lunar amnesia

Shared by: Sage York


lunar amnesia

The day the moon looses its memory forgetting its codes of frequency modulation, lifting the barriers blocking our pineals from receiving the full Light quotient from the Galactic Center delivered by our Sun...will be a day of liberation and celebration for Gaia and all her inhabitants. One can only imagine the elation of freedom this would have...the word bliss comes to mind. Of course I’m talking intelligent technology here as the moon...and not of a conscious entity.

Until that time of dismantlement (if and when) then it is up to Earth Humans to unplug from this artificial satellite on our own by transcending the engineered manipulation by shifting our own electro/magnetic frequency out of the range of the moon’s influence.

Connected circuitry by way of The Template work does/did this beautifully (of course you already know that)...and can be tested via kinesiology, proving the moon no longer has a direct influence after circuits are reconnected through sacred sonic codes and spinning geometry while in ceremony. It is a brilliant (and easy) model of transcendence that works and is provable as stated above. I no longer even acknowledge the moon is just there as a piece of junk in the sky as a fellow Templateer has aptly phrased it. Ha!

But much damage has already been done to our minds and bodies over time from this broadcasting antennae...distorting Earth’s original reality...keeping us trapped in an endless repeating cycle of emotional disturbance.
After eons of influence from this introduced lunar satellite the Earth human’s pineal has weakened and atrophied from lack of use...lack of light.

🦋 The point of this post is to share my personal observations since circuitry reconnection in witnessing change within my consciousness along these lines.

When I am in optimum shape (which radically fluctuates from high to low to in between while in the integration process) AWARENESS is glaringly expanded. Never have I felt so much life/light available...truly feels multidimensional. However when in a funk or in body crisis the expansion isn’t so readily available...always there just not as accessible as when I’m at my best physically/mentally. Stands to reason. No wonder the predatory agenda to keep humanity sick at all cost is so blatantly rampant.

Seeing through the lies of the mutant matrix is now a piece of cake. Knowing bullshit when I hear it is effortless. Walking into a room and feeling-out the vibes...can raise inner alarm bells as a useful barometer, as to if I want to stay or not. Old patterns are a snap to recognize...hopefully spurring the need to scoot around them without being pulled in. And when I do get pulled in I’m very aware that I am indeed in. And each time I succumb to an old pattern the consequences for doing so are more severe with each transgression resulting in longer recovery time...each time. My soul is not playing games here! I have made a contract to transcend back to authenticity. Tough love needed if necessary. I even heard an inner voice say recently...“next time you give in to this may kill you”. Lesson learned! Others may get away with this pattern but since I have agreed to transform to my original innocence...there’s no way I’m going to be allowed to indulge without repercussions. 
Just being brutally honest here with no shame or guilt! Transcendence is not for wussies!

I find I can now more deeply relate to sentient life on an incredible intimate level, whether it’s animals, plants, ‘real’ clouds in the sky, the elementals or the mineral kingdom, etc, etc. I’m more easily resonant to their frequencies, not only on a physical level but on a spiritual energetic level of consciousness which is shared by all. I no longer am just ‘with’ a tree, the hummingbird, the crystalline lake, the dreaming pooch basking on the stoop in the Sun...I can merge with, ‘become’ these beings, these states of separation. They are so willing to share space. I do believe this is our natural state of relating/communicating. Feels ecstatic! Experiencing spirit and matter ‘simultaneously’.

I can feel the ‘green’ of a juicy new leaf of a flowering plumb unfolding from a long winter’s nap or align with a waft of aroma of a snow white gardenia covered in morning dew. I freely soar ‘as’ the red-tailed hawk passing overhead to say proud and sure of himself. And on and on and on. All is open for communion. So fucking cool!

However, what comes with the territory of enhanced sensitivities on a high expression is also the not-so-fun ability to palpably feel the suffering, sadness which not only humans are experiencing as slaves to a predator race but the rest of sentient life on the planet as well. Compassion has most certainly been heightened. When scrolling on the facebook News Feed awhile back I came across a photo of dead whales on a heart sunk and knees buckled. Upon witnessing that tragedy I felt more aligned at that moment with the whales as my true family than the humans (men) standing around the carcasses...gloating they killed something bigger than themselves. It triggered an emotional response of anger and disgust...which I don’t need or want in my system. These kind of images can ruin my whole morning...can’t tolerate it. Don’t get me wrong...I can appreciate the need to get the message out about the cruelty...hopefully awakening others to the horrors we perpetrate on our animal brothers and sisters...but I already know this brutality goes on and just don’t want/need it in my face. This is one reason I don’t participate much on News Feed. 
Extinction is a blood curdling word to me!

I can subtly sense chemtrailed forests are not at all happy as we poison their existence.
I can feel the devic spirit in Marijuana is not in the least pleased how we are abusing her gifts to humanity through controlled legalization, mandatory pesticides (here in California) and treating her as a product, cloning her instead of using her seed, and growing her indoors without the energy of the Sun. If done with more respect cannabis has much to offer...but I sense we have been set up for marijuana to be shuffled directly into the hands of big pharma. She has become a dollar sign. Government didn’t just all of a sudden give this herb to the people out of the goodness of their heart after decades of being stupidly illegal...there is an agenda afoot IMO. Time will tell.

I can sense the fear in the gorgeous cows ( I love cows) grazing placidly in the pastures knowing they are headed for slaughter. Tears welled up as at wrote that!

It’s a heartbreaker at times to feel so deeply. What a catch 22 expansion-of-awareness can be during these tumultuous times of the shift. So be it..we still live in a dualistic paradigm. Gotta roll with the feelings...positive/negative... as gut wrenching as the negative ones can be at times.!

My senses are more fully enhanced and wide open! I have had etheric animal friends/guides pop in out of the blue. Most recently a tiny baby mischievous elephant showed up in my bed calling himself James...anchoring himself in my life as a comic relief to assist me when down...what a hoot he is. He even zips and flys through the air. Always there to pull me out of the duldrums. And a magnificent gigantic powdery blue whale with legs and arms has also presented himself. His high wisdom exudes from his essence. He’s here to assist me in finding my way back to the ocean where I belong. He may be an example of the original Kahunas...just an intuitive hit. Just some examples of what more Light has made available to my consciousness.

My thought processes and ideas have shifted more into whole picture images/symbols away from just using mere words of languages given to us by others...which is a limited way of getting our message out IMO. Art and harmonious music/sound are much more creative ways of communicating...which I trust as more truthful than just words. Of course I am using ‘words’ here in this post but until telepathy kicks in as a universal way of’s all we have to work with.

My right brain is definitely becoming more dominant...opening up my own rise to original thoughts outside consensus reality programming. Imagination is a threat to the control system’s jail cell paradigm for the mind.

The left brain separates one thing from another...useful when dodging that oncoming bus that didn’t see you in the middle of the crosswalk...or useful while in a science lab combining separate elements to make a compound, or making a widget on an assembly line, or balancing the financial books, etc...but the left is most certainly overused, over-valued in western cultures. I would say it is more difficult to love wholly while totally engaged in the left brain...of separation. This is where the military dominantly wants its soldiers, where gladiator sport’s teams want their players. faction against the other...separate! You can only have an enemy within separation. If they were more in the right hemisphere of the brain they would most likely not be compelled to do battle so readily because the ‘other’ is seen as part of the whole of which they are a part! Keeping us primarily operating from the left hemisphere is intentional! Clever these manipulators.

A great read that brings this notion home is A STROKE OF INSIGHT by Jill Bolte-Taylor. She was a ‘brain’ scientist deeply entrenched in the left-brain world of science academia and as far removed from woo-woo as you could get...until a massive stroke shut down her left brain. Her discoveries through this experience and her recovery thereof shifted her thinking about the massive value of the right brain. Can’t help but feel this brilliant soul brought this wisdom to humanity through a personal trauma experience as part of her least to those that get it. Thanks Jill! She has a Ted Talk on youtube!

Another obvious gift from connected circuitry is my intuition has enhanced considerably and I just innately know things more as truth...without much that more Light has become available feeding the pineal/endocrine system. Subtle energies both positive and negative are more readily felt...another mixed blessing. Easier to connect with the beautiful energetic etheric realm and experience over-the-top colors and out-of-the-box realities, but on the flip side it’s also easier to feel the uncomfortable low frequencies of toxic microwaves, cruelty, negative emotions, the overall mutant matrix illusion, etc.

Of course it’s more than just the moon we have to contend with at this juncture in our world of high-tech weaponry...assaulting our mind/body 24/7. The degree of sophistication of technology we don’t even know about would probably boggle the mind...and of course disgust the heart. I guess we will just have to transcend them all...just like we did the moon! What other choice or tool do we have except to use the power of the turned-on bio-computer to kick this shite to the curb.

If we can’t stop 5G from rolling will be a huge test of our abilities to see how we will contend with it! The thing is the rest of humanity who do not have circuitry connected, as well as the entire natural biological world at large, are more vulnerable to this 5G weapon without recourse or protection. Ugh! It’s obvious the blood-line elite are throwing everything destructive at us and the planet right now...the heat is on! Unclear if I can stomach the massive decimation of innocent life which may be on the horizon as a result of the acceleration of the genocide programs and insatiable greed for wealth by psychopaths.

A world without children, butterflies, frogs, bees, pandas, trees, elephants, etc, etc, etc, is intolerable and unacceptable!

The mass AWAKENING of humanity cannot happen quick enough in this moment of now! We...Earth humans...are the only solution! ✊️

Note: This writing may be long for many to read but I have made an agreement with myself to allow my stream of consciousness to flow unimpeded until it trickles to an organic conclusion...without concerns of it being exceedingly long for some. 🧡

ABOUT THE PHOTO: I couldn’t bring myself to use an actual photo of the moon, although it has zero affects on those who are circuitry connected. Why insult myself or y'all with a picture of evil machinery dangling above our heads, right? So I used a moony equivalent as a symbolic gesture of facetiousness to the moon to get my point across! The moon has been mooned! Peachy! Felt apropos! 😁