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It is an age old question...’why am I here’...which I suspect every incarnated soul upon the planet has probably entertained at one time or another, if even briefly. That question may for some however, gnaw at the very core of one’s being early on in life...desperately desiring a resolute answer. Did for me! Especially to eventually discover I am a part of a greater collective who answered a clarion call by Gaia to embody myself as an Earth human at this particular moment in the accelerated evolution of the now...by throwing body and mind into a severely corrupt reality, in order to assist in balancing it out through quickening my own vibrational field. Whew! That in itself can be seen as a broad reason why some of us are here...a mission if you will. It’s a rather vague answer on the surface and doesn’t address the ‘how’ of accomplishing such a monumental undertaking...but I am grateful to finally know and accept it as the ultimate reason ‘why I am here’. So be it!

That mission has become the overlay or undercurrent coloring whatever my normal life turns out to be...which feels rather symbolic this incarnation having little personal importance this time around. Feels kinda weird. Believe me I have had numerous moments when I just wanted to say screw this spiritual work and absorb myself in the everyday dramas of life and go off exploring with abandon as a lifestyle...throwing caution to the wind...but my soul would never let me get away with it for long before pulling my focus back to my agreement/contract as a ‘light-worker’, if you will.

If it is true that our memories are wiped prior to incarnation, which I do align with as a probability (certainly not by the Beneficence of Creation, but by nefarious hijackers who have seized control of the incarnational grid system, intentionally crippling us right out of the gate by mind wiping us)...then it becomes the responsibility of each individual soul to re-discover ‘who’ he/she is...and ‘why’ she/he is here. To think that Source (of which we are a fractal) would want us anything less than whole at any given moment seems absurd at this point in my understanding. So for Source to clean-slate our memories does not compute one iota.

To know our past knowledge/wisdom, mistakes, talents, etc, from past timelines/incarnations would be incredibly valuable IMO and would certainly eliminate the enormous amount of time spent attempting to illuminate blind spots created by an erased memory....designed to intentionally slow our progress as the magnificent Creators that we are.

The spiritual quest for self-realization of ‘who am I’ began the very long journey home to the Self. The road to get there has proven to be filled with pitfalls of illusionary programming along the way, booby-trapped with lies, mined with disinformation and half truths, scattered with distractions at every turn, and sneaky ambushes by clever discarnate entities...and a plethora of other obstacles blocking my path. All to discourage my passion for discovering truth...sabotaging my attempt to re-remember who I am and why I am here. I’m surprised I made it this far.

And the biggest weakness to overcome, which we are all saddled with, right from the cradle, is the genetic manipulation by a predator race which downgraded our original humanness, severing our divine connection to the natural flow of the Universal continuum of Life. Without addressing that boondoggle as a prerequisite to Self-discovery...knowing ‘why we are here’ seems moot.

Connecting circuitry via The Template work has been monumentally instrumental in re-opening a direct connection to Universal Consciousness...beaming tremendous new Light into the endocrine system changing brain chemistry, so a re-remembering of who I am and why am I here could be spotlighted for re-discovery.

Some would say that Earth is a school and we are here to re-learn lessons that may need repeating to get it right. Karma if you will. I don’t buy it, although I did entertain the notion as I stumbled across the many philosophies I looked into as I explored this or that religion, belief system or modality supposedly designed to enlighten. Personally I feel in my heart-of-hearts the Source of All Consciousness, with which I work and am a fractal thereof (as is everyone), would not punish us with mandatory re-learning of lessons. Does not register as truth! What a friggin waste of energy...and I do not think for a minute the Universe is into wasting precious energy.

It’s a nefarious intentional set-up by the predator overlords (via dogmatic religion) to make us wrong, guilty and ashamed...dooming us to repeat our so-called sins via recycling our souls through a false incarnational looping system back to Earth...over and over again. Basically an engineered program of disempowerment to dull our brilliance continually. And unfortunately it has worked for millennia.

Life is experience, neutral in its operation IMO, and hardly judged right/wrong or good/bad by a Universal Consciousness which surely could care less one way or the other. Those dualistic assessments are created by the human mind, social engineering, ethnic traditions and most of all by the god-program...which much of humanity has bought hook, line and sinker.

Forgiveness can be a powerful healing balm within the human condition, as we all know, and useful in our soul’s growth, forgiving self and others....but is it really necessary? In reality there is nothing to forgive. Especially since the in-humane and anti-human things we do to each other, ourselves, animals, our environment are not our fault but a result of genetic splicing with an aggressive, predatory, controlling patriarchal dominate off world species who captured Earth 1000’s of years ago...downgrading our original humanness. Most people would probably agree that humanity at its core is gentle, kind and loving and are at a loss trying to figure out why we are so brutal, corrupt and nasty at times. It’s not who we are! We were genetically tweaked!

Experience is neutral and any guilt, shame or blame are lashes we give to ourselves. If there are repercussions from our actions then I feel it is merely a cause and effect reaction triggered from the soul level...gifts really...from which we can learn from...giving us wisdom of what ‘works’ and what doesn’t work. Simple!

So at this juncture, after decades of inner searching, I am comfortable with aligning with the truth that ‘I am here’ on a temporary volunteer assignment to be a part of a solution to shift out of the shit...the controlled warped reality in which we have been imprisoned...by ‘transcending’ it...by raising my own body(s) electro/magnetic frequencies to their highest possible vibrations, which in turn affects the ‘creation’ field at large making possible a new reality in which paradise is either already waiting for us...or in which we build a new one. No dismantling of the old one necessary, we just rise above the fucker!

🌹 There are also numerous sub-reasons of ‘why I am here’ which I have garnered over the years through observing my innate gifts/talents which I have available to offer in free will service to humanity and the planet. I’ve acknowledged I am an open conduit for life force energy and can easily channel Universal healing Love through my corporal body. I do not call myself a healer per say but just a tool delivering Light..by getting my little self out of the way and lettin’ it flow.

I spent 30 years as a horticulturist/landscaper intentionally anchoring that Life Force with my bare hands into the very soil upon which I walked, into the plant kingdom and the elemental guardians which are ever present. I never wavered in that conscious purpose. It was honorable, creative and enjoyable. I then shifted to body work via massage and did the same for 8 years on people...where I touched bodies into a relaxed state to receive healing Chi from the Universe through my hands triggering their ‘own’ healing mechanism within themselves through entrainment...again not the healer. I was just the delivery boy! Massage was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Another overall theme as to why I am here is to encourage, inspire and support...especially encouraging others in being the best of their potential. Somehow I can glean inner gifts/talents of others when sometimes not recognize within themselves. I’m also a teacher/counselor/messenger of sorts who wanders about freely dropping nuggets to others in my path who may need an uplift of spirit....then on to the next encounter. I have never taught or counseled in a formal setting. I seem to have taken the vagabond approach to teaching using everywhere as my arena of sharing...and anyone as a recipient thereof.

At the present I am using the written word to hopefully fulfill my joyous job as one who inspires/encourages. However, I don’t feel it is necessarily only the words or the meaning within the the text that may be ultimately important here...but the ‘frequencies’ and emotions embedded in the ‘empty’ space between the words...available to be ‘felt’ by those open to receive. It’s the energetic forces themselves that are the ju-ju for me, carried via whatever method of delivery...through my hands, a written post or a hug...or stirred into vegetable soup. May sound a bit woo-woo but I’m wired for woo-woo! I consider myself a practicing metaphysician. Tesla said something along the lines of—‘If you want to find the secrets of the Universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’. That time has arrived for me, baby!

All of the above has nothing whatsoever to do with a career or position in society...but everything to do with ‘why I am here’ as a willing spiritual servant to Life.

With that said I would like to acknowledge, with a deep bow, what I have witnessed of other’s ‘why-am-I-here’ gifts to the world. Together we cover all the necessary bases needed to support one another through these times of monumental change. We can’t do it all ourselves (too overwhelming) so each soul contributes individual particular attributes that within unity completes the whole...and keeps life interesting. Again I am not necessarily talking career here or what one does for a living...but the spiritual ‘why am I here’.

🌏 To the wisdom teachers who were born as sages to share information/knowledge...so the awakening masses can have a solid foundation of truth upon which to work...unearthing their sovereignty and authenticity. Your mesmerizing voices, electric personalities, charisma and charm are wonderful innate qualities...like magnets that draw the readied students to your doorsteps keeping them captivated to receive the treasure trove of teachings. Thank you!

🙏 To the selfless compassionate hearts always rooting for the underdog. You tirelessly comfort the forgotten, downtrodden, homeless, hungry and disenfranchised parts of humanity whose voices get lost in the noisy din of the human condition in frantic survival mode. Commendable service for why you are here...much, much gratitude! Way under appreciated!

🐿 To the guardians of our animal brothers and sisters who insure all critters are respected, honored, cared for, homed and healed from injury or abuse leaving no wing, paw, hoof, or fin unattended...all treated as equal sentient life upon the hallowed ground we call home. Hats off to your efforts. Your work does not go unnoticed. The internet is chock full of animal rescue stories by this group of caring souls...uplifts my heart whenever I see one!🐂

🎨. To the artist who cannot NOT create...bestowing beauty or even non-beauty through form and color using every imaginable medium to deliver messages through whole picture imaging, stirring our emotions, stimulating our minds...be it through painting, sculpture, landscaping, drawing, tattoos, geometry jewelry, or graffiti scribbled on a bridge, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc...skies the limit. Art knows no bounds! Thank you for feeding our hungry undernourished right brains in a dominant left-brain world paradigm.

🤡 To the comics and comedians who know their mission here is to keep us laughing as needed medicine while we begrudgingly trudge through the muck and mire of a synthetic matrix designed to keep us in despair. Your gifts of ‘funny’, be you a goofy Robin Williams type, a facetious George Carlin type or a dark humor comic of the Bill Hicks type....all give us the opportunity to laugh at ourselves and the human condition, watering down the seriousness of staying afloat in the turbulent seas of makin’ a livin’. Send in the clowns! Thanks!

✏️ To the cartoonist who miraculously can convey a monumental message which can sway opinions through imaginative characters in just one simple sketch...much gratitude! Charles Schultz of Peanuts fame kept us real for many years through the innocence of Charlie Brown and the over-the-top antics of Snoopy...an anthropomorphized beagle more human than many of us. And my favorite cartoonist persona was Gary Larson, creator of The Far Side. Brilliant beyond belief in his ability to deliver sometimes deep profound insights through cartoonish animals and inanimate objects with humor...as he brought them to life. Truly appreciate his contribution. There is someone actively filling this far-side type role on facebook News Feed using the cyber-screen as a platform. I know who you are and appreciate your wittiness and humor. Funny stuff! Your levity is most needed! 💚

🎭 To the ‘true’ thespian who is here to entertain us on the ever-changing stage and screen set...carrying our imaginations off into exotic lands of adventure, to wallow in the depths of human romance, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, drama and back again. Needed detours at times from the heaviness and burdens of a troubled world. Caveat: I am not including here the faction of this industry which is intentionally promoting violence, gore, depravity and mind controlling frequencies to warp our psyches with pain/suffering/anger!

🎻 Of course I won’t forget the gift of the musician who is here to communicate through the vibration of sound...be it through instrument or voice. Music truly makes the world go round as a universal language dissolving fences between races, ethnicity and land mass. Everyone understands rhythm and beat without a need for interpretation. Again I don’t include the darker side of the music industry which intentionally introduces dis-harmonic, un-healthy dissonant vibrations/music into society to damage the body and inflammatory lyrics to stir up division. This strategy was used in the late 60’s to break asunder the love/peace/freedom movement. Sound is one of those wonderful gifts which can be used as a tool to heal....or exploited as a weapon of destruction!

💃 To dance, to dance to dance! Just gotta dance! What an extraordinary art form using the body alone as an instrument of communication. Kudos to those born to dance as why they are here...expressing every imaginable emotion through movement and grace, giving us, the audience, an opportunity to feel viscerally within our own vehicles the ecstatic freedom of spirit embodied.

🎉 To the effervescent ones who know they are here to light up a room with infectious bubbly joy wherever they go...forever high on life! You are non-stop happy...spreading it around like confetti tossed from the rooftops! What a sight to behold! Kinda envious, you make it look so effortless. You have the ability to dispel angst in a heartbeat! Depression doesn’t stand a chance in your presence! 😁

💪 I totally align with the organic healers and holistic doctors who are here to assist us in keeping our minds and bodies strong, virile, young and vital in an engineered toxic reality that is determined to keep us weak, sick and dying. The attacks on your collective group from the big pharma cartel is relentless, who sees your healing modalities as a threat...why...because they work! Hang in there, eventually allopathy will implode upon itself when a critical mass wakes up to the fact that healing and curing are not part of the Rockefeller Foundation’s petrochemical agenda...that has laughingly been paraded out as health care. Their bottom line is $$$ and keeping us ill. 💉

🗡 With great respect I include those conscious ‘warriors’ who are here to assist in defending Earth Human’s sovereign rights to exist in peace and love, exercising our free will as citizens of the Universe. Your job has moved to the front of the line during these challenging times when the heavy fist of the overlords are pounding hard on the freedoms of the world’s people. Thanks for standing tall, standing your ground, shouting loudly and baring your teeth if necessary in our fight for justice! Violence is not your preferred method of operation, but if push comes to shove...watch out because you will only take so much abuse and BS. If pitchforks and torches are ever needed, as a last resort, in order for our enslavers to honor the people’s demands for liberation...then you will proudly be on the front lines leading the charge. ✊️

🌲 To the unsung heros who hang in the background, out of the limelight, hugging trees, healing waters, releasing negative energy from Gaia’s grid systems and enriching the natural world with just their presence alone...big gratitude! You know full well your purpose for being here! Thank you! I want your job next lifetime!

🍏🍇🥦 Of course a boisterous shout out to those who know their work here is feeding and nourishing us all. The organic farmers who respect the soil imbuing love into what he/she grows, enhancing vigorous vitality of their crops. And to the conscious chefs and cooks who know they are here to prepare healthy food with love from those vibrant harvests...treating our palettes with sensational tastes and colors that are an art form within themselves. 🌶

I’ve realized at this point that the list of ‘why-am-I-here’ possibilities of humanity is exhaustive and I could go on for who knows how long praising the individual human missions anchored here on Earth who serve our well being, that of the planet and her inhabitants...so I throw the ball in your court now to add your own ‘why-am-I-here’ purpose or purposes...if you honestly know it/them and choose to share. The comment section awaits your contribution. Have at it! 🐝

Note: After writing this piece it became crystal clear to me that Earth Humans are a phenomenally resilient species who have come through the fires of eons of trauma, ice ages, pole shifts, cataclysms, genetic mutations, abuse, wars, famine and disease...AND WE ARE STILL HERE! Obviously we are not going to go quietly into the night or roll over easily allowing our planetary home to be ravaged, and our children enslaved by a marauding bunch of would-be-gods who think they own us and Gaia! I feel the tipping point of critical mass of awakened/enlightened souls will certainly happen and may be closer than we think. It may take a global threat of genocide (like 5G) or the heartbreaking mass murder of 1000’s of healthy trees in European neighborhoods, currently underway, to finally shake the asleep from their apathetic slumber...but hey whatever is needed. Will we take it to the brink of near extinction before mass awakening blossoms? Hope not.

I have faith the ever-increasing Love frequency will quickly overshadow the old fear frequency which has been oppressively dominate for millennia. In fact it has already begun...quietly kicked into gear in late 2012 by the ending of one long dark era and the beginning of a brighter one...and getting brighter day by day! Light will prevail...shining brilliantly throughout our own transcended circuitry-connected bodies. A new Earth awaits! 🌍