Research about the 144,000

Amazing research by Trevor McGrath

"144,000 thousand shall ascend."

I take this to be a metaphor for a few things, but I don't see it being 144,000 individuals necessarily.


At body temp sound travels 34,570.63 cms per second. Gravity accelerates 981 cm's per second. 34,570.63 cm's (sound) divided by 981 cm's (gravity)=approx 36 hz. Octave of 144 meaning 144 hz has the same effect. So sound divided by gravity=144 hz octaves, sounds like the pausing or the reversal of the effect gravity has on the body (aging). 144 akenenic cells in the thymus comes to mind given these are eternal cells (cells that don't age or get "weighed down" by gravity). 144 circles (144 x 360) x 3,600= amount of arc seconds x speed of light divided by speed of sound=approx octaves of 144 hz. I figure canceling the wavelength of gravitational acceleration (981 cm's per second) would be play a role in levitation. "144,000 shall ascend"

I think I know why 20.63-20.64 inches is referred to as the most sacred cubit. 144,000 cubic cm's has a cube root of that which equates to 20.63575900951887 inches. Rounds up to 20.64. Cubit=cube it. So a 20.63575900951887 inch cubit cubed=exactly 144,000 cubic cm's. Then you use this cubit based on the 280 cubit height by 440 cubit base of the great pyramid and figure the total pyramidal volume of the great pyramid, something interesting happens. That space and divide it by the speed of sound you get octaves of approx 144.3 pyramidal hz. Also this cubit would make the king's chamber exactly 288,000,000 cubic cm's, meaning exactly half of it would be 144,000,000 cm's. This makes the king's chamber octaves of the Schumann resonance (light the pineal gestation cycle) and reversing the equation gives octaves of Planck time). So the two pulsing constants (Schumann and Planck time) correspond to the King's chamber based on the cubit. This makes everything line up exactly except for the .3 at the end of 144 hz and that could have to do with the measure of sound to temp either fluctuating slightly or the standard conversion being slightly off. Also 144,000 cubic cms (royal cubit cubed) of water=144 kgs (1,000 cubic cms of water to 1 kg). Water, evaporation, 144,000 shall ascend/evaporate 💦

Pyramids can preserve things. Food, bodies (mummification), anything living. 144 hz as I mentioned before is the result of sound divided by gravitational acceleration, so I figure this is what gives it that preservative quality, even though the shape of a pyramid in general can preserve despite it's measure. "144,000 shall ascend" also rings bells of acoustic levitation and Ytolan, the source that was used to precipitate the great pyramid from the top down. Some say the great pyramid originally had 144,000 capstones. We have 72,000 nadis, and when two people make love their electromagnetic fields merge resulting in a total of 144,000 nadis. As you may have seen before, 144 total lotus petals at the 6th chakra x the 1,000 petaled lotus (crown)=144,000 lotus petals to the chakra system in that sense. The lotus resembles a toroidal vortex (bird's eye view similarity). 12 tribes of Israel, 12,000 each. 144,000 total (13th tribe being symbolic of the center of the wheel of 12). 144 hz great pyramid. The thymus is shaped like a pyramid and has 144 akenenic cells.


Found this in the yard. Notice the 6 pointed flower of life design on it? Spiral. The counter-rotating spiral is symbolic of the pineal opening to receive more light/intel.