Authentic World History Roman and Legal

Shared by: Trevor McGrath

Before I proceed with this sharing I'd like to say that this is empowering information and not meant to depress your view of the world. There's no need to hit the sad face emoji or say "Fuck the RCC" or anything of the sort, though do as you wish of course. The thing is, we all have the ability to choose. We steer our destiny more consciously when we realize how we have been handing over our power willingly. In this post I'm going to give the long and the short of how the Roman Catholic cult subjected the whole world to it's rule (Roman Empire). First I'll give the basic rundown incase you want just the flat-out shortened take real quick, then I'll give a run-down involving the "how" and "why." Belong the paragraph of the longer description I will post Unam Sanctam.


The short of it::::::
The Roman papacy signed the world's first express trust in 716-717 years ago and declared rulership over the world stating that every human "creature" be subject to the Roman pontiff (the pope, white, grey and black) and obtain full control of all corporate commerce world wide through laying claim to the world and nobody refuting it or pushing to abolish it.

The long version including the "how" and "why":::::::
On November 18th of 1302 Pope Boniface VIII signed what was the most bold, over reaching edict many have ever heard of and perhaps the most bold of human history. Unam Sanctam, meaning "One church" or "One holy." Holy does not mean benevolent necessarily, in the comments section I'll post a link where I explain why I say that about the word "holy." This edict was the first world express trust in history, meaning they entrusted themselves the whole world. They took everyone into trust. The Knights Templar created trust law originally, with a much more simplistic and neutral intent than what the Roman papacy later used it for. Mind you they rounded of the Templar order about 5 years after Unam Sanctam (the story of Friday the 13th). Trust law is the basis of banking. So to put it bluntly, the Roman papacy declared that they own the world and all human "creatures." Mind you a "creature" is the vessel/body where as a "creator" (living being) is the soul/life force that inhabits the body. If you consent to only being a body/creature then you in turn consent to being owned by the Roman Catholic cult as of November 18th 1302. Consent is all that is needed to form a reality/spiritual contract, even if it's unconscious consent meaning consent based on assumption that it's ok without gathering the details and trusting your intuition/inner knowing. In the edict they use ecclesiastical references to justify how everything should be made into one (world domination under the guise of unity). The edict mentions how God entrusted all to Peter (the fisherman, think Maritime law 💦) so Peter could feed all of God's sheep. If you aren't confident to being one of their sheep then you aren't a sheep of Christ, as the edict proclaims. 😉 If you think their twist on it is sickening so far, you're in for a wild ride. 😈 Here's a quote from Unam Samctam. 

"For, according to the Blessed Dionysius, it is a law of the divinity that the lowest things reach the highest place by intermediaries."


Meaning THEIR OPINION is that you cannot get to Christ/Christos/salvation without going through the vicar/pope, which is a complete "sales tactic" and contradicts the kingdom being within, but of course they never quote the scripture mentioning the kingdom being within man or the one mentioning how God dwells in a temple that is not built by human hands (the body). If you know God is within then you identify with more than just the body and are therefore not a human creature by consent, and in the edict they only laid claim over the human creature, not the living man. Man is a gender-neutral word for living being fyi, which I feel was later used to only describe males for the sake of the Patriarchy suppressing females subliminally and also suppressing males by having them inflate their ego with dominance and both genders drawing dichotomized views of each other over time which the papacy capitalized on via Hegelian Dialectic. God was turned into LORD and "he" and the new status wuo was that you must go through the father for salvation. But what about the mother/feminine aspect of God? This is where it gets horrific. They Roman Catholic church praises Mother Mary perhaps more than Christ in many regards, right? Check this out. This might be the key to all of Unam Sanctam. The placenta contains only feminine DNA (mitochondrial DNA) meaning it is only from the mother. When you are born in a hospital (which is corporate commerce and under their jurisdiction via Maritime law/Roman Holy Sea/See) your mother doesn't typically take the placenta home after it has been separated from the child (they separate it prematurely). Some mothers want to take it home for various reasons. And yes this is going to tie back into Unam Sanctam, stay with me. Policies supposedly vary from hospital to hospital as far as letting the mother take the placenta home, but some hospitals will straight up refuse to allow that to happen because they say it's a biohazard. But if you look in the legal dictionary (Black's Law either 3rd or 4th edition, both are still in effect), the placenta fits the definition of "born alive." So a legally living expulsion from the mother was handed over to the state, as a ward to the state which is under the throws of the Roman papacy still given Unam Sanctam was never abolished, so the placenta is legally a ward to the state and it's not clear at all how exactly they dispose of the placenta. The placenta is alive but has no soul/animation, therefore it is a human creature. Once again, Unam Sanctam states that all human creatures are to be subject to the Roman pontiff (the pope). Wanna know my take? My gut feeling is that the Roman Catholic cult keeps that mitochondrial DNA. The church isn't made up of living beings, more so made up of placentas. Think that's a leap? Well, check this out. It's said that the blood of Christ cleanses us from all sins, and they know Christ/Christos oil is produced within the body. Now watch the first to lines of Unam Sanctam refer to the church as "her." Her as in the feminine/mitochondrial DNA that the placenta is made of. "Urged by faith, we are obliged to believe and to maintain that the Church is one, holy, catholic, and also apostolic. We believe in her firmly and we confess with simplicity that outside of her there is neither salvation nor the remission of sins...." Cat-holic. A "holic" is someone who is in complete and utter dependence upon something. "Cat" can mean to go against, to negate or even to destroy and all three meanings are receptive/feminine of life. Cat-holic, dependent on going against or dependent on the feminine/receptive. Dependent on the mitochondrial DNA in order to maintain world dominance through Unam Samctam (hex/black magick). The church is a "her." The placenta/feminine aka mitochondria DNA was attached via the umbilical cord to the naval. Speaking of the Roman holy sea/see and maritime jurisdiction, "naval" is a maritime term. Maritime means water. Mother-mari-time. Get it? Birth/berth as in to berth/doc a ship/vessel. All ships are referred to as "her" and have feminine names. They twisted the Mother Mary into being maritime jurisdiction which they use to rule the Roman holy see (all imports/exports of corporate commerce). Corporatization and maritime law (doc-umentation and all caps lettering and degrading status) was started by the Phoenicians essentially just for the sake of organization during trade, later adopted by Rome and twisted into a whole beast of a system that would rule the world. They made a corporate copy of you (the straw man) and that strawman only applies to the placenta/afterbirth if it's handed over to the state/papacy unless you identify as it (consent via presumptive agreement). So to sum it all up, the mitochondrial DNA is the interface between you and your straw man through DNA (quantum entanglement used as black magick) to bind you to their jurisdiction and the justification of this is because they're the intermediary they feel you must go through for the sake of salvation. Meanwhile all of your innate rights are stripped while identifying as an all caps name (capitis diminutio maxima) and people are being traded on the Roman holy see//sea of corporate/maritime commerce (human trafficking/slavery) along with other recourses that nations import and export that are regulated by globalist groups all under the control of the Roman holy see/commerce (ICC, International chamber of Commerce, the largest corporation on earth). Saint Peter was to entrust the people so he could feed all of God's sheep. Do you know where "Saint Peter's square" is located? The Vatican 🇻🇦 🙂 "Fishers of men" taken to a whole different level. The papacy wears the mitre headdress was was derrived from the fish god "Dagon." They claim ruler-ship 🚢 over the world and all human creatures, but they can't claim the living being and they know it. You are a living being. You aren't just a name, or just a body/vessel floating on the Roman See of commerce. You are only by consent but the actual innate "you" is consciousness which they could never get their hands on. It's intangible, and omnipresent. It's God. The role of the pope (Vicar of Christ) is completely useless when everyone knows Christ is within. Vicar means "stand in" or "replacement." You don't need to go through an organization of holics (Cat-holics) who rape children, deny almost all exorcisms, think they own the world and covet history in their giant vault in order for you to know Christ/righteousness. Probably the most obvious statement you could ever read. You don't have to go through murderers and pedophiles to get to know righteousness. I seriously wonder if there's a giant stew of placentas in the Vatican vault that is kept for the sake of hexing humanity and for extracting stem cells to mix with their adrenocrome. They absolutely hate Donald Trump which is why they have turned the media totally against him. All mainstream media is owned by 6 mega corporations and the Roman papacy governs all corporations). They hate Trump because he's making far more than just fabricated illusive moves towards ending human trafficking. These high ups are Cat-holics in the sense that they are utterly dependent on having children to sacrifice to please the deity that grants them power over this harsh density we call "earth." Or so they think they do. I bet Baal isn't even really about sacrificing humans but more so about sacrificing human bondage, such as vices etc in order to trance-end the density he anchors. These texts get mistranslated and misconstrued in some horrific ways to justify horrific things. Baal was a bull headed deity and the papacy named their edicts/orders "papal bulls." So with that being said, here's "Unam Sanctam."


Bull of Pope Boniface VIII promulgated November 18, 1302
Urged by faith, we are obliged to believe and to maintain that the Church is one, holy, catholic, and also apostolic. We believe in her firmly and we confess with simplicity that outside of her there is neither salvation nor the remission of sins, as the Spouse in the Canticles [Sgs 6:8] proclaims: ‘One is my dove, my perfect one. She is the only one, the chosen of her who bore her,‘ and she represents one sole mystical body whose Head is Christ and the head of Christ is God [1 Cor 11:3]. In her then is one Lord, one faith, one baptism [Eph 4:5]. There had been at the time of the deluge only one ark of Noah, prefiguring the one Church, which ark, having been finished to a single cubit, had only one pilot and guide, i.e., Noah, and we read that, outside of this ark, all that subsisted on the earth was destroyed.
We venerate this Church as one, the Lord having said by the mouth of the prophet: ‘Deliver, O God, my soul from the sword and my only one from the hand of the dog.’ [Ps 21:20] He has prayed for his soul, that is for himself, heart and body; and this body, that is to say, the Church, He has called one because of the unity of the Spouse, of the faith, of the sacraments, and of the charity of the Church. This is the tunic of the Lord, the seamless tunic, which was not rent but which was cast by lot [Jn 19:23- 24]. Therefore, of the one and only Church there is one body and one head, not two heads like a monster; that is, Christ and the Vicar of Christ, Peter and the successor of Peter, since the Lord speaking to Peter Himself said: ‘Feed my sheep‘ [Jn 21:17], meaning, my sheep in general, not these, nor those in particular, whence we understand that He entrusted all to him [Peter]. Therefore, if the Greeks or others should say that they are not confided to Peter and to his successors, they must confess not being the sheep of Christ, since Our Lord says in John ‘there is one sheepfold and one shepherd.’ We are informed by the texts of the gospels that in this Church and in its power are two swords; namely, the spiritual and the temporal. For when the Apostles say: ‘Behold, here are two swords‘ [Lk 22:38] that is to say, in the Church, since the Apostles were speaking, the Lord did not reply that there were too many, but sufficient. Certainly the one who denies that the temporal sword is in the power of Peter has not listened well to the word of the Lord commanding: ‘Put up thy sword into thy scabbard‘ [Mt 26:52]. Both, therefore, are in the power of the Church, that is to say, the spiritual and the material sword, but the former is to be administered for the Church but the latter by the Church; the former in the hands of the priest; the latter by the hands of kings and soldiers, but at the will and sufferance of the priest.
However, one sword ought to be subordinated to the other and temporal authority, subjected to spiritual power. For since the Apostle said: ‘There is no power except from God and the things that are, are ordained of God‘ [Rom 13:1-2], but they would not be ordained if one sword were not subordinated to the other and if the inferior one, as it were, were not led upwards by the other.
For, according to the Blessed Dionysius, it is a law of the divinity that the lowest things reach the highest place by intermediaries. Then, according to the order of the universe, all things are not led back to order equally and immediately, but the lowest by the intermediary, and the inferior by the superior. Hence we must recognize the more clearly that spiritual power surpasses in dignity and in nobility any temporal power whatever, as spiritual things surpass the temporal. This we see very clearly also by the payment, benediction, and consecration of the tithes, but the acceptance of power itself and by the government even of things. For with truth as our witness, it belongs to spiritual power to establish the terrestrial power and to pass judgement if it has not been good. Thus is accomplished the prophecy of Jeremias concerning the Church and the ecclesiastical power: ‘Behold to-day I have placed you over nations, and over kingdoms‘ and the rest. Therefore, if the terrestrial power err, it will be judged by the spiritual power; but if a minor spiritual power err, it will be judged by a superior spiritual power; but if the highest power of all err, it can be judged only by God, and not by man, according to the testimony of the Apostle: ‘The spiritual man judgeth of all things and he himself is judged by no man‘ [1 Cor 2:15]. This authority, however, (though it has been given to man and is exercised by man), is not human but rather divine, granted to Peter by a divine word and reaffirmed to him (Peter) and his successors by the One Whom Peter confessed, the Lord saying to Peter himself, ‘Whatsoever you shall bind on earth, shall be bound also in Heaven‘ etc., [Mt 16:19]. Therefore whoever resists this power thus ordained by God, resists the ordinance of God [Rom 13:2], unless he invent like Manicheus two beginnings, which is false and judged by us heretical, since according to the testimony of Moses, it is not in the beginnings but in the beginning that God created heaven and earth [Gen 1:1]. Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff."

Catch that part at the end, "Manicheus." Manichaeism is a religion based on the the view that there's a struggle between the spiritual realm and the material realm. With that being said it states all who resist their power resist God "unless he invent like Manicheus two beginnings, which is false and judged by us heretical." Meaning they think joinder to the strawman/corpus/body identification is the only way to not be fully subject to them and still have a shot at being accepted by God. Pretty much like you're a direct slave of theirs if you want salvation but the only exception is if you settle for indentured servitude or willful slavery through the all caps corporatized named that diminishes your status anyways.

As I said at the beginning. This post isn't meant to depress you. It's just to show that we have a choice and that we're so innately powerful that they first had to deceive us in order to lord over us. They need consent first and foremost. We all have a choice at any given moment whether or not we want to know how to stand in our sovereign capacity as a living being instead of a human "creature" who's subject to the Roman pontiff. Two people could be sitting next to each other at a park while one is in Babylon/Roman jurisdiction and the other is in New Jerusalem/sovereignty. Two different dimensions, same earth. Heaven on earth and hell on earth is always a choice away, and sometimes we fluctuate depending on our focus and what we identify as. Your consent is that of signing a spiritual contract, even if it's unsung. It's all a state of mind. Freedom isn't about becoming something, because naturally you are free. It's a matter of undoing more so than anything. Undoing the or reverse-engineering the misconceptions we CHOOSE to hold that enables us to strip our own freedom. It's called "free will" and it reigns supreme, for better or for worse. To be a living being or to be a "human creature?" "To be or not to be." It's a choice. There's so much more to be said about this topic but I'll leave it at that for the sake of the post being integratabtle instead of overloading. Though I will leave some extra info in the comments section. Much love, peace and freedom to all of you. ❤️


An attorney will often bring up the fact that you can plead the 5th. This is a trap. Whether they know it or not. Some know it given the attorney back in the day was the one who would attorn/turn property over to the king. 🙂 So they promote pleading the 5th. Which is tacit agreement. Meaning you agree via silence. Like if I asked, "Did you eat my snickers bar?" And you don't reply yet I know you heard me, I can safely assume the answer. Tacit agreement cures after a set period of time, to different degrees from what I gather, 7 years being full embodiment of such agreement. Attorney. A torn knee. You have no sovereign standing with a torn knee/ attorney🙂Here's how crazy dog Latin/legalese can be. If you reply to the word "You" you don't know which you they intended because it's not in text, it's vocal. They really could have meant "ewe" in reference to a sheep, and sheep get "herded" at the "hearing" and only "heard" because they can't be seen given you are dead/ghost if you consent to being the name/corporation/corpse. Sound like justification in the form of psycho-babble? That's because it is. Babble-on/Babylon, which the bible mentioned in regards to language dividing man. So they say "Will ewe state your name for the record?" but you hear it as "Will you state your name for the record? Really they could have implied "Will sheep state your name for the record" and if you do then you consent to being a sheep, and sheep get herded by the shepherd into the pin/jail/fine or jurisdiction in general. And as for your dependents. They're children, not "kids." "Kids" are baby goats and baby goats get sacrificed to Baal. Baal corresponding with bail. Paying bail=paying Baal 🙂 This is known as double speak, dog Latin, legalese. I have to admit that I have never heard these things confirmed as far as Baal/bail, you/ewe, kid/child, attorney/a torn knee goes but I know it to be true none the less given how legalese works. The basic idea that one mouth sound can imply different words that have different meanings. Jordan Maxwell mentions a few references to this in regards to maritime law/water but it doesn't stop at just the water references, it goes for the entirety of the language. Part of why and how English was crafted in this way. To, too, two. In print you can differentiate, but vocally you can't unless you ask for the context and if not then you presumptively agree to the unsung context they intended to be. Cleverly crafted syntax/sin-tax to bait you into consent. Syntax/sin-tax for the sake of tax you for the sins they feel you committed, given the courts are ecclesiastic unless it's a sovereign tribal council court. Hence the bible in the court room. They use their twisted interpretation of the Talmud (talmudic law) to justify usury and to give the death sentence. Back to pleading the 5th. Think about it, to plead is to claim, to claim is to become a claimant without actually stating any claim other than claiming to not want to claim anything, and becoming a claimant is taking the stance that you have something that you need to defend. If you did nothing wrong, you wouldn't need to defend anything. Questions are power. You might see the word "asking" referred to as "as-king." It is just that. Power and sovereignty. Questioning them instead of battling them via claims which you will only be lead to prove, and if you feel you need to prove yourself to them then you stand-under them. Under-stand? Hopefully you don't under-stand. May you inner-stand/comprehend instead. If you are trying to prove yourself to the court then that implies that you feel you can't walk free without their approval. Imagine you have a jealous partner and you come home late from hanging out with your friends. They start questioning you like you're guilty, like you cheated. If you continuously feel the need to explain yourself then you are subject to them whenever they wish to question you. You feel you won't be alright unless they're alright with you. When really, if you're standing in sovereignty and you know you did nothing wrong then you wouldn't feel the need to explain because you wouldn't fear losing the relationship since you know that it is only a product of their own insecurity, not based on something you actually did. So claim leads to proof leads to the whole circle of continuous signaling you are subject to them and see them as an authority that you must convince in order to walk free. All of this can be cut out from the get go. "State your name for the record sir." You can ask that they state their name for the record and prove their standing so you know that they're actually a real judge. They know they will become trustee of the Cestui Que Vie trust and the case will be settled given court is all about settling that trust, baiting you to identify as the "legal name" in order to get your consent on record. Your consent of being trustee, the one responsible for paying the trust. The Cestui Que Vie trust was implemented in 1666 (666) by the British Crown during the black plague and great fire of London (Hegelian dialectic). With both the plague and fire conveniently happening at the same time ( 😉 ) the British Crown under the guise of being a good ol friend, entrusted everyone's land unto themselves and presumed everyone dead given the amount of chaos. They presumed everyone dead (Lost at sea, maritime terminology for the Roman papal jurisdiction/Holy see/sea). You were presumed dead until you declared your status as a living man 🙂 Cestui Que Vie is French for "He who lives" but has other meanings as well when you look at the etymology. Cest has to do with blood lineage, and the number 6 (6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons composing carbon based DNA). And remember, this was implemented in the year 1666. This is a hex on humanity. Hex means 6. 🙂 One of a few hexes. Unam Sanctam is another main one but that's a whole post in and of itself. So Cestui Que Vie=Lost at sea, essentially meaning incompetent or ward/subject to the Crown, non-living, corpse/corporation etc. This is the birth of what we now call the strawman. Through Cest/six/blood lineage/DNA they presume you to be lost at sea by default unless you establish sovereignty within the first 7 years of your life. Remember, tacit agreement fully cures/becomes set after 7 years. If you think about it, you shed all cells in the body every 7 years, meaning you literally embodied the consent through tacit agreement/not refuting/not declaring sovereignty. This is a spiritual contract just as much as an arbitrary creation of some self-proclaimed royals given you agreed to it through tacit agreement/not refuting it. Cestui Que Vie trust is still in play for that very reason. It has never been refuted or abolished for all of humanity, though it gets refuted on an individual level by those who awaken to their innate sovereign capacity. So in 1666 the British Crown entrusted all property of the holy see/Roman papacy, and the Roman papacy laid claimed to the whole world in Unam Sanctam without anyone refuting, so it became a world-wide form of tacit agreement. A spiritual contract/contraction. Now, everyone on earth who operates as a corporate entity/citizen/legal name has their property still entrusted to the British crown and Roman papacy given they haven't declared sovereignty, meaning they are still lost at see/sea. If you established your sovereignty then you wouldn't be a corporate entity/citizen/legal name. Property tax, inheritance tax, mort-gage, and any form of commercial debt is placed upon you through the Cestui Que Vie trust of 1666 which also rules the courts almost everywhere, other than sovereign tribal councils. Paying just to live is not natural, it's a paradigm the British Crown and Roman papacy created to gain control over humanity. Mort-gage. Mort means death. Gage-measure or grip. Mort-gage=death grip. The ultimate leverage. Not only do you have to pay that but you have to pay for the things that make your house a comfortable home such as water, power etc. and if you try to rig your own power or water as a regis-tered citizen you will get in trouble with the state if you don't pay out the ass for inspection, licensing (claiming to be licentious), etc. Plus it wouldn't even be approved given it wouldn't be up to par with what they'd approve of given it's not state regulated, and the fact that you are licensed, licentious, incompetent via your own consent of being a citizen/lost at sea which they see as you being incompetent by consent. If they go to foreclose on your house unjustly, which happens (research farmers claims of the midwest) and if you take it to court, you will lose as long as you are standing in court as a citizen using the legal name. You will lose, no matter how unjust it is. The only reason any citizen has ever won that type of court case is so they can spread the illusion that citizens can win when really a citizen/corporate corpse has no rights. Hence these cops beating people down and not facing penalty. In the eyes of the corrupt Cestui Que Vie courts, they're just beating down corpses so there's no way they could hurt or kill them because a dead body feels nothing and you can't kill that which is already dead. 💀Please, don't hit the sad face button or feel bad. Spend the energy you would spend doing that on learning your rights and how to stand as a sovereign being. Babylon is falling anyways but we still might as well learn how to transcend this matrix on our own without divine intervention finalizing. The hex has almost ran it's course. They say the Roman papacy is to rule the world for 1,260 years. Days and years see to interchange in terms of bible prophecy in certain cases.

Revelation 11:2–3
“[The Gentiles] will trample on the holy city for 42 months. And I will appoint my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth.”

Revelation 12:6 
"“The woman fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days.”

Israel is sovereignty. Natural law. Life without this arbitrary man-made construction that enslaves and hinders evolution. It's not stolen land which was once called Palestine. That's imposter Israel, a diversion. Holy land none the less but a demagogic-style diversion. Demigod and demagogue sound similar for a reason 🙂Jubilee is very real though. The hex wears off and restoration happens. All arbitrary usurious commercial debt is reset and humanity returns back to law of the land (12 tribes returning to their land). 1,260 years spent in a 2,160 degree cube matrix of hell. We have made it through hell and came out of it. How relieving is that? And the Roman Catholic church tried to convince the world that there's another hell, that they aren't the ones facilitating the hell we were already in. But we all participated in creating it. Tacit agreement. Presumptive agreement curating as a soul contract. All for the sake of contrast. 
There will come a debt where all commercial debt (mortgage, student loan etc) will be reset. Jubilee. That's when Rome falls. Rome wasn't built in a day, but one day it will fall completely. It has been a long time coming. The Crown is just the puppet for Rome. The Cestui Que Vie trust, Lucious Trust, Saint Germain Trust, etc will all be released to be dispersed evenly throughout the world, given it belongs to all of humanity anyways. This world debt you hear about is not our debt. It's the debt the system owes to the world and it's inhabitants. But only it's sovereign inhabitants who are subject to Jubilee via natural law, not to citizens/corporate corpses. It only exists in New Jerusalem, which is the collective's sovereign state of mind. Living from the heart and knowing who we are. Knowing we aren't a legal name.

And More….

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• The birth certificate
• The Knights of Malta 
• The deception of the court system
• Roman cult sorcery
• Gestation
• Metaphysics of anatomy
• The Jubilee cycle and liberation
• Religions highjacked by Rome
• Unam Sanctam and Cestui Que Vie
• The political illusion 
• Etymology and phonetic breakdowns
• Maritime terms
• Capitis diminutio maxima
• Double speak/legalese
• Jurisdiction, joinder and verbal consent
• Presumptive agreement
• Revocation and self responsibility

(Feel free to share, copy and paste, print, whatever you'd like. Nobody owns the truth).

Us CHOOSING to be under Roman Catholic jurisdiction (corporate commerce) is what keeps humanity from experiencing the Jubilee/Global currency reset that would returnall currency to a 1:1 exchange rate. Meaning no usury/debt slavery/strawman accounts/globalist elite angenda headed by the papacy. Lots to explain but here is the general overview. As general as I could make it at least lol So here it goes.

Usury originates in the taxation of money itself. Usury-Charging money to print the money people discharge the charge with. Lending with a high interest rate. Usur-y.... To usur-p the masses.. Such a cruel yet brilliant scheme. Brilliant for a limited time, until the national debt is apparent to the citizens who perpetuate it and the belief in the currency vanishes. That's what fiat currency is based on.. Belief, as well as your energy (blood, sweat and tears). You only discharge debt due to fractional reserve banking putting an interest rate on money printing and you can never break even or technically "pay" because paying means being in the positive. Debt is in the negative so nobody owns that which they thought they paid for. They just discharged debt with every payment but never broke out of debt so they were never in the positive. You don't really own your house or your car. It's all regis-tered (regis-King/crown and ster-affiliated with). It's all signed to the crown. Nobody holds allodial title. The money is debt so you are literally getting charged for paying the debt which is equivalent to the perpetual act of trying to dig yourself out of a hole. Or trying to run really fast until you get to the nonexistent end of the hamster wheel. The more you run (pay) the more it spins (debt accumulation/inflation). And the more the dollar depreciates in value. Working to pay off an infinite, unpayable national debt.

Usury... usurpers.... Ever had a someone pretending to be your friend for their own benefit? Users?

This is based on your blood sweat and tears, literally.

Blood-children inheriting debt and Rome having access to your DNA

Sweat-Your labor

Tears-The struggles. Knowing the debt we perpetuate funds wars over seas to install more central banks/debt centers and to raid for recources (earth's blood/oil, gold, uranium etc).

The first money changers were goldsmiths. They'd keep people's gold for safekeeping and issued them Paper money, which was of course much easier to carry around than gold. They then started loaning money with interest which began fractional reserve banking. Making money off money itself, quite literally.

Imagine if I issued the first paper currency, and loaned it out with interest. See how that can never be resolved? Never fully paid off? Only perpetuated. This is the debt slavery system. The invisible shackles people usually don't see, but constantly feel. Debt. Same phonetic basis as "death." Mort-gage... Corporatized corpses corroborating each other's corruption, culminating in one big movement to rule the world by way of debt enslavement. Usury in other words, which Torah-based Judaism doesn't stand for, but Talmudic based Judaism (imposter Judaism from the "Synagog of Satan") condones.

Each time you "pay" a personal debt, you perpetuate the national debt. USD is an IOU. A promissory note. It literally IS debt/death. Paying debt with debt increases debt and the noose tightens more and more. The birth certificate is printed on bond paper and you might even see "American Bank Note Company" on it in small letters. Monetized/corporatized humans identifying with all caps names. Presumptive agreement. We did it to ourselves. See what happened as soon as paper money took over? It opened an avenue of deception. But.... The snake didn't have to force the apple upon Adam and Eve. They used their free will to experience life without free will. Slavery. Whatever that means to you. Some jump to thinking shackles, chains, prison bars, slave masters with whips etc... It can be much more subliminal though.

The bible mentions Christ flipping the benches of the money changers.

"Bench" came from the same phonetic root as "bank."

"Flipping over the benches/banks"
Monetary reformation.

Now I want to talk about the difference between direct energy exchange (labor) and indirect energy exchange (money)

Direct exchange of energy=barter system (1 to 1. A favor for a favor). Equal or agreed upon energy exchange. No compromise.

Indirect exchange of energy=money. Money is a medium of exchange. Money is the middle man/medium. In the modern day case, the federal reserve which takes (loaning with high interest rate) but doesn't give anything other than it's willingness to regulate as the middle man. There is no 1:1 exchange ratio with the US dollar (world reserve currency). Not yet at least. There is a global currency reset coming in the form of a gold standard however. This ties in with the Jubilee. Anyways, there is compromise from one of the two parties of exchange due to the middle man/medium of exchange taxing instead of it being a 1:1 exchange/equal agreement.

See how the medium of exchange is parasitic? It taxes arbitrarily because it can. Why can it do that? Because it's not based on any tangible assets/resources that can make the exchange a direct benefit instead of an indirect, taxed medium/bill of exchange.

The medium charges for its service meaning it makes money off making money (perpetual accumulation. Fractional reserve banking).

The first fiat dollar amount was lent with an interest rate. Think about that for a second. The more you print, the more debt accumulates so there is literally no way to pay that off. This is why we see the economy collapsing. It was destined to given the perpetual debt. This is usury in a nutshell. That which Torah based Judaism is not for, but Talmudic based Judaism approves of. Talmudic Judaism is the twisted, corrupted version of Judaism, as you can see. It's pretty dark.

Cest has to do with your blood/DNA/lineage. Cest-sex-six. Cestui Que Vie Trust of 1666.

Your DNA has 6 protons 6 neutrons and 6 electrons.


Cest-ui Que Vie is a trust set up by the papacy that is the basis for the strawman/mark of commerce/"mark of the beast"/legal name. Cest-sex-six six six. Cestui Que Vie translates from Latin to English as "It is he who lives." They are determining who is alive (sovereign) or legally dead (legal name joinder/corporate entity). The majority of people all over the world create joinder to the legal name and are therefore recognized as dead in the eyes of the the Roman empire that still rules the world. The papacy in other words. If you do not declare your sovereignty then you are presumed to be dead. This stemmed from the great fire of London in 1666. Right after the black plague kicked up... After the fire and plague (convenient timing, Hegelian dialect, 1666/six six six) they presumed everyone dead or in maritime terms "lost at sea" and took everyone and their property into trust (The Cestui Que Vie trust) and held it until a LIVING man or woman comes back to claim it. By living they mean a sovereign being, not a corporate entity/legal name/citizen. A citizen is a corporate entity (corporate corpse). And all citizens of any country are declared lost at sea as of 1666 thereby subjecting all of their property to the Crown which is puppeteered by the papacy/Roman empire. Cestui Que Vie is a papal bull. An edict (edict is basically an executive order).

Once again:

Cest has to do with your blood/DNA/lineage. Cest-sex-six.

Cestui Que Vie means "He who lives"
Or some say it translates to "it's life"

This is the foundation of modern day debt slavery world wide. You create the problem (plague and fire) then you create the solution and operate as the "savior"

"Oh we were just holding your things for you until we knew you were alive (declared sovereignty)."

Regis means King/Queen/Crown

Ster-affiliated with

What all do you regis-ter?

Anything from vehicles to humans (birth certificate)

Debt Jubilee is as real as Sirius A and B though. It's a cycle based on the 49-50 year orbit of Sirius A and B. A global currency reset could help the world taper from the paper/fiat money system back to the barter system. From usury (monetary middlemen/bankers) back to fair, mutual and equal exchange of energy. After all, that taxation literally drains your energy.

First body part to form during gestation-The heart-Womb of creation/void

Next body part to form was the tongue-Spoken word that said "Let there be light"

First gland to form-Pineal-The light that was spoken into existence

The beginning of the book of Genesis (Gene/Isis-Sirius) reflects gestation. "Gen" means birth.

The pineal gland forms on the 49th day of gestation. Sirius A and B have a heavy influence on our psychic energy. They complete their orbit every 49 earth years. This is what the Shmita cycle is based on, followed by Jubilee being the 50th year.

The pineal is the corresponding endocrine gland to the 7th chakra. 7squared=49.

The body fully regenerates all cells within the body every 7 years. This is why debt collectors can legally harass you up to 7 years but after that they are outside of their rights. You literally aren't the same physical person anymore so there is no longer joinder between the name used to contract to the debt and the body that is represented by the name.

These cycles take place within our microcosm, as well as externally.

Look up the Shmita cycle in connection to the stock market fluctuations and look up what the bible says about Jubilee. Debt forgiveness... We ran the karmic hamster wheel long enough. The reset button is soon to be pushed.

Why have we not experienced the Jubilee in a long time? Because we (Humans/Israelites) left Israel (Natural law, sovereign state of being, not a literal country). Humanity chose the arbitrary legislation of man (corporate commerce, the apple in the garden) over Gods law (Natural law/Eden). Jubilee is based on natural law (Celestial orbit and cellular regeneration). Cycles of 7 and 70 mostly.

The Israelites left Canaan to be specific. Can-aan-Canis Major star system which is the location of Sirius which is where we get the 49 year Jubilee orbit from. Canaan embodied what is now known as Syria as well (Syrians/Sirians) along with Lebanon, Jordan and "Israel" (The imposter version of Israel).

What keeps us from participating in natural law/law of the land? 
Us choosing Maritime law/law of the sea (water is mutable, Maritime law is mutable/arbitrary/subject to the ruler at the time instead of universal law). 
So us choosing Maritime law keeps us from experiencing the Jubilee collectively. What does Maritime law hinge on? The Papa-sea/Papacy. The Roman Holy See of commerce. When Rome falls, so does the barrier between humanity and jubilee. Jubilee is a birthright. Restoration. Cellular restoration every 7 years. 7x7=49 years then the 50th marks debt forgiveness and much more. Debt collectors can't legally harass you after 7 years due to you regenerating all cells, and 7x7years causes debt to reset unless it's personal debt between you and say, your friend or neighbor or brother etc. 7x7 is regeneration of regenerations in a sense. 7=serpent (shedding its old skin). Renewal.

Now....Here's how almost everyone in the world is indoctrinated into the Roman Catholic church since birth through presumptive agreement (of the parents first).

The Knights of Malta (who are under the papacy) govern the hospitals, hence the red cross they wear. Red cross being the hospital symbol. Represents the photon/light/life).

The hospital is the first stage of indoctrination into the Catholic church/Roman Catholic jurisdiction. That's where they regis-ter humans. Regis means king or crown, ("The baby is crowning" can be double speak) ster means affiliated with. This is what the birth certificate is. Indoctrination into the Roman Catholic church. The Roman Catholic church is listed in Black's law dictionary 5th edition as a "juristic personality." The first step the baby takes is onto a piece of paper (paper-papal-patriarch-pope) while taking the footprint. Meaning the first step is to the "holy" see/sea of Rome (maritime law). First step in the hospital is the first step out of sovereignty. 👣

The afterbirth/placenta is rarely ever claimed. Some mothers do claim it but most hospitals now a days won't let the mother take it home due to it being a sanitation hazards. But it is a live person by legal definition. Now it is abandoned, ward to the state. In maritime terms, you abandoned ship (The placenta) and they salvaged the wreckage. And since it is considered a living person/ward of the state by legal definition, it must be adopted. By the "holy father/pope." But it has half of the same DNA as you do (Mom's DNA) so you are indirectly binded to their jurisdiction via the name on the birth cirtificate. In 1666 (666) Charles II updated the "Cestui Que Vie" trust. This trust (ever since) is defined as being a "temporary testamentary trust" where an estate (straw man/all caps name) may be affected for the benefit of a person presumed lost or abandoned at sea, and therefore being assumed dead after 7 years. (7 years=full bodily regeneration cycle. You shed all cells once since you abandoned the vessel/placenta/legal person and didn't claim it). Additional presumptions by which such a trust could be formed later included bankrupts, minors, incompetents and private companies. The original purpose of the Cestui Que Vie trust was to form a temporary estate (straw man) for the benefit of another ("Powers" that be) because some event, state of affairs or condition prevented them from claiming their status (sovereign/living being) as responsible, competent, living beings...

1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt (same one who declared the US to be consecrated/holy land, meaning under the papacy) issued HJR192 and called for the confiscation of all gold from US citizens. Now birth bonds (your labor and energy) back the dollar bill instead of some sort of tangible asset extracted from nature. Now our souls backs the $$$ via the legal name/"human creature" that we have been consenting to identifying as. Your birth certificate is a bond note. It is printed on bond paper, usually with "American Bank Note Company" at the bottom in small letters. So it all hinges on identifying as the name of the bond/Birth certificate. That's the second beginning Unam Sanctam mentioned (which I will get into). Your original birth, then the regis-tration of the straw man. The creator and the creature. Only the human creature is subject to the Roman pontiff, not the living being. The living being needs no lord, for he/she know's they are god and that true law is innate. Built in. Inherent. Legality is all based on legal name joinder. It's just a facet of the same Roman empire that crucified Christ. Law is a given. They tricked humanity into thinking morality and common sense are completely arbitrary and subjective with no common theme. Yet we all know the golden rule. We all know not to kill, (though some go against their innate sense of knowing). We all know to honor our agreements and not to steal from one another. We all know not to vandalize. It's common sense. We all know not to act like the very same people who sell us the idea of legality, in other words. But do we all know who we really are? Could a living being ever truly be a name?

Capitus Diminutio Maxima

The highest form of capitolization/capitalization and degradation

All caps legal name=Corporate entity. ID-Entity=identity

Pap-er (legal documentation and $)

(Roman Maritime commerce)

Pa=Masculine. As in "Patriarchy" or calling your dad "Pa." Ma is of course the opposite.. Matriarchy."


(Strange how Ma is in the word "Masculine" eh? A key? That feminine predates masculine like void predates light? Metaphor for "Ma" encompassing both masculine and feminine?)

"Lord's law" is man's ideologies. They call Jacob Rothschild "Lord" Jacob.

You call the person who "owns" the property you are living on the "Landlord", not "landgod" right? See the difference?

God's law is sovereignty. Natural law. Not the Roman Maritime legal fiction.

Much truth found in language. 
Etymology=Greek:Etimos. Meaning "True/Truth."

All of the paper papal payal papacy page etc implies the same energy. Things that act (key word "act")as supreme power or as "Lord."

Papacy (Au-thority of the pope)

Papa-cy.... (Pa-masculine. Pa-tri-arch)

Tri-3 (Three city states of the CROWN CORPORATION who govern the corporate (corp/corpse/legally dead) jurisdiction of the world, all headed by the papacy. Paper-sea. Pa-tri-arch. Arch/arc/ark (angle, light or rule. In some cases is can mean "hidden.")

Paper-fiat money. Payapal-Papal. Also the 2d realm they try to bind you to through the all cap legal name. Look up "capitis diminutio maxima" if you have yet to.

Papa-sea. Father of the sea (maritime law). Mari-water. Roman Catholic Church twisted the meaning of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. 🙂 
Papa-cy=Holy See (Which is by definition the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of Rome.

Rome-Vatican-Papacy-Pope-Paper-agreeing to being a 2D all caps name-legally dead in the eyes of the "Holy See."

Notice how it's "See" and not "Sea." Their reach/jurisdiction is around the whole world (Twisting the meaning of the all seeing eye) yet we are the ones making the choice to operate in it via the all caps name.

Phonetically you can interchange P and b so Papal can be babal. (Babble/Babel/Babylon). Then you can pull "Ba'al" out of that. The golden calf of Saturn that the Isralites began worshipping. The bull in the China shop signing Papal bulls. Bull-Ba'al, deity of Saturn. Paying bail=paying Ba'al. Cows wearing bells (all vowels can interchange to turn Bell into bull into Ba'al/ball.). Paying the bill?

It has been said that the Papacy was to rule the world for 1,260 years (same numbers as 216/cube/Saturn's orbital speed). There was a town in Rome named "Saturnia." I read that Rome itself was known as Saturnia at one point. But they could wipe that from the majority of the history books if they wanted to. Never from the Akash though. It's all recorded. All accounted for. All a means to an end for sake of contrast cycles of evolution/devolution ☯️

In 1302 Rome declared dominion over the world through in the papal bull named "Unam Sanctam."

If a claim goes unrelated and is not debunked (or even acknowledged) then that is a form of tacit agreement. Agreement by default. Their papal bulls never went challenged on a mass level. On an individual level we can break free at any time however. But until we do so on at least a personal level then it's tacit agreement to being subject to Rome.

Tacit agreements "cures" or is held fixed after 7 years. You regenerate all cells every 7 years and the Roman Catholic Church declares you lost at sea (Subject to the Holy See/ward to the state) after 7 years of not claiming your status as a sovereign being. In other words, 7 years is a regeneration cycle that sets spiritual contracts in place as a reality in the physical. Awareness breaks the spell and the curse of the cursive/spelling on these edicts.

It's powerful to write a personal revocation from these edicts that humanity has agreed to through tacit agreement.

1. History never hit reset
2. we agree through the law of presumtion if we don't contest a claim and continue to use their services.
3.There is a reason why legal jargon is predominantly Latin based and presented as normal English but has a whole different set of meanings.

Look up the Cestui Que Vie Trust. It's an edict that was declared by the papacy (paper sea) in 1666 (ironically). This trust is what the court system is based upon.

Birth cirtificate, afterbirth, joinder to the murderous papacy.... Shoulda just hired a midwife lol

So next up....Blood and DNA curse of the Roman Catholic Church/cult? 🤔

The Hospital (Knights of Malta under the Vatican) collects the placenta/afterbirth (tree of life. Mother's DNA) and then what? What do they do with it? Do they use the Kemetic knowledge they coveted to embalm the placenta? It has your DNA and it is considered a living being by legal definition. Is this how they accumulated the bloodline of the collective/Christ? Pope being the masculine counterpart to the feminine DNA in the salvaged afterbirth/placenta/vessel? Literal hex? DNA-carbon based/666-hex hex hex-sex sex sex. Pope-palp. Palp means to touch. Sex is technically skin on skin contact, not just penetration. Or pope can switch for pulp, which is a soft wet shapeless mass of material (symbolizing accumulation of afterbirth material?) The vicar/stand in of Christ. Christ being the bloodline of humanity/Christos oil/cerebral spinal fluid, which is also in semen/sea men. Maritime highjacking through a technically fictitious realm that is real only by consent/presumptive agreement.

Unam Sanctum (1302) was a papal bull/Baal that closes out with this:

"Further more, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff." The Roman pontiff being the pope.

They didn't address human creator or being, they addressed "human creature." Salvation as in salvaging the afterbirth/live being with your DNA and no free will? What really happens when you donate blood/plasma?

We use our free will to agree to Roman jurisdiction based on the assumption that the Maritime system of corporate commerce has our best interest in mind. They have interest in mind 💰 Just not the best kind.

The man who founded the Jesuits (Ignatius of Loyola) had an obsession with separating the soul from the body/corpus. Astral projection? That's just a part of it..

A corporation is a corpse/body. A body is lifeless without soul/sol/charge. 
Anyone who creates joinder to the all caps name is considered a corporation/corpse. All caps implies corporatization.

Separating soul or mind/state from body/church. Separation of church and state. Indirectly tricking people into thinking they are a body instead of in a body. The separation of church and state... The version of separating church and state in terms of what we typically think is illusive. Hence the bible in every courtroom, Cestui Que Vie trust still governing the intent of the courts and FDR declaring the US to be a "consecrated nation" in 1933. Consecrated meaning it is declared sacred and dedicated to a religious purpose. The religious purpose being the Roman Catholic Church expanding their jurisdiction/rule a crossed the world.

Separating the body from the soul was done through the birth certificate and legal name. Ignatius of Loyola got his wish. Pretty ironic that the Jesuits (Known as the society of "Jesus") are a group of assassins that serve to en-force the Roman Catholic dictator-ship on the "holy" see/sea of Roman commerce (The whole corporate realm world-wide). Jesus (Caesar Borgia) is not Yeshewa. And Yeshewa is not the only source of Christ. Christ is within and they fear it, which is why they don't want to acknowledge it being within. Which is why they act the way they do. They rewrite the bible without getting the allegory, so you can still find the allegory in the edited versions. They didn't know it existed so how could they take it out? If they knew the allegory, they wouldn't act like Babylonians.

Pontiff (meaning pope)

Tiff-office/place of authority OR outburst.

Pon-put or place. As in the pawn that moves all around the chessboard. The pons is the part of the brainstem that connects the thalamus (consciousness as well as motor and sensory signals) to the medulla (which governs heartbeat and breathing. The medulla is where anger and temper problems are said to stem from. Overstimulated medulla=inflamation=anger/fear and this signals the amygdala and the adrenals).

So the pon-tiff/pons is in between the consciousness and impulses (thalamus) and heart, breath and fear/anger (medulla). Governing the collective consciousness to impulsively feel fear/anger.

These word correlations are forms of spiritual contract. If you call them "pontiff" then phonetically you are saying their tiffs/outbursts govern your pons (interface between consciousness, impulses and ager/fear). Breaking down words will reverse the curse. Presumptive agreement through double speak/legalese.

They highjacked and twisted Mary (Maritime law)

Blood and DNA curse of the Roman Catholic Church/cult? 🤔

Unam Sanctum (1302) was a papal bull/Baal that closes out with this:

"Further more, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff." The Roman pontiff being the pope.

They didn't address human creator or being, they addressed "human creature." Salvation as in salvaging the afterbirth/live being with your DNA and no free will? What really happens when you donate blood/plasma?

The placenta is born alive. Born alive in Black's Law Dictionary (5th edition I do believe) reads like this (I put the main point in all caps). The main point is at the end of the definition. It reads:

"Born alive- Being the product of conception after complete expulsion or contraction from mother, irrespective of the duration of pregnancy, which breathes or shows any other evidence of life such as beating of the heart, pulsation of the umbilical cord or definite movement of voluntary muscles , whether OR NOT the umbilical cord has been cut or the placenta is attached. EACH PRODUCT OF SUCH BIRTH IS CONSIDERED LIVE, BORN AND FULLY RECOGNIZED AS A HUMAN PERSON."

All court is is settling the Cestui Que Vie trust that was declared by the papacy in 1666 (mark of the beast). The first person to identify as the legal name while in the courtroom (Maritime/Admiralty jurisdiction) is responsible for paying the trust (fines, fees, penalties of any sort) due to creating joinder as trustee of the Cestui Que Vie trust via the legal/corporate name that was copyrighted by the CROWN CORPORATION.

When you demand that the judge/Judice identifies him or herself to prove their status in the courtroom, you back them into a corner instantly. This should be the first thing out of your mouth in my personal opinion. If they identify with the legal name through tangible proof or verbal consent, they are responsible for paying the trust. Then the case is technically dismissible as long as you take the initiative upon yourself as a sovereign entity to state that/put that on the record and dismiss yourself.

If the judge calls recess, they have "jumped ship" in terms of Maritime law. You are on the ship because you passed that docket/dock to sit in front of the judge. Most don't address them jumping ship so through presumptive agreement the case goes on and the form of law can switch from UCC law (fines and fees) to Canon law (jail time). Given the fact that you are only subject to enslavement through presumptive agreement if you haven't caused intentional harm or committed murder, you are able to dismiss your own case while the judge is in the back assuming you haven't created any joinder with the name and haven't fallen for their binding double speak to get you within their juristic reach.

There's a third form that they resort to after Canon law. Talmudic law. This is what they THINK gives them the right to judge your soul and sentence you to death. Clear mixture of church and state there.

It all hinges on the legal name that's "binded" to the Cestui Que Vie trust of 1666. The edict of the mark of the beast that declares people who identify as the name/corporation/corpse to be legally dead and/or lost at sea to the Holy Roman See of corporate commerce.

Judge favors the plaintiff due to the whole motive of the courtroom. You can call that out on the record as a conflict of interest. Judge and plaintiff are both working for the state with the Cestui Que Vie trust as the interface of joinder.

This isn't to be taken directly as legal advice. This is something you have to study and integrate deeply in order to successfully apply it in a situation of need.

It keeps coming. Saint Peter's square at the Vatican. 🔑 shaped. Peter was a fisherman. Rome fishes for sub-corporations/persons on the holy Roman see/sea. Ecclesiastical Maritime law 🤔 The pope's mitre resembling a fish head (Dagon war-ship🌊 🚢 )
The key is to learn how not to be a fish. To grow legs/sovereignty and exist in law of the land (natural law) instead of law of the sea (maritime/admiralty law of corporate commerce).

Cast your net to the right. That's what Christ told Peter. The right brain. Transcend logic (ego, money, primitive instincts) and you will catch 153 fish (full net).

153=vesica piscis width ratio (pisc=phish. Pisces).

After the age of Pisces comes the age of Aquarius. The fall of the Roman Catholic Church/Vatican (Saint Peter's square/fisherman/Pisces) is the beginning of the age of Aquarius. Water symbolizes the divine feminine. It also symbolizes truth.

Dog=masculine energy
Cat=feminine energy


Holic= a suffix indicating someone who has an abnormal desire or dependence.

Cat-holic= Someone who is in need of cats? The crazy cat lady? Lol No. More so someone who is in need of feminine energy. The pap-acy/pope/papa is pa-tri-archal (masculine). (Tri as in 3 city states). Pa indicates masculine/projective energy. They need feminine energy.

The afterbirth material that is left at the hospital (Hospital- knights of Malta under the papacy ). This abandoned material has the only feminine DNA.

Perhaps the papacy drains humanity of feminine energy through this purely feminine DNA? Black magic. Hex. We can revoke it with a change of heart and with awareness. Writing a personal revocation from the Roman Catholic jurisdiction can free up the soul quite. Freedom is essentially in the mind but spiritual contracts are made every time you speak and they manipulated the language so in order to get people to create joinder to their jurisdiction. The manipulation of language happened much further back though. You could pin it to the creation of the Phoenician alphabet.

Cat-holic. Parasitic church.

Once more, the Roman Chatholic church has been legally defined as a juristic personality in Black's Law dictionary 5th edition.

The Temple BAR governs the world in ways people need to know. BAR=British accredited Registry (like prison bar). Regis means king/crown and ter means in affiliation with. The regis-tree. House of Windsor... British royalty is literally pimped by the Papa-cy/Vatican/Rome. Literally, in every single solitary sense of pimping. Name one and I'll tell you the correlation lol (hence the term "whore of Babylon). They are the ones who "gather" your consent (all caps name joinder) to exist in Babylon/Rome. Remember, every spoken word is a contract/contraction.

Temple BAR is in the city of London (EL-Undone) and is the governing power of the courts. Court is all about paying a trust (Cestui Que Vie) hence why the Temple BAR is located in the City of London (sovereign jurisdiction of the CROWN that governs the whole banking realm of commerce). You have to pass the BAR exam in order to become a lawyer. mark of beast/666 BARcode (prison bars/Mars/Iron prison bars) 666 is found all throughout the Proportions and building proportions of structures of London (Location of Temple BAR) Regis-tered (Under crown) to the stock/stalk market (chattel/cattle) 🐮 666 is also in the BARcodes (British/Roman commerce). The farmer is the CROWN CORPORATION. CROWN Corp-King and Queen. Corp-Corpse.

CROWN CORPORATION-King and Queen of the dead (Queen of England (Matriarchy) and papa Pope of the papacy (Patriarchy) See all the Pa's in those words? Paper. Pay-per (per=each. Each pay). Paying the papacy. Ever heard the term "Whore of Babylon?" The harlot of the House of Windsor? The whore of Babylon is the house of Windsor, which is defined as a "realm." The whore house/realm. Prostitution as in praising more than one God (which leads to war-ship) Praising physicality (money, gold, Saturn/Lord) instead of all at once (omnipresent God). Lord is the "god" of finitude in a sense. One who holds high power in the physical (hence the term "Lord Rothschild." And why the bible mentions lord instead of God more often than not after being translated and edited several times over).

See in the pic how the Temple BAR is a bridge? That signifies crossing over into jurisdiction of the CROWN. The realm or corporation/corpses. Corpus=Body (body-Finite/Saturn/restriction which is the polar opposite of infinite spirit) Crossing under the bridge. The true London bridge. Which IS falling down 😉 Crossing under the bridge brings double speak to "passing the BAR" as in passing the bar exam to become a lawyer/liar (someone who serves the courts that enforce arbitrary legislation instead of natural law).

Legality is a religion. Hence Canon law of the courts which IS Ecclesiastical law. Superstition based. Like how far you should park from the curb to avoid getting fined.

Law is innate knowing.

Legality and law aren't exactly the same.

We're sovereign by inherent default and slaves by presumptive agreement.

We all have the capacity to be either one at any given moment. Free will reigns supreme.

We can use our free will to experience free will or we can use our free will to limit our free will (serpent swallowing it's tail).

Shed your skin or swallow your tail? 🐍

AD=Anno domini=year of the lord/Papacy (lord is not the same as God).

The Anno Mundi calendar says we are in 5778 about to be 5779. This is a calendar that the elite supposedly use and is the basis of Judaic prophecy.

Rome put people in a timeline that's thousands of years in the past. Anything in the past is dead. If we agree to being in a year that's in the past then we are agreeing to being dead by consent because all that can possibly exist and be alive is in the now moment. Not the past. It's a spiritual contract that is made your presumptive agreement. Or tacit agreement that cures/sets in after 7 years of not refuting the claim. In this case, after 7 years of being in the wrong year.

Banking was established by the Knights Templar. Trust law.

The hospitals were established by the Knghts of Malta (knights hospitaller).

These were both corrupted by the Roman Catholic Church/the papacy.

They highjacked these systems and starting using them in ways that they weren't originally intended for.

They turned banking (Templars creation) into usury and debt enslavement.

They turned the hospitals (Knight's of Malta) into centers that indoctrinate people into the Roman Catholic Church through birth certificate regis-tration and synced with birth bonds (Banking/Templar's creation). Full regis-tration. Look up what "regis" means if you have yet to.

They corrupted Judaism, Christianity, and all other religions.

We only point the finger at them if we think we didn't play a part in this though. Flip the M, there's no "me." Only "we" at the end of the day. We are a collective and all is one. It was everyone collectively agreeing to Roman Catholic jurisdiction through the legal name that is responsible for all of this.

The reason why YHWH told Moses, "Tell them "I am" sent you." There is no joinder to any jurisdiction when you only identify as "I am."

They can only crucify the finite being. The infinite/omnipresent being (I am presence) is already crucified (multiplied a thousand fold via death/rebirth).

The phoenix fires the phonics and burns away the illusion of double speak. The illusion that "me" exists over "we."

On the official emblems of BRITISH COLUMBIA, FEDERAL RESERVE, UNITED STATES etc. you'll see the names n all caps. All caps means it is a corporation. These are corporations/businesses.

Non-living entities. They only exist in the 2D paper realm of corporate commerce (The holy See/Sea)

(Capitis diminutio maxima)

The eagle's head is turned towards the side of the olive branch symbolizing the dove/Columbia-Roman jurisdiction. 
Doves and pigeons both belong to the bird family known as "columbidae." 
"Columbus" wasn't Christopher's last name more so than a title. The allegory is Christopher Columbus being symbolic of the Dove Noah released to fly out and find land. Noah being metaphor for the church of Roman Catholic jurisdiction. Ark floating the Roman Holy Sea of Maritime law/commerce. Never really heard that from anywhere and I have no sources forthat being the actual metaphor but it only makes sense. I'm sure others have spotted that one. 🕊

In the eagle's other talon you see a bundle of arrows symbolizing strength and solidarity in numbers like the Roman lictor/fasces. Fascism.

America- A continent

North America- The United States and Canada.

Central America, the states and Canada form what the Natives called "Turtle Island" due to its shape. How did they know the shape? Remote viewing, visions, astral projection?

United State of America- A republic that operates in a section of north America

UNITED STATES or UNITED STATES INC- A corporation that was launched out of Puerto Rico in 1871 and operates both domestically and abroad as a branch of Roman/Maritime commerce.

Phonetically Mer and Mar are similar due to vowels being interchangeable.

A Meri-ca/ka (Ka/ca means spirit)

A water spirit (Extension of Roman holy See).

7 hills of Rome. One of the hills is "Capitis Hill."

"7 hills of DC. One of the hills is "Capitol Hill." Capitol Hill is the seat of the U.S. government, home to the domed United States Capitol, Senate, Houses of Representatives and the neoclassical Supreme Court."

1933 was one hell of a year. The year Franklin D. Roosevelt called for confiscating all gold bullion, certificates etc from the citizens. 
Also the year he declared this country a "consecrated nation" which is what really anchored the strawman system. Now corporate entities under the Roman Catholic Church back up the US fiat dollar with their energy.

Parasitic system. Take their gold then make humans the monetary value. That's exactly what was done.

The gold standard is on the rise once more.

BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

Rome is falling.

Gold is more than we typically assume it is. Which is why it is a (if not the) origin and focal point of human history.

The fall to density (bullion/metallic gold) from soul consciousness (monoatomic gold)

Bull-ion (Baal/Bull/bail)

Papal bulls are some real bull shit. FDR declaring the US to be a "consecrated nation" is a continuation of expansion of Unam Sanctam and Cestui Que Vie. Two edits declared by the Roman Catholic Church.

Unam Sanctam 1302

Cestuie Que Vie 1666

This might seem like arbitrary word play or stretching to connect farfetched dots but certain letters really are phonetically interchangeable, in this case F and V and the vowels(a,e,i,o,u,y). Words can break down in several accurate ways given the fragmentation of language.


Fat-icon/archon (fat indicates inflammation or overindulgence in something). Or you could say Fate/faith-Archon/icon. Con means "with." Arch-Power, authority, rule. The name "Vatican" can be taken as that which rules your fate/faith. It only rules your fait/faith through consent, but consent is found in the name found on the birth certificate. Creating joinder to that name in corporate commerce.

Fed-Icon/archon works too. Fed as in feed OR Federal. The parasitic system that feeds on the energy of the people through being the medium of energy exchange.

Back to square one, with the Fed Reserve and present times. Paying taxes contributes to murder/war overseas. I've paid them. Many have even though there's no law stating that you have to. But to what end? Participating in the fiat dollar in general perpetuates it too. This is part of the reason why I say that we're pretty much all responsible for this corrupt system. We fuel it. I can understand. Some of you have dependents etc. But it's true none the less. What a scenario eh? The same currency circulation that contributes to factory farming and the mass slaughtering of animals despite whether you personally are vegan or vegetarian or breatharian or live off sun gazing lol If we use the dollar, we contribute to these things. Also, all other currencies are pegged to the dollar. It's the world reserve currency.

This means anyone who has paid taxes and acts self righteous or "holier than thou" is technically a hypocrite. If you were born into a situation where you were never lead or tricked into this presumptive agreement, feel fortunate. You didn't get hoodwinked into fucking up your karma in such a way.

Modern day currency is debt/death. 💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴

Stack it as high as you can. Who knows? You might eventually be able to build the tower of Babel before the reset happens....

I'd like to end this on a positive note. Back to the Jubilee. I'm going to sum this whole post up right here. Debt is a contract. All contracts are null and void in the court of law if they aren't transparent. Birth cirtificate/birth bond is not a transparent contract, it is presumptive agreement. Jubilee=floating assets with no assignment of debt after called out for being non-transparent. The birthbond/birth certificate (strawman) is not a transparent contract and it is what all debt hinges on other than personal debt (other than debt between you and your neighbor, fam, friend's, acquaintances for instance). All corporate debt. Mortgage, car payments, student loans, national debt and so on is all based on joinder to the legal name which is not a transparent contract. You sign the contract every time you agree to being that name in commerce (on a job app, clocking in at work, identifying yourself to the police, replying to mail with that name on it or verbal contract). Once again... This is a non-transparent contract and once again, usury and debt enslavement (The British/Roman status quo) has been ruling for centuries. The Roman empire taking over before Jesus/Yeshewa even came into the picture. All these centuries of compiled non-transparent agreements that have accumulated debt that we only slave over due to presumptive agreement. When this is recognized as a non-transparent agreement on a mass level, the illusion of obligation towards having to pay will diminish and the debt will no longer be seen as valid. It will be what it truly is in the eyes of both law AND legislation. Null and void. After that, you have gold that was accumulated through usury that was based off the debt that will be rendered null and void. In other words, floating assets. This will be the grounds to lay the debt jubilee upon if you think about it... It accumulated for centuries through unlawful means that were only upheld through presumptive agreement. When the masses no longer agree via presumption, and spot this for the fraud that it truly is, we can then seize their assets lawfully, due to the contract being rendered null and void after being recognized as non-transparent. All of "their" assets (British/Roman crown's assets) will then be turned back over to the world that they raped and extorted through usury, double speak, and even sheer force. Law is also a force though. The only time Jesus/Yeshewa used force during his "ministry" was to rid the money changers from the temple. Jews could only pay their tax to the temple through the half sheckel (half oz coin of pure silver). This was the only coin at the time that did not have the image of a Pegan emperor at the time. To the Jews, the half Sheckel was the only coin acceptable to God. The money changers cornered the market on them and raised the price. Then the Jews had to pay whatever the money changers demanded of them. Now they take on the guise of Judaism and run banking with it based on usury approved of by the Talmud.

The birthbonds/birth cirtificate/legal name fraud isn't transparent. Hence why sites and channels have been taken down for delivering the truth about this contract. They copyrighted the birth certificates. Now you saying "I am (whatever the all caps name is) is like saying "look at my painting" when someone else's name is on it. That's fraudulent and you are immediately in the wrong in the eyes of the law. Copyright infringement. The system is aiding and abetting fraud through getting you to identify as the "legal" name.

The legal name is illegal. It is a non-transparent contract. When this contract is recognized on a mass level and addressed it is rendered null and void. And like I said, after that, there's floating assets. Are we just going to dump it all in the ocean and start over? No. It will be re-distributed. Jubilee.

Once again, this is not to scapegoat the British/Roman empire, because we did this to ourselves via presumptive agreement. The beauty is that we can un-do it to ourselves. Rome is a mind state. A change of mind and a change of heart will change your reality and will cause a butterfly affect. It will spread. Being aware of the curse breaks the curse if followed by a change of mind and a change of heart. Intent steers. Free will reigns supreme. We just used our free will to hand our experience of free will over in most ways. However, freewill is an innate part of who we are. If we surrender our will to the heart, (compassion/compass-ion) we'll be guided to sovereignty from within.

World peace, love, revelation and equality for all without prejudice or discrimination.