mind has jumped on board with our process of connecting to our past self, thinking self, feeling self, and higher self; we can then following the flow of the mind and feel what past experiences it brings us to. Notice in this experience if you are feeling trauma, drama, judgement, lack in any way, unworthiness, anger, depression, sadness, etc… (fear based vibrations) and in this noticing, let go of the attachment to this “feeling” and/or “thinking”. This is not a letting go of ignoring it or getting rid of the underlying energy, this is the judgement for which we have of this underlying energy.

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When we let go of the judgement, we are able to feel and see the energy and not react in an out of balance emotional entrapment. If you feel you’d like to cry, scream, kick the floor or run like crazy for a while, during your processing, you’re most welcome. Though, pick a time to be done with the emotional release and then bring home your conscious mind and connect to your heart. How do you connect to your heart? Just like the breath, have your conscious mind focus only on your heart, and no judgement, no thinking of anything other than your heart center, feel the pumping of the heart, feel the energy expanding from your heart all around you. Imagine the energy expanding if you cannot feel it, imagine the energy come out of your heart and the energy is creating a circle all around you of white crystalline light (you may use any color you deem to be of your highest greatness). Imagine this light is transcending any colors inside of you, any stiffness, any stagnant energy, to a higher vibration, imagine these energies are going through your heart and up into your mind and emanating all around you inside of your circle.

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When we have transcended through the trauma, drama, fear, sadness, anger, anxiety, etc. from our past experiences, we can bask in the glow of the wisdom we have come to learn from those past experiences. When we have done the transcendence of these energies, we not only bask in the glow of the higher vibrational experience of our bodies (mind, spiritual and physical bodies) we also gain more balance, calming, knowing of the unknown, acceptance of change and an alignment to our higher self.

We’ve had much influence into how and what we think and feel by external sources like, government, media, corporations, our parents, our grand parents, our school teachers, our employers, our neighbors and others; though the bliss of our experience here on earth comes in the form of our authentic connection to self. Our authentic connection to self comes when we are able to shed the influence of these external sources and go and focus inward. This does not mean we only focus inward, this means we connect inward and learn this inward vibration. Then, when we have learned this inward vibration of our self, we can then balance this vibration in the outer world. We can then experience and perceive the outer world from our true self, rather than how we have been influenced by others to experience and perceive the outer world.

How do we know our judgments and how we judge what we judge is the best in judgement for us? for you? Why do you believe what you believe? Where did your believes come from? About yourself? About others? About the world? Could there be a benefit to keeping you locked into the traumas and dramas of your past for other beings? If yes, could they be influencing you through these external influencers? These questions, help us to unlock knowledge which is inside of us, inside of us was the safest and most secure place to hide the information of the universe. When we unlock this information, we can practice this information and gain our wisdom to live our highest potential of life in this experience of earth and the solar system we are experience.

Along our journey of past and inner self discovery (or really remembering who we are) we will encounter things we have done which we may view at first as evil, dark or sinister in some ways. If you do encounter this on our journey of the past, remember to hold forgiveness for yourself and others. Remember to hold compassion and love for yourself and others. When reviewing these experiences, look for the lesson, what could be learned in these situations and experiences? Many souls did choose to learn lessons in evil, darkness and sinister ways and thus the sooner you can connect to and learn your lesson, the sooner the repeating of these experiences will cease to show up in your life.

In the balance to connecting to our wisdom is our balance of not being attached; while holding a strong vibration of love and compassion. While we process through these lower vibrational energies from our past lessons, we could easily get caught up in the cycle of non attachment and lose our ability to hold love and compassion — this is a path to embracing evil — thus our awareness through this process is important, as we don’t have to keep going through the cycles of evil and darkness, if we do not want to. I believe it is important for each soul to get to a place of non attachment, in love and compassion and then make a choice in consciousness of the path and the lessons the soul desires.

A word to the wise - breathe, be present, be in the now, no attachments, full of love, full of compassion and no need for forgiveness as anything experienced in done in the synchronicity of what we are asking for vibration-ally. All of your experiences you experience by your own design.

  • Are you aware of your thoughts?

  • Are you aware of your feelings?

  • Are you aware of your judgments?

  • Are you aware of your breath?

  • Are you holding fear?

    • What are you afraid of?

      • Why are you afraid of it?

        • Can it really hurt you?

          • Do you know you are energy?

          • Do you know that energy never dies?

          • Do you know you have existed forever?

          • Do you know you’ll also exist?

  • Thank you for being you

  • Thank you for being here

  • Thank you for your love

  • Thank you for your wisdom

  • Thank you