history lesson from 1942 - 1959

battle of los angeles

Prepared by: Tyler Ugalde

1942) BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES - 3 months after United States invades Germany for the second time [WW2], reports of lights/Ufo like crafts are seen in the skies of Los Angeles...raid sirens sounded, the city was blacked out over 24hrs, AND not only was military force called in but they had giant flood lights aimed at the skies & shot over 1,400 anti-aircraft rounds into the skies hitting nothing. At the time I do not fully believe they KNEW nor thought it could be German forces but I believe they later found out it was through investigating the German empires 2 most TOP SECRET & influential secret societies.... the THULE society & VRIL society... the Thule society focused on the studies of our universe while the VRIL society gave them technology BEYOND anyones comprehension during that time including electromagnetic aircrafts (ufos). By harnessing the VRIL force or what Tesla called AETHER, they became the most powerful & feared empire in the world...many of our video games today (NAZI ZOMBIES) feature alot of the same things they had then & I wonder where the idea came from...

map of inner earth

1944) MAP OF INNER EARTH RELEASED - A map of what appeared to be inner earth got exposed & accidentally released into the public. It was in all German & translated to this: "After returning from the assigment hand in at the secret department!
Printed for the Military Navy in an edition of 1300 copies at the special laboratory of the KZ Dachau. January 1944."

operations paperclip

1945) OPERATION PAPERCLIP - The Joint Chief of Staff established the first SECRET recruitment program called "Operation Overcast" later changed to Operation Paperclip. Under classified documents, around 1,600 German scientists, engineers, & technicians were brought to America. In 1958 Nasa was established due to their research. Our chemical & biological weapons program & MKULTRA program can be credited to them as well. The curious thing is the nazi's had a solidified idea of our earth & universe to be concave & hollow... That we were being pressed into the hollow area of a concave sphere... They believed at each side of the poles were entrances to another world.... It wasnt until they moved to America the earth became a solidified "globe" THROUGH Nasa & hollow earth was hidden from the public from that moment on....

operations high jump

1946) OPERATION HIGHJUMP - Was said to the public we were sending troops there for scientific research & purposes yet sent 4,700 men, 13 ships, and 33 aircraft.... Many at the time found it strange & very suspicious but nobody knew about Germanys knowledge or VRIL power as of yet but the United States government which tried their BEST to keep it in secrecy. They knew the Germans were already heavily present at the poles & only got the idea for this operation from leaked evidence. (map of inner earth) Once we got wind they had "ufo" like crafts we were following their every move... Admiral Byrd lead the operation for the United States when going to Antarctica & spoke of "seeing the land beyond the poles" SEVERAL TIMES including in his last diary... They were in search of an entrance inside the earth or the German base in Antarctica base 211. Byrd wrote in his diary he had discovered entrances to a vast "Hollow Earth", in which lost civilizations lived with technology beyond his comprehension. He even documented the moments they entered the south pole & disappeared from radar as well as radio communications. The navigation instruments were spinning like CRAZY & the gyroscope was oscillating back & forth like never before! According to him he was forced to land by hovering crafts that had speeds he didnt know existed & they told him to come back & warn our race of our nuclear bombs & war.... that we had unleashed a technology that was not meant for us & that we were abusing it so bad that they may soon intervene....Byrd was of coarse ORDERED to remain silent & tell no one of his findings or expedition. (which is why he resorted to the diary)

1955) OPERATION DEEPFREEZE - Admiral Byrd returns to rebuild & establish more U.S bases in Antartica.... many of the bases underground were collapsing with snow.

operations deep freeze
antarctic treaty system  1959

1959) ANTARCTIC TREATY SYSTEM - In 1959, only 12 countries were signed into the treaty.(Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Chile, France, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States) By 1961 however, the treaty was entered into force...

Months before the outbreak of World War II, Nazi Germany sent a small expedition to Antarctica. Hitler was ONBOARD this ship... EVERY world leader you'll ever hear about has had doubles if not up to 10 look a likes... for security purposes... so if they did find Hitlers body I do not believe it was him... BUT.... they never have......American researchers have demonstrated that the skull fragment, secretly preserved for decades by Soviet intelligence, belonged to a woman under 40, whose identity is unknown. For YEARS it was said that this skull fragment was that of Hitlers & that was blown to pieces once DNA analysis proved otherwise.... we may want to start rethinking EVERYTHING we know about history & our earth itself....

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