Game Changer

Game Changer

by: Sage York


The game is set, the battle is on,
but wait...something is wrong
Opposing Pawns, both black and white, 
trained assassins to maim and fight,
together walk off the checkered board,
arm in arm as a massive horde,
laying down their shields, their bloody swords, 
obeying no longer their overlords
They realize now, they were war-fodder bait,
believing un-truths to kill and hate

Kings and Queens are shocked with rage,
how dare their slaves break out of their cage
The royals do tremble, fear for their lives,
knowing their subjects are on to their lies
They quickly retreat from their Castle gates,
fleeing in their great escape,
with only their clothes upon their backs,
no time for snatching the people’s tax
They leave their crowns and riches behind,
wishing now they’d been more kind,
sharing their gold with the average bloke,
instead of enslaving the common folk
Giving them spears and deadly knives
instead of plows to prosper lives
Drafted as soldiers in game of thrones, 
Pawns get killed with broken bones,
as expendable pieces in a game of chess
and always slaughtered for King’s success

Bishops once gilded in golden robes
spreading their gospel ‘cross the globe,
now cloak in disguise with cloistered nuns,
unable to steal a mother’s sons,
in name of protecting church and crown
Now dear Bishop who’s wearing the frown?
You hide your sins as mongers of war,
no longer the Pawn’s ambassadors
You live in shame for shedding of blood,
leaving Pawns dead in battle’s mud
‘For what’, they ask, ‘so you can excel’
as you send them all to your nasty hell?

The mighty Knights unite with Pawns, 
together as allies, twice as strong
Working in tandem, honor fulfilled,
they quickly plan and swiftly build
a fresh new game on a rounded board, 
a game called need for lords
The board is painted in rainbow hues,
no unfair rules of don’t and do’s
No edges to own no lines to cross
No need for leaders no need for boss
No divisive schemes to muddle the brain
No damn drive them insane
No hoarding of wealth, no poor, no slaves
No more kids in battle graves,
fighting for fortune for other’s greed
Those days are over, the rebels are freed

Corrupted elite are banned from the game, 
imprisoned ones to blame
Just players of trust are welcome on board,
all brothers, all sisters...all are adored,
as faithful friends, wealthy in joy,
caring for life, instead of destroy
A brighter game than days of yore,
bright with truth, with war no more
Monarchs no longer...deceive, connive
Wisdom now rules replacing the lies,
on a playing field where all survive,
where Love is king...and baby Pawns thrive

Note: It’s rather obvious the game of chess is a mirror reflection of the power structure which has run the Earth show for centuries if not millennia. The blood-line elite, religious phonies disguised as shepherds and the military industrial complex (all puppets for their masters pulling the strings from the shadows and even from other dimensions or off world)...conveniently entrench themselves in their safe castles while sending their grunts/slaves onto the sacrificial frontlines of war to spill blood for Moloch, Baal, Satan or whoever the iconic god a-la-mode being worshiped is at the time. We have been caught in the middle of this family feud of the gods(?) for eons, doing their dirty work, as they vie for more power, wealth and world domination. The only thing that has changed over the many years in the playbook of aggression by the ‘controllers’ is the sophistication of the weapons used to genocide the human race. From spears to atomic matters not...the agenda is the same, divide and conquer...keeping the fear frequency alive on the planetary stage. 
The scenario of a mass mutiny of soldiers (pawns)) all over the world waking up at the same time (100nth monkey theory) to the manipulations of the human race by these would-be-gods ...and turning the collective strength of the People towards these perpetrators, instead of each other, might just might be a ‘gamechanger’, balancing the power a bit in our favor. I would love to watch that one play out!